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  1. Updated circuits on F1 2021 = 0
  2. I got this information from an online group: "As long as the leader of the race who is behind the safety car remains very close to the safety he does not allow anyone to overtake. But if the leader breaks away from the safety you will find that the safety will turn on the green lights in the straights allowing overtaking to the lapped who will have to get behind the safety and wait for the game to tell them to pass it." is this true?
  3. Every day new circuits and new tracks not updated...
  4. Hi, I am also a programmer and I understand very well that it is never easy to translate complex logic, such as those in F1, into programming code. In any case, my report does not concern the SC in general, but only the functionality of allowing lapped cars to overtake under SC. I'll give you an example: On the web there are hundreds of forums and groups that organize, more or less, competitive championships, with 100% race distance. In this case it is likely that someone will be lapped, due to accidents or pit stops, and a SC could help get back into the race, as it happens in real
  5. Hi, any updates? if you tell me that the feature will not be implemented I stop keeping an eye on this post. We have been reporting it for 2 years.
  6. It's time to update the circuits. Watch the videos of this channel, some are negligible details, but some circuits have not been updated for 5 years. Marcel Fischer - YouTube
  7. Hi, @BarryBL I commented on the old post, I redo the report for the F1 2020 game: A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Platform: PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen): 1.13 Game-mode? Multiplayer We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes, everytime when the SC was deployed. How do you make the problem happen? It is not possible to do anything but take panality
  8. Hi @BarryBL, In F1 2020 we have the same problem. In competitions it is a very big problem. Is this functionality planned to be implemented? Many thanks,
  9. Hi @BarryBL what does it mean? any further news about it? (Below the google translate 🙂) "In light of recent developments relating to COVID-19, Formula 1 has announced several postponements to safeguard the safety of fans, teams and the entire F1 community. Formula 1 is committed to offering fans a championship season for the year 2020, and is working on an updated calendar that will be made public at the most appropriate time."
  10. I checked some qualifying sessions I did a few days ago. Below details: A detailed description of the issue. Just before crossing the finish line I have -0.536 advantage: The lap instead ends with an advantage of -0.546: At the end of the qualifying session, I did another lap. The lap starts with +0.022 despite the fact that at the end of the straight I finish with +0.010, therefore better than the previous lap and therefore it is impossible, I should be ahead of my time. At the end of the lap they are +0.082 behind, but the lap ends with +0.0
  11. A detailed description of the issue. I found two problems: 1. Delta not equal to zero at the start of the lap. 2. Improvement or worsening of the lap not corresponding to the delta shown. Below details: Just before finishing the lap I had the Delta exactly equal to 0. But once I finished the lap he told me that I had improved the time by 0.031. I checked at the start of the lap and saw that the first delta was equal to +0.014, which is impossible as I had just crossed the finish line and the delta went down. In fact in turn 1 I had +0.009. I thought
  12. Hello, Yesterday it was announced that many PS4 games will also be compatible with PS5. Is there any more specific information regarding the compatibility of Codemasters games?
  13. Hi @BarryBL, Thank you so much for your feedback and support! During the races we have done, sometimes we have encountered the same problem, but I have not been to report it since it was exactly identical to this report.
  14. Hi @BarryBL, Sorry for the mistake, below the info: A description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. During the round 16 of the @F1 Italian Community championship, we had a safety car and the two Racing Point drivers @guidomix and @rudekids went back to the pits, but when they left they were lapped by the race leader. Until the end of the SC the game prevented him from splitting, and until the restart they remained in the group. In our championship the ghost is disabled and this has created problems for the drivers who were in the running for the victory and were un
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