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  1. guidomix

    CE-34878-0 message on F1 2018

    The official PlayStation support say to recover your console if you get this error.
  2. I think that “a bit of rotation” is not too good. Who knows the beta process better than who did it for 3 years? Tha available slots for the beta are rightly just a few because it would be impossible to manage it with so many people, it would become counterproductive. this is only my opinion!
  3. The e-mail is arrived. Thanks codemasters! I’m 3 years in a row beta tester now!
  4. Boom! what a great news! We’re closer to the beta!
  5. guidomix

    New confirmed classic cars in F1 2019

    So nobody can know that!
  6. guidomix

    New confirmed classic cars in F1 2019

    Where is it written? I didn’t find it...
  7. guidomix

    F1 2018 That kind of nonsense?

    You are really like Vitaly Petrov! 🤣
  8. Wow!!!!! Candidature sent! I partecipate at the beta programme for the last 2 years and i hope to be part of that for the 3rd year in a row!
  9. @Faya I saw that are missing a lot of inbox messages. I have only the pregress conversations with you, with nobody else. Is it possible?
  10. Yes, i mean the reactions! Never mind, we'll start from 0 without problems! 😉 Thanks 4 the answer!
  11. Good job Codies! It is great! Thanks to @Faya to let us know about! Is it possible to have old "like", "agree" and so on?