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  1. Could you bring at the attention of who is in the right area of responsability ant make him answer here please?
  2. Totally agree with the things to improve that you mentioned. Sorry mate but Is good enough for u doesn't mean that's good enough for each others. We are trying to help with feedbacks from 5 years and the objective is to help codies and all to get a better game. For me, and for a lot of other players the possibility to unlap is big issue to fix. Just trying to type my/our pov. One question: from 27th November 2020 to today this issue is being put on review to the dev team?
  3. This is the "OFFICIAL F1 GAME". I think that if the users wants a realistic SC, that's the minimum. Or do you want to talk about the kerbs/turns/walls that are not similar compared to the real ones? Or about the new missing tracks? Come on guys, a little bit more would be appreciated.
  4. so are you telling us that the thousands of people who buy 70 € of game deserve such an answer? "in times like these"???? What an answer. So, as it stands, "in times like these" the 2021 game would be free... Do you know... "in times like these"... We spent a lot of hours on the game ( i think you too ) and we do as much as we can to feedback on the beta time and after. I think users deserve a more concrete answer, maybe from @BarryBL or someone of the programmer team. It is not acceptable. If the SC logic is not good codies have to re-do at all to make it sensible. If you're lapped in a
  5. Usefulness comment. please codemasters, update the track circuits !
  6. Hi @BarryBL could you say us if it will be fixed in the 2019 or if we have to wait 2020 game?
  7. Thank for the reply, we hope that you fix it soon. If not possible in the 2019 game in the 2020!
  8. After one month nothing changed. Today it happens again. no good
  9. https://youtu.be/3gyFV9GF-E8 in this video you can see what is happened! At 28:23 i was lapped by the leader just after I changed tyres. At 32:58 we started the last on safety car, but didn’t appear the banner “lapped cars may now overtake safety car”.
  10. @Faya I saw that are missing a lot of inbox messages. I have only the pregress conversations with you, with nobody else. Is it possible?
  11. Yes, i mean the reactions! Never mind, we'll start from 0 without problems! 😉 Thanks 4 the answer!
  12. Good job Codies! It is great! Thanks to @Faya to let us know about! Is it possible to have old "like", "agree" and so on?
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