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  1. abruzzese

    parc fermé

    I can not find in google what parc ferme mean in the game F1 2014 You can put parc fermé on or off. Please answer my question
  2. abruzzese

    F1 2014 Artificial Intelligence ?

    I have the game F1 2014 Xbox 360 ordered and will receive him Friday in my mailbox
  3. abruzzese

    F1 2014 Artificial Intelligence ?

    they have redone the difficulty settings apparently so hopefully it should be easier yes for those who struggled with 2013 Thank you for answering my question
  4. F1 2013 was the AI way too hard Had f1 2013 immediately sold again because it was the high difficulty level unplayable I hope F1 2014 become easier Is anything known about the artificial intelligence ????
  5. abruzzese

    which if your favourite f1 game?

    F1 2012 from Codemasters are the best