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  1. Several weeks ago, I and my colleagues from my league discovered a bug, then some players disconnects from the lobby during qualifying and AI drives out and didn't stay in the pits. Before some patches that didn't was a problem, until the last patch. Some players lost the connection during the loading screen to the quali. His AI went out and he couldn't take control via the spectator menu. Until the AI was in the pits, then he could take control, but now he had the default setup... We use the league mode for our events, but with the same settings, this never happend. Here you can
  2. Hello fellow league racers, we all know we hate it then some guy in the starting grid presses the start button and the 30 second timer is running down. I wish me that the 30 sec timer only starts then over half of the people in lobby are ready or that only the lobby host could start the race.
  3. We all know, that 2 of 4 long stages of each rally location follow each other after you finish one stage. For example you can combine the 10,57 km stage "Camino a centenera" with the 14,34 km stage "Final de Bellriu" "Camino a centenera" ends after the little town and "Final de Bellriu" begins where "Camino a centenera" ends. You've got a nice 24,91 km stage. Don't know if thats possible for all 13 locations. But these super long stages are missing in DiRT Rally.
  4. I'm a league racer and in our league, we use the league mode, we create a "planned" league and set it to private. After all options, I send the league code "CM#_6DHB6R" Before the patch, all league codes had 6 signs, after the patch every league code has now 7 signs after the CM#_ I tested this on PC and PS4.
  5. With the new F2 2020 update, its possible that 22 players can drive, but no spectator can join from the start. Is codies going to patch this, so that the lobby-settings for people going from 22 to 24 ?
  6. Wir von der Mulchian Racing League heißen euch herzlich Willkommen! In unserer Liga ist jede Plattform vertreten und jeder Fahrer, egal welches Skill-Level ihr habt, kann bei uns mitfahren. Wir fahren alle 2 Wochen um 20 Uhr. Unsere PC Liga mittwochs und die PS4, XBOX Liga samstags. Auf dem PC sind wir aktuell fast 90 Fahrer, auf der PS4 fast 80 und unsere XBOX Liga hat 25 Fahrer. Auf dem PC wird seit F1 2013, auf der PS4 seit F1 2017 und auf der XBOX seit F1 2018 gefahren. Viel Erfahrung wird mitgebracht und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr auch Teil unserer Liga werdet.
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