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  1. er las update yesterday, PC3 now recognize Logi G923, but does not have any feedback, the wheel is totally dumb and flat like turning shallow.
  2. Same here. Logi G923 does not work with PC3 in PS4. All others games and functions in the console works fine. Hope will be fix in a follow up date because I would like to try the game finally.
  3. axia13

    Drag pack corrupted my save file?

    I'd contact Codemasters customer service, they told me that: "Please ensure that you have installed the latest patch for the game before installing the Drag Pack DLC. If you are unsure when you installed the latest patch, please uninstall the DLC, make sure that you are connected to the internet and signed in when you start the game, so that it checks for any patches. Once you are sure you have the latest game patch, you should be able to install the DLC again." And it works!
  4. axia13

    Drag pack corrupted my save file?

    Exactly the same here. Even I tried to copy my last save data from PSN+ and the same message: Corrupted. So, now what? Game: Grid Autosport. DLC: Drag.