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  1. North3rnstar


    Ok guys this thread has got me intrested in how to build a gaming pc on little money, building a new gaming pc does not involve huge sums of money, I built mine for around £600 in total my system specs are Case : Elite coolermaster Cpu  : Amd fx8320 8 core @3.9Ghz (Corsair H60 water cooling on cpu) Ram  : 16Gb Kingstone hyper x blu Genesis edition DDR3@1866Mhz Mobo: Asus M5A97 REV 2.0 PSU  : 900 watt modular bronze GFX : Sapphire R9 270X 4Gb SSD  :840 EVO 2.5 Sata 3 250Gb HDD : 500Gb sata 2, 320Gb sata 2 DVD : BluRay Have you noticed how i have kept the cpu and gfx card to amd, I believe that amd are more bang for bucks than Intel stuff (only my opinion ladies)on this system i have at the moment it will play all current games on ultra settings  IE(grid autosport @ 80FPS) So cmon guys get yer little screwdrivers out and start building your own rig . :~) Currently this setup runs flawlessly  temps are never over 50c on cpu and gfx card runs max 65c on ultra game settings.
  2. We are currently recruiting clean and fair racers for our racenet club , Informal but have to wear the racenet skin, Especially welcome are all the old AngelZ members especially FlowaAngelZ and 28ACE82 Currently Ranked 5Th PC. We need community support to help us acheive our goal of being a competitive and fair racenet club. Many of you will remeber the old AngelZ clan on GRid we need support from our old member base "you know who you are", Informal racenet club no clan no hassle.
  3. North3rnstar

    Big shout out to Whackey Racers Club

    Well done guys for a 8 man crew we are currently fourth in the world on pc , A big thanx to tony and his bro and of course our south african friends Thor (terence) and wizard70 (brian) front fender (frank) and me northernstar (davy) and all other members :~)
  4. North3rnstar

    Let's play a game.

    Biebers new song makes Justbiglee
  5. North3rnstar

    Official DiRT GRID Autosport RaceNet Club [OT]

    if any of the DRT team club members wanna chat come on our STP teamspeak address is  www.teamstp.instantvent.com:7707
  6. North3rnstar

    Bolverk lives off of dirt (Let's Play/Learn DiRT 3)

    @justbiglee , Thats what i done and still wouild not display.
  7. North3rnstar

    Bolverk lives off of dirt (Let's Play/Learn DiRT 3)

    sorry but the video would not link on my other post
  8. North3rnstar

    Bolverk lives off of dirt (Let's Play/Learn DiRT 3)

    @bolverkGTM you say you live in sw pa , I thought only Amish lived in that state oh well lets have a horse and buggy race instead lol, Welcome to the forums bolver,  I and my fellow DiRTY guys have been on here for over 2 years now welcome to the fold and you really should consider online with us in multiplayer myself STP_Dabhaidh hailing from scotland and LVDirtracer from las vegas and many other clean and respectable gentlemen from all over europe Heres a little vid i produced some time ago and from this you will see we are fast and clean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-jLJdWtm1k
  9. North3rnstar

    Official DiRT GRID Autosport RaceNet Club [OT]

    dont know when i have spare wonga but yeah lets trash the grid guys :~)
  10. North3rnstar

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Like Piotr(Vorrtz) i was hoping for some final standings also, But i believe i came in third in single player and first along with @Vorrtz in team standings Like Piotr say`s well done everyone for a hard laborious task of restart restart restart and trying to whittle those times down but on a xbox pad thats nigh impossible to get there, I have to say that the level of driving was exceptionally high (need to get a wheel) and that yar(mike) and piotrs times on leaderboard helped me enormously to acheive my times , I salute you guys :~} Special thanks to BigLee, Pot Noodle, Stella artois and tennents lager along with some other driving aids.
  11. North3rnstar

    DiRTy Gossip

    We need some
  12. North3rnstar

    DiRT Rally Championship Bonus Round - Monte

    Team STP Monte Carlo Bonus George de piaon 3.22.007 Route des Agnes1.21.662 Col St Roch        3.08.746 Col De Turini       1.58.338 http://imgur.com/a/QRWhE Never had much time , Best i can do on pad :~(
  13. North3rnstar

    DiRTy Gossip

    Anybody wanting a shifty around codemasters southam studios here you go. "http://www.pinterest.com/codemasters/codemasters-campus-southam/"
  14. North3rnstar

    DiRTy Gossip

    @gfRally if E3 is getting codies to gush we had better supply codies HQ with some femfresh and panty pads before we are overwhelmed with wetness.
  15. North3rnstar

    team prizes

    @justbiglee Myself and my team mate Vorrtz are wondering what kind of prizes we will be awarded, And is it only teams that are awarded these prizes or individual places too, Because team stp where first for team and second and third individually ,Soz mike but you would have beaten me if you had a first round time After all we have run this competition for 5 weeks .hours per track through thick and thin , Even had to deal with my mother passing away 3 weeks ago and using a pad i think i done extremely well.