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  1. Virtual mirrors in cockpit cam?!
  2. This is the number one missing feature in the game. It's like driving blind
  3. Alon78

    Difficulty level

    How do I determine what difficulty level I should set? Starting in F2 it's hard to know whether I'm too fast or too slow.
  4. Suckers! It's April fool's day! >:) 
  5. You can purchase Marussia's simulator in an auction on December 16th: http://auctionhq.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/91/lot/38924/?url=%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F91%2F Interesting what software they are using.
  6. Using wheel with full TC.
  7. I have a very annoying problem with auto transmissions. When accelerating hard, the gears don't change quickly enough. It sometimes get stuck in max RPM of one gear for a few seconds and just then moves up to the next gear. Didn't have this problem before. It usually happens when accelerating out of a slow corner.
  8. I'm using the default pit stop strategy most of the time and I can barely get to the stop with my tires. They are almost red.
  9. Just before release the price was at around 25 Euros and now it's below 18 Euros: http://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-f1-2014-cd-key-compare-prices/http://
  10. I did a 50% career race with Williams in Australia. I qualified first and before the race the default pit stop strategy was 3 stops. Max laps possible on the options - 8, on the primes - 10. So there is no way to do a two stop race. If I start on options, replace to prime on lap 8, then again to primes on lap 18, I get to 28 laps when the race is 29. All AIs did 2 stops. How is it possible?
  11. Is it in a mail or you have it hand written? If it's in a mail, try to copy and paste it. If it's hand written there is a good chance of a wrong character.
  12. Alon78

    PC Gamer review - 67