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  1. Bottas awareness 99?!
  2. Alon78

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    I really hope it won't be just like a F1 2019 DLC
  3. It's time the F1 license goes to another company!
  4. Virtual mirrors in cockpit cam?!
  5. This is the number one missing feature in the game. It's like driving blind
  6. Suckers! It's April fool's day! >:) 
  7. You can purchase Marussia's simulator in an auction on December 16th: http://auctionhq.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/91/lot/38924/?url=%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F91%2F Interesting what software they are using.
  8. I have a very annoying problem with auto transmissions. When accelerating hard, the gears don't change quickly enough. It sometimes get stuck in max RPM of one gear for a few seconds and just then moves up to the next gear. Didn't have this problem before. It usually happens when accelerating out of a slow corner.
  9. Just before release the price was at around 25 Euros and now it's below 18 Euros: http://www.allkeyshop.com/blog/buy-f1-2014-cd-key-compare-prices/http://
  10. I'm using the default pit stop strategy most of the time and I can barely get to the stop with my tires. They are almost red.
  11. I did a 50% career race with Williams in Australia. I qualified first and before the race the default pit stop strategy was 3 stops. Max laps possible on the options - 8, on the primes - 10. So there is no way to do a two stop race. If I start on options, replace to prime on lap 8, then again to primes on lap 18, I get to 28 laps when the race is 29. All AIs did 2 stops. How is it possible?
  12. Alon78

    PC Gamer review - 67

  13. Using wheel with full TC.
  14. Is it in a mail or you have it hand written? If it's in a mail, try to copy and paste it. If it's hand written there is a good chance of a wrong character.