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  1. Basically this game is a backward step from F1 2020 that costs twice the price.

    You can't even start with the 2021 calendar!

    All features are 90% the same, with some small tweaks here and there.

    And, of course, the same old game engine.

    I hope this is a transition year for the F1 game as it is for the real F1.

    I expect a new engine for 2022.

  2. 31 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I don't think that's a load cell?

    Here's one that is:


    I have no idea if they're worth the investment or not though. I mentioned it as this way you're potentially just paying for the bit you want rather than the pedals and base too.

    Out of interest, do you have the regular or pro T3PAs?

    At that price I prefer to play an extra and buy new pedals.
    I have the regular T3PA

  3. 36 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Might not something that makes you feel more like you're in a car than in your home imorove the experience?

    I've not looked into them but going back to the original question a load cell mod for the current T3PA pedals might be another option to consider?

    There is a load cell mod sold on AliExpress: Load Cell Mod

    But I don't think it's worth the investment

  4. 11 hours ago, GioProductions said:

    I have them for a week now and i really need to get use to it! Especially the Loadcell pedal force with a Playseat challenge. My pace is not on my old level yet, but will be when i get use to it.

    My first opinion is that if you have the 2 pedal set, then this is a big upgrade! If you have the T3Pa, the upgrade is smaller.

    I come from the T3PA GT edition.

    I like the T-LCM especially because i have now more options, for example that i can adjust the brake and throttle pedals further from each other. And you can change the Loadcell springs to your own taste. And even the Clutch and Throttle springs, if you are willing to open the base, like i did, thanks to "Sim Racing Garage" channel on Youtube🙂

    With the old pedals i was using the clutch pedal as brake, so your feet are futher from each other. 

    I find, for my taste, the Throttle pedal spring on the T-LCM to soft and will see if i can find just a bit stiffer spring to put on the Throttle pedal.

    I hope this helps, if you have any further question, let me know

    Wow, I have exactly the same setup as you have! I also use the Playseat challenge and the T3PA pedals.

    So what I understand from you is that it worth the investment to upgrade to the new t-lcm.

  5. I did a 50% career race with Williams in Australia.
    I qualified first and before the race the default pit stop strategy was 3 stops. Max laps possible on the options - 8, on the primes - 10.
    So there is no way to do a two stop race. If I start on options, replace to prime on lap 8, then again to primes on lap 18, I get to 28 laps when the race is 29.
    All AIs did 2 stops. How is it possible?
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