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  1. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    Hi @BarryBL The first slot was slightly cloudy, the second slot was cloudy and the third slot was light rain. (My game is on German so excuse me if it's called a bit different in game than I wrote)
  2. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    It seems to have to do with Custom weather as it looks. Hopefully you guys can recreate it with Custom weather­čśâ
  3. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    Hi again @BarryBL, one thing I just realized is that in that lobby, the weather was set to custom (because we restarted the lobby) so that might have played a role as well ­čÖé
  4. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    I'll let you know when I face similar issues again­čśâ
  5. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    Hi @BarryBL, To answer your questions: 1. Yes, I created this Unranked lobby. 2. Can't tell you unfortunately. 3. No, as I'm playing on Xbox One it's version 1.18 only 4. Yes, we had a transition from dry to wet (about last 7-8 laps) but the issue occured from the start of the stint onwards­čśů
  6. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] Displaying wrong tyres on other cars

    So, went into the Highlight reel again to make a clip where you can see everything a bit clearer: The Mercedes on the Mediums is me, the other two are the cars in front of me. You can see in the clip below that Softs are shown for both of them, Mediums for me. But you can also see how the tyres seem to be flickering between Softs and Hards, which I also experienced whilst driving the actual race, which seems like a very weird thing to happen. Clip down below: 15_01.2020_21-47-33-spkjecps.mp4
  7. @BarryBL, whilst doing a league race last Friday I noticed that the two cars in front of me (they were on Hard tyres, myself on Mediums), that it showed Soft tyres on their cars on my screen, even though on the top left it said Hard tyres. Unfortunately, I don┬┤t have a good clip of where you can see the wrong tyres during the race, as it was a league race and I was too busy racing. What I have tho is a clip, where you can see it says Hard tyres on the top left. Other than I also have a screenshot from the highlight reel where you can see the Haas on Soft tyres (also included the "Change tyre" setting to prove I left it on none :D) and yes, this is from after the pit stop. Note: This happened after the first round of pit stops for all three of us. All of us started the race on the Soft tyre, I changed onto the Mediums, the two leaders onto the Hard tyre. Description of the problem: The wrong tyres were being displayed on the car in front of me (during race as well as in Replay mode) Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 14 players + 0 AI Lead up: All 3 of us started on Softs, the two guys in front of me changed onto the Hard tyres during the first pit stop. Error code: None Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Screenshot and clip included below: 15_01.2020_21-30-57-1htlniiy.mp4
  8. ReimvomSchleim

    I can't Play multiplayer

    Hi @Piablooo, please tell the people at Codies a bit more about your problem, so they can try to replicate and identify the issue as well: Filling out the below would certainly help: A short description of the problem: Platform youÔÇÖre on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): Game ´╗┐Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): Game Mode, including´╗┐ if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI? What happened in the lead up to the problem? If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the ´╗┐video is long, please include a timestamp for when ´╗┐t´╗┐he ´╗┐issue´╗┐ ´╗┐appears´╗┐:
  9. ReimvomSchleim

    [Classic GP Event] Lobby crashes ("No multiplayer rights")

    Clip 4 down here: (again sorry for the multiple posts) 13_01.2020_17-21-37-g4zlyzfw.mp4
  10. ReimvomSchleim

    [Classic GP Event] Lobby crashes ("No multiplayer rights")

    Clip 3 attached below (clip 4 is too big) sorry, have to do 3 seperate posts, apologies for that. 13_01.2020_17-21-22-32eiqpwe.mp4
  11. ReimvomSchleim

    [Classic GP Event] Lobby crashes ("No multiplayer rights")

    @BarryBL back again with this after playing this weekend┬┤s Weekly Event - Classic Grand Prix. I do not believe that is something to do with the connection, it simply can┬┤t be. I have some new footage/evidence of the issue occuring and want to explain the following clips I┬┤m attaching: Clip 1: In this clip you can see my POV. As you can see on the bottom the host has left the session. The host was my brother (Uruguaynonaa18) and we wanted to do this on purpose to try and force the issue again, so he left the session. As you can see, after that, one or two guys leave the session, before I get kicked out for the exact same error message etc as in the posts above. Checked on everybody┬┤s profile of the recent players who were in this race, nobody was in a Multiplayer - Canada session. Noticed that in both clip 1 and clip 3, there is a different Error code shown than in my first post: HO163.8803. Clip 2: Here is the POV of my brother Uruguaynonaa18 of how he leaves the session (no disconnects, just leaving it) Screenshot 1: An hour later, I race the next race. Made a screenshot of the lobby where you can see who is the host (player at the top of the screen) Clip 3: Here you can see, just as the lights go on, the host (as seen in the screenshot) either disconnects or leaves. For some seconds, nothing happens before you can see the first player being kicked and then me again. Same error code, still connected with everything as the multiple times it happened before. Clip 4: Here you can the host leaving again (JRMellin) and then you see the multiple players leaving the lobby afterwards (getting kicked) and this time I seem to be the lucky one to not get kicked (maybe I became the new host?) . I was able to finish this race with no issues, but no opponents. Attaching a short description of clip 4 as it is a new scenario i have faced: Description: Host leaving the session, everybody else getting kicked out of the lobby except for me (maybe because I became the new host) Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Events Players/AI: 13 players + 7 AI Lead up: Host leaving the session Error code: none for me Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Down below are the clips ­čÖé 13_01.2020_17-21-03-mntjv1uy.mp4 13_01.2020_17-20-00-imiiqjcy.mp4
  12. ReimvomSchleim

    Top of Field was racing while in a Virtual Safey Car

    The AI is only like +0.3 up on the VSC delta which seems like quite a normal gap to have (considering you will always be up by quite a bit shortly and then down by quite a lot) Doesn't really show a big problem to me either.
  13. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 Online Level Color

    The different colors are just further levels. After reaching Level 50 on bronze, you will start at Level 1 but now with silver (so you are ranking up from Bronze to Silver to Gold and at the end to platin). So when you reach Level 50 on platin you have reached the highest possible level if you want ­čÖé
  14. ReimvomSchleim

    Is this the final version of the game?

    Yeah, they have never brought livery update for a new season for the old game. You could mod the new liveries onto the cars on PC in previous titles. There is only one livery patch after release and that is always 2-3 months post-release but never have there been more livery updates for a title­čśů
  15. Hi @spirus91, BarryBL from Codies has given an update on some requested things in the "Community Requested" thread, which you should see at the top of the Technical assistence, including the Safety Car deployment. This is what he said: (hope it helps you) Safety Car. We have some tweaks which are planned´╗┐ to improve the deployment behaviour which are currently in test and hope to release in a ´╗┐future patch.