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  1. 80kp/h in game would be a lot better for strategy reasons at Silverstone. An extra pit stop here costs you a lot (even with 80 irl) but with 60 it's just no way you have a chance doing more than 1 stop. 10 seconds less is huge in that sense, although it still makes 2 stops difficult, but thats the case on most tracks.
  2. Just wondering, is this actually with developers? Got tagged immediately after I created it but no response which seemed odd and not fixed yet. Just looking for confirmation
  3. Description of the issue: In some cases, particulary in the first 2 races after joining an existing lobby, the messages at the bottom of the screen, which should show retirements and people leaving the lobby, are not shown when people DNF or leave Game version: 1.06 (Xbox One) Replication: 2/4, happens in first 2 races after joining a lobby Replication steps: - Join an already existing lobby -Drive first 2 races -Ask your friends to retire -You won´t see messages at the bottom of screen -From race 3 onwards it seems to work fine. (seems to work fine as well for the host who created the lobby) Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Video below showing some incidents where it happened. You can see at the top left, numbers of players going down, but no messages at the bottom. (I marked both areas red to make it more visible)
  4. ReimvomSchleim

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Agree with you guys, I would've already understood had they made 2020 a DLC, particulary with the Covid situation. But now with the rules pushed back, I think 2021 has to be a DLC, but I still don't think they will do it.
  5. ReimvomSchleim

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Before release, also when playing the Beta and seeing how the Podium Pass works, I was really excited for it for release. The Challenges + Podium Pass have been quite fun, although I'm already at Level 30 for the PP and got nothing to grind for on that side, I'm sure I'm one of few, so that's not a problem. But the Item shop is just such a let down...The Weekly Items are great, they are something I always look forward to, always something new. But then, the Daily items, they are just sad. Almost a month since release and we are still seeing the same items as on Week 1. There has been nothing new ever since. Nothing to look forward to, and the sad thing is, this will continue until Season 2 at least. Customisation has been improved on all sides this year, apart from the liveries. All the great, simple ones from 2019, nowhere to be seen. Only crazy stuff with 5 colors all over the place. Thoughts guys?
  6. ReimvomSchleim

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Can only guess but I'd think 1.08 most likely. Not sure if they will get it done until 1.07 (which I expect to be out next week.) So about 2 weeks from here. Hopefully sooner
  7. ReimvomSchleim

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Not in this patch, planned for an upcoming patch.
  8. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2020 Lock on 11 FPS bug

    I'd advise you to fill out the bug reporting template below to make it easier for Codies / other players to see and understand your issue and ultimately try to solve it:
  9. ReimvomSchleim

    Everybody want to crash into Valtteri

    Maybe they wanted to check if he's still in the car and if not take over that OP Merc😛 Jokes aside, weird behaviour by the AI, they should drive on the other side really😆
  10. ReimvomSchleim

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Should be live for all Xbox players now🙂
  11. ReimvomSchleim

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    Sport update means the update which updates the liveries / performances of all the teams. The sports update is coming at a later stage.
  12. @BarryBL just looked at it myself, it's around 22:20. Never seen the issue personally, but looks odd as drops back quite far behind the top 3.
  13. ReimvomSchleim

    Weekly Event Weather (Japan)

    Will be dry for sure. Don't remember the exact weather (cloudy or clear) but certainly dry for the whole race.
  14. Thanks @BarryBL, no need to, I already did. Its the same there as well.
  15. Problem: During the pit stops with Multiplayer cars, there are no pit lights showing you a red or green light, which makes the exit difficult. Suggestion: Add pit lights for Multiplayer Cars during pit stops. Already in game: Pit lights for F1 2020 teams, pit lights are there for Classic Cars and also in MyTeam for our own team. Pictures: 1: Pit lights in MyTeam 2: No pit lights for MP cars 3: Pit lights for Classic Cars