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  1. Fantastic to hear, so happy for you man. I didn't expect this to happen but glad I could help one person enjoy this game so much more. As I already mentioned this camera angle helped me a lot, in terms of pace, consistency and track limits. The main difference between TV pod and TV pod offset seems to be under braking tho, as the camera movement seems to change under braking (basically no movement under braking with TV pod offset from my experience) I saw my picture can't be opened any more, there seems to be an issue with the page I uploaded them to. Hope it gets fixed
  2. Two different opinions, fair enough. I've seen a good improvement in terms of pace but more importantly consistency and track limits after changing it to this setting. But it's obviously not gonna be the same for everyone
  3. I believe this will be it. The last 2 patches included handling changes, high and low speed corners. They haven't metioned anything else so I'm pretty convinced there will be no more tweaks to the handling
  4. These are my camera settings. For a very long time, until F1 2020, I used to race the standard TV Pod camera angle without any changes. In F1 2020 I changed to the TV Pod Offset and pretty much changed it to a TV Pod (central position). I like this new angle because I see the majority of my helmet, I can see the whole steering wheel which was important to me and I generally like the look of it.
  5. I think this is mainly a change for the Players. The only noticeable change is that you can run a much lower brake bias, 50% is possible at pretty much every circuit, pre-patch it was 56% on average. Don't think the AI have changed at all.
  6. I agree with everyone here. The fact they constantly add options in Old games only to REMOVE them for the very next game again is quite frankly insane. It seems to happen again and again each year.
  7. Well, but I don't really like racing this one on my own. Of course it is about getting a high score, but i just wanna have a fun race with a lot of human people. So for me it isn't really a workaround, racing alone is way less enjoyable, although more "rewarding" from a score perspective.
  8. A month and a few more patches later and this is still happening. Two more examples below, this is really killing Weekly Event unfortunately. And the fact it was already fixed before this game makes it even more frustrating and annoying. Clips below, I don´t think i need to add a bug report for the 10th time here:
  9. I'm playing on Xbox One. This one has happened ever since Weekly Events were introduced back in F1 2019. Host migration is not an issue in any other game mode, it only concerns Weekly Event races.
  10. Finally someone with the same experience. I'm seriously suprised not many people have reported this Host migration bug on the forums. The bug was fixed shortly and now is back in 2021, great. Had to do another report on it, not seen by Codies yet 😞
  11. I've just seen the statement by Codemasters on this subject. First of all, I'm happy they finally spoke out at all, took them long enough. At least there is some communication, but this statement is just embarrassing. As it seems, the update will NOT be removed from the Esports build, and they essentially just stated everything that was already well known. Again, no ETA given, but not surprised anymore. Not the slightest bit of an apology to league racers, admins or all customers. Shameful, only made it worse to be honest. Do better Codemasters, just name the reasons for the d
  12. For me the debate about the handling model itself is the less important one. What really shocks me, although it isn't really a surprise, is how Codemasters have handled this situation. They may have taken action by removing it again, but the lack of communication, in fact no communication at all, is just embarrassing. Rasmussen, Opmeer and Tiametmarduk all tweeted about it yesterday, so who know how many people have seen this stuff yesterday, yet they try to hide it? It's a disgrace.
  13. I had an ERS issue yesterday (Settings for failures were Reduced / Reduced) and i couldnt access the radio during or after the issue. The message at the bottom stayed there until the end and i couldnt access radio either.
  14. I think this is supposed to be the position in the championship standings, as it usually is in Unranked lobbies as well. But there seem to be no points here. And as with everything this year, these positions are bugged massively, they dont seem to reset to 1-2-3-4-5, as soon as people leave, it can become 1-5-8-13 or whatever.
  15. Yesterday my brother and I played some Ranked to see whether the issue is also present in that mode. Reason for that test was that we suspected that Ranked and Weekly Event have very similar systems when it comes to Matchmaking / Lobbies / Host. But to our suprise, we had like 4 host migrations and nothing happened. So this seems to only happen in Weekly Event, no other mode.
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