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  1. I'm positively suprised at the moment! I just had another look at the Real Season Start Career and whether there was an update to the standings. It looks like, after the server maintenance they have finally updated the standings. You can now start at Hungary and ALREADY at Belgium with the new standings. Fair play Codies, 2 of the 4 issues "solved", updated standings and driver transfers (which shouldnt happen from Spa onwards hopefully), but still dont like the concept of it in general. Shouldnt be a career mode with your own driver.
  2. I had this issue for a third time actually, this time around on another account of mine and with a different Error code at the end Description of the issue: Host leaves the session and everybody else gets kicked out of the Weekly Event race Platform: Xbox One Game mode: Multiplayer - Weekly Event Players: 15 (13 people + 2 AI) Host: I wasn´t hosting, the host left though. Error Code: HD163.8803. (different to the first 2 error codes, which were: WD10004 Video below:
  3. Add a 4th reason to the disappointment mix, drivers transfers. I have just completed the race at Hungary, extended my contract at Mercedes and Verstappen has now signed for Ferrari. Will be a great battle to the end...NOT. This is turning into a disaster
  4. Description of the issue: During Weekly Event races, whenever the host leaves the session, shortly after the host migration every player will get kicked out of the lobby with the Error Code WD10004. This happens every time the host leaves. Platform: Xbox One Game mode: Multiplayer - Weekly Event Players in session: 15 in both cases Was I the host?: No, in both cases I wasn´t the host Videos of two situations below: This issue is there since F1 2019, I first reported it in December 2019. It FINALLY got fixed in November 2020 (Patch 1.13 l
  5. Exactly, you can only choose which driver you want to replace (so how many points you have essentially), but you have to create your own driver
  6. As @Ultra3142mentioned before, it's a Career mode. You find it with these steps: - Go to Career -Choose single player career -Choose driver career -immediately go to F1 -as a starting point, choose Real Season Start and you can select a certain race you wanna start the season at
  7. I play quite a lot of Two Player Career myself with my brother and it really is a cool addition, I actually wish you could do a MyTeam career in the future where you can sign an online driver as your team mate. Doubt this will be added in the near future but could be very cool. I'm still struggling with the new handling a bit, but I think I'm getting more and more comfortable each race. The only thing that bothers me are the tyre pressures. In real life, the teams always want to go to the minimum, if you do that in this game, you will only spin in high speed corners. You need to go way hi
  8. I'm currently doing a Real Season Start career where I always drive the races on the weekends of the actual race, so this weekend I will drive in Hungary. But I have to say I'm quite disappointed by the Real Season Start Career, there are multiple reasons for that: 1. You must create your own driver, there is no option to just drive as the real F1 driver. I want to emulate the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton instead of having Verstappen/Hamilton against [insert random name]. That removes the feeling of the real championship battle. 2. It's a career mode instead of Champio
  9. I see you are playing on Playstation, I'm on Xbox and don't have the option either. I'm guessing this option is only available for PC players unfortunately.
  10. Description of the issue: When starting a new Real Season Start career mode, you can't start at the Hungarian GP yet. It says from the 29th July onwards, it still isn't there on the 30th Platform: Xbox One Game mode: Driver career - Real Season Start Replication: -Start a new Career mode save -Select Driver Career -Select Real Season start -Go all the way to Hungary, you will see there are no updated standings yet Screenshot: 1: standings are updated for Silverstone 2: no updated standings for Hungary, not able to start the season there
  11. I agree here, last year I ran 103 AI most of the time and felt really comfortable with that. This year I put it on 95 initially and now 100, but there are quite a lot of tracks where I struggle. As @DRTApophismentioned, it's particulary bad at Zandvoort and Silverstone and Spa same goes for Australia, Japan and Spain. I will stick to 100 though and accept the fact it's gonna be a bit more difficult.
  12. I think there was a thread about it last year in which Codemasters explained that they have the 60kph speed limit so there is no advantage going through the pit lane at Silverstone on the final lap. With 80 kph apparently it would be quicker to finish the race through the pit lane. Still don't think that should justify their decision. The pit lane loss is so much bigger in League races than it should be which ruins any sort of strategy variety.
  13. To answer some of these questions, as I have done 2 seasons with my brother already: 1. Yes, you can get fired for poor performance. We both started off at Ferrari, I was able to negotiate with other teams after Season 1 whilst my brother was fired and forced to drive for Alfa Romeo in Season 2. 2. You will always have the option to negotiate with every team but every team has certain expectations, you need a certain Acclaim level to be accepted. 3. You get Money after you sign a new Contract. If your wage is a number such as 3 million, there is no bonus includes for your drive
  14. The next race, after you return to the lobby, has got the correct number again, yes. I just thought it might be able to update the number for the initial race session as well, but I get why it doesn't. Thanks for clarifying.
  15. I understand the fact it doesn't change immediately in qualifying itself but when heading into the race, which should be a new session, the number is still unchanged.
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