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  1. ReimvomSchleim

    Ideas for Customisation Items!

    I simply don't get it. Why do they put new items into the game, which look really nice but not a SINGLE ONE of them you can buy with Competition points or so. Here are some of my ideas: -Use the Weekly Event Rewards as a chance to reward Players with Customisation items -Have Milestones or Missions in the game where you can earn Customisation items if you complete them (you would have something to grind on) -If you reach like Level 20, level 30 you can also earn one -I'm not saying there should be no Premium items at all, I believe there should be some which you need to pay for. But there also need to be some new ones for Players to earn by PLAYING the Game and not giving Codemasters MONEY. All about the money I guess...
  2. ReimvomSchleim

    Game crashed and all my saves are gone

    @UP100thanks for your help. I wasn't really paying attention tbh to stuff happening in the bottom of the screen such as players leaving etc. So i can't really comment on that😅
  3. ReimvomSchleim

    Game crashed and all my saves are gone

    Well, the crash happened after a 5 Lap race in an Unranked Lobby. So I was just at the Results screen and pressed A to continue back to the lobby, that's when there was a Blackscreen and the game closed.
  4. ReimvomSchleim

    Game crashed and all my saves are gone

    Unfortunately I'm playing on Xbox One
  5. I was doing some Unranked Lobbies when after one of the races, my game suddenly crashed. When I restarted it, I had to create a new profile. So I restarted the game again, still had to do that. Eventually I did that and my career save was gone, my trophies, my settings were back to default, the only thing that stayed was my level, my cars, suits. My statistics are even gone and all of my saved setups. Any advice on what I can do to regain the old profile?
  6. ReimvomSchleim

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    What exactly got changed on the Mclaren? I can't see any difference, there is no new sponsors, not even the black paint at the back has been added ***
  7. ReimvomSchleim

    F2 cars lift at end of mulsanne straight

    I think he might mean the Mistral straight in Paul Ricard😅
  8. I'm playing on Xbox One and the 10 down trophy worked for me after the patch.
  9. ReimvomSchleim

    90 Years Livery on the Ferrari?

    Hi there, Obviously you are not able to put the Mission Winnow logo onto the Ferrari SF90 but will there be an update to add the 90 years livery. I saw a reply from Lee Mather on where he said it wouldnt be possible, but now as Ferrari only uses the 90 years livery in real life as well and not the Mission Winnow anymore, maybe it will be added? Can anyone comment on that?