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  1. @BarryBL, I was just spectating a qualifying session in an unranked lobby, when I saw that every car I spectated on it´s hotlap was ghosting. I know this happens when somebody has left the session during a race but I highly doubt everybody left this session before the quali session. The cars were ghosting onboard as well as offboard. Platform: Xbox One Version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked How many players?: 18 Players + 2 Spectators Lead up to issue: I joined a session while they were in the lobby, every seat was full so I had to spectate the GP. Accesories: Xbox One Controller Down below, I´ve attached a clip where you can see me scrolling down the leaderboards and almost everybody ghosting. 02_01.2020_13-21-55-vllrza14.mp4
  2. ReimvomSchleim

    Competed 10 Season Championship Deleted?

    Hi, No worries, this is no bug, this is normal in the F1 games. There is a maximum of 10 seasons you can play, no further though
  3. ReimvomSchleim

    Codemasters please change ERS

    I'm actually okay with how it is atm, but I get why a lot of people dislike it. Good and much requested idea would be to have a pre-mapped ERS strategy with an Overtake-button able to be used as an override
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    Patch 1.20 - Feedback and Upcoming

    @Enlate, future titles always relates to future game titles rather than patches as far as I'm aware
  5. @BarryBL, whilst doing a league race last Friday I noticed that the two cars in front of me (they were on Hard tyres, myself on Mediums), that it showed Soft tyres on their cars on my screen, even though on the top left it said Hard tyres. Unfortunately, I don´t have a good clip of where you can see the wrong tyres during the race, as it was a league race and I was too busy racing. What I have tho is a clip, where you can see it says Hard tyres on the top left. Other than I also have a screenshot from the highlight reel where you can see the Haas on Soft tyres (also included the "Change tyre" setting to prove I left it on none :D) and yes, this is from after the pit stop. Note: This happened after the first round of pit stops for all three of us. All of us started the race on the Soft tyre, I changed onto the Mediums, the two leaders onto the Hard tyre. Description of the problem: The wrong tyres were being displayed on the car in front of me (during race as well as in Replay mode) Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 14 players + 0 AI Lead up: All 3 of us started on Softs, the two guys in front of me changed onto the Hard tyres during the first pit stop. Error code: None Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Screenshot and clip included below: 15_01.2020_21-30-57-1htlniiy.mp4
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    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    Have you tried skipping FP1 to try and see how it goes in FP2 or maybe even Qualifying?
  7. ReimvomSchleim

    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    Thanks for the video. I'm guessing you are still in Season 1? Has this happened to you at any other track other than Hockenheim? When trying this out in a single race, did you also use Hockenheim?
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    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    Hi @Vitalogy1412, do you have a video of this? Would be helpful to see how exactly the car crashes e.g. what happens with the steering etc.
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    What is your favourite F1 2019 Classic Car?

    Personally love the McLaren 1998 car, shame it's so lonely at the top of the K2 class 😄 Really enjoy the 3 cars from 2010, hope they add more cars from the one season😃
  10. @BarryBL, this bug has happens quite often in Unranked lobbies. We are sitting on the grid, as soon as the 30 second countdown has ticked down, 16 players are shown as ready, one player is still loading, whilst he is able to drive the race on his own (after pressing the Xbox button for once). All the others have got to sit on the grid, only when he leaves, the others are able to race. This happened twice to me, once I was sat on the grid, the other time I was the one being able to drive. So for incident 1 (me sat on the grid) Description: After countdown finished, 16 drivers shown as ready, 1 driver loading and able to race Game version: 1.20 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 17 players + 0 AI Lead up: Not all the drivers pressed ready before the countdown was done. (still happens randomly as it seems) Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Video: 04_02.2020_22-38-50-1i5igveh.mp4 04_02.2020_22-38-42-esuttzfm.mp4
  11. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox] - Race loading while one player can drive

    Hi @BarryBL, sorry for the double post (some issues with the second clip) I would say 2-3/10 probably, depends on the host connection etc. Lobbybug.mp4
  12. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox] - Race loading while one player can drive

    Incident number 2, where I was the one able to drive: During sector 2, I quit the lobby and rejoined, as you can see, the others were then able to race, but my car is nowhere to be seen anymore. Description: Lobby loading shortly, after pressing the Xbox button, I´m able to drive the race. After leaving, the others could drive but my car disappeared. Game version: 1.20 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 20 Players + 0 AI Lead up: Again, not all drivers pressed ready before the countdown, but this still doesn´t happen all the time. Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Clip: Lobbybug.mp4
  13. ReimvomSchleim

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Hi @vadar, If I understood the "Deep Dive Patch Notes" by Codies correctly, the sessions saves works as follows: After a quali session, you can decide whether you want to go to the race immediately, or go back to the lobby (with the quali results being saved until you want to race the actual race). If you decide to start the race, there is no way back to restart the race again or something, that's not the point of session save. The point of session save is for players to have the option to have a break between Quali and the race (for example for a day like in real life)
  14. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2019 [Xbox One] - Dark track in mirrors (night races)

    Ah, thanks @steviejay69. Sorry for not checking the forum properly before😅
  15. @BarryBL, when driving some fun races with my brother around Bahrain, I noticed something on the grid, which carried through to the race. When matching the mirrors (in Cockpit cam) the track surface was simply dark/black even with all the lights. This was also happening whilst racing (also visible in T-Cam and Offset T-Cam). This happened with Multiplayer cars as well as F1 2019 cars. Is this a bug or it is something that is supposed to be as it is (which would be weird imo) -> will be attaching pictures of it happening in Bahrain, Monaco (night), Singapore as well as Abu Dhabi Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.20 Game mode: Leagues - Multiplayer ; also Grand Prix - Singeplayer Lead up: Driving on a track during the night Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Screenshots below: 04_02.2020_22-59-55-yyuellrj.mp4
  16. ReimvomSchleim

    Race start trouble F1 2019

    Hi @Ramaccia96, From my experience (at least from F1 2018 when I was still using full TC) I have to say that using Full Traction control is gonna give you the worst getaways and you will have quite a disadvantage over drivers using Medium TC or the AI.
  17. Hi @BarryBL, nice to hear (not hard to get pole if you are the only one with a lap😉). Jokes aside, have you also been able to recreate the issue when purely spectating a qualifying session? By that I mean, just going into a lobby and not racing but spectating the cars on their hot laps?😅 Cause that was my situation/issue
  18. ReimvomSchleim

    Charity event

    Hi @PistoPete555, That's a really cool idea. If you want to drive together with other players online, which I feel like would be the coolest for such an event, I would recommend either 100% races or a 90 minute practice session. (Put the rules and damage off maybe). Like this you could always change the track if you wanted to after 1:30 hours or drive like 4 session on one track. So basically you have: 6 hours (4 sessions) - Monaco (example) Next 6 hours - Monza And so on😃
  19. Hi again. Have you been able to recreate the issue with the developers or was it still not possible?
  20. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2020 Beta

    I certainly do think so, but don't expect anything until April/May in terms of registration etc.😅
  21. ReimvomSchleim

    F1 2018 events

    Hi @KomplexGyok, I highly doubt there will be any further events for older titles (such as F1 2018). New events are only gonna come out for the current game, which is F1 2019.
  22. Hi @BarryBL The first slot was slightly cloudy, the second slot was cloudy and the third slot was light rain. (My game is on German so excuse me if it's called a bit different in game than I wrote)
  23. It seems to have to do with Custom weather as it looks. Hopefully you guys can recreate it with Custom weather😃
  24. Hi again @BarryBL, one thing I just realized is that in that lobby, the weather was set to custom (because we restarted the lobby) so that might have played a role as well 🙂