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  1. A bit late to the party but here we are, signed up. I have to be honest and say that ever since the real 2020 F1 season has ended, I really didnt have a lot of motivation for F1 2020 and therefore the forum as well. But in the last weeks I started playing and enjoying this game again but obviously the game cycle is done and focus has switched to 2021. I'm ready to help again if I get chosen
  2. @MatthiasKage From my experience, you will get all the items. I never bought the Podium Pass at Tier 30, but at around Tiers 3-4 and when I did buy it, I immediately received all the VIP Items from Tiers 1-4, so that works.
  3. Man this is actually a disappointment. At the beginning the jump up is 50XP per level, so I don't understand why the jump up increases so much at the end. That really sucks man. I was looking forward to grind to Level 30 again but i guess it will be Level 20 or so...as I don't play the game enough to get there.
  4. Hi @BarryBL, I just saw the new podium pass and I saw some changes to the previous ones. First of all, the Item Shop now has 9 items instead of 5, which I really like. The other change I noticed was, that you only need 1000 XP instead of 3500 XP per level to rank up, which I really like. Is this a planned change?
  5. Making it an option satifies both sites I would say
  6. Would be interesting concerning F2 2020 where there are 22 drivers, so you might need 2 extra slots for spectators🤔
  7. Season 2 ends tomorrow, no comment about Season 3 yet so hopefully it will be straight after this one, but I fear it might be next week.
  8. The Halloween event on Mobile started today, and in the console game, nothing to see🙁
  9. Hi @BarryBL, sorry for the slight delay, didnt have much time the last two days. I got a report code from a game session and lobby I did quite some races in, the issue happened again, it's always 1-3 players who stay, the rest all correctly disappear: Report code: XJCH-HPKV-JDKX-PVHP
  10. I just saw that F1 Mobile Racing (yes, the mobile game!) has a Halloween event which starts on Saturday where you can earn a Halloween livery. In the F1 game, last year we had a DLC Halloween car, so I wondered if this year, similar to Mobile, we might get some Halloween challenges to earn some kind of Livery this weekend / next week? I remember the survey where they asked that question, whether people would be interested in earning a Bundle through challenges. Well, for me the answer would be yes😛
  11. I also had an email saying that Driver stats have been updated, haven't noticed any differences though. Also playing on Xbox One
  12. Description of the issue: Sometimes, it happens that when players leave the lobby during a race, the next race their AI is still there, although they players is already out of the lobby. The Gamertags stay in the lobby (a bit greyed out) and block the cockpits for other real players. Game version: 1.12 Platform: Xbox One Replication: For most players, when they leave, they disappear, but every race there are like 1-2 players who are still shown. Replication method: Race, have 5 players leave the lobby during the race and see if they are still shown in the lobby for the next
  13. @BarryBL, just tested it, the FPS issue has been fixed, nice. But the issue that you can't look back / or to the side is still there, no change to that. Are you also aware of that?
  14. From my experience, this seems to be specific to Hamilton and I believe Perez. When driving with Bottas, the DRS light were there, in green. After looking at reallife footage, I noticed that Hamilton has actually has no DRS lights on his steering wheel, Bottas has, so it might be realistic and by design😅
  15. I can't really help you about your issue, have you made sure you saved and activated the right control scheme with the change? Me personally, I also didn't like L1 as the Overtake button, so I changed the following: Overtake: A button Clutch: "View button" on the left, next to the Xbox button. I'm quite comfortable with that, I also got ERS on Hold rather than Press.
  16. @BarryBL I hate to tag you and annoy you in a way😆 but I think this is an important issue and I hope to have found a 100% replication method, would be great if the team could test it and see if it works for them too. Sorry to tag you but looks like you didnt see it the first time
  17. I think there might be a good reason there are slower + assists players in front of you this week. It's most likely down to the weather, as it's wet at the start and dry at the end, but that switch to slicks is different in every race, and some people got lucky and had some more slick running and therefore quicker pace in the race.
  18. Might be down to the fact they release to PC first, which they do on Mondays. Usually takes a day longer for consoles, so Tuesday for PS4 / XB1
  19. I expect the patch to release on Monday. So far this game cycle, almost all patches were released on Monday, so I think it will happen again next week.
  20. @BarryBL @jennyannem I just found a replication method which works 100% of the time😀 Description of the issue: After leaving a lobby during the race, and then rejoining that same lobby, I retook control of my car. Then, I tried to change the Camera view of my car, but instead I switched to another car and spectated that. Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.10.1 Game mode: Unranked Connection: Wired Players: 17 Host: I wasn't the host of the lobby Issue happened only to myself, who rejoined the race / lobby. It didnt affect the car I got to spectate.
  21. The Fuel bug has indeed been fixed, you can now adjust the fuel after attempt 1. The Overtake button was stuck on for the first two times, I feared it was a new issue, but luckily, after restarting the game it worked fine again. Both issues fixed👍
  22. That wasn't the case in my example, so seems to be a little different every time somebody rejoins. But I had the issue I couldn't look around me when driving and was stuck looking forward😅
  23. 1 showing how I finished the race (Robiii2003) on my screen (I was the guy who rejoined) 2 showing how I apparently didnt finish the race on the screen of somebody else https://share-your-photo.com/3e1a93b961/album
  24. Description of the issue: After leaving or disconnecting from a race, and then rejoining, the results are bugged for all others players, as they show that the driver who rejoined hasnt finished the race. On the screen of the player who rejoined, the result is normal. Game version: 1.10.1 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Connection: Wired Who was affected: The result was wrong for every player except the one who rejoined. So, everybody had to wait for the player who rejoined. Replication: 2/2 Replication method: -start a Multiplayer race -leave the lobby
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