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  1. Does someone seriously think there will be patch?
  2. Front wing hardly has any effect on topspeed, i have example been using 5/1 wings with pad without any problem and takes away the most understeer on corners. While with wheel i need to use more like 5/5 wings it to be manageable when tyre wear kicks in. So basicly with pad you have still higher topspeed, hugely better traction so no matter what you try find it is fact that pad will always have advantage overall if the game stays like it currently is.
  3. I guess its all about pad users panicking that their advantage will be taken away ;) I personally have both pad & wheel and there is no way in 90% of the circuits to compete with wheel against pad on race distance. As pad has tc tyre wear is pretty much non existent while with wheel its impossible to control the wheelspin on race distance and laptimes starts to get slower & slower during stint, while with pad you cant actually improve laptimes lap by lap. Yes for qualify they are pretty even, but qualify doesnt mean much when you dont have any chance on race apart from very few tracks
  4. Are the TT replays broken or do i have something messed up on my side? After done lap and exit session i do get the screen where the replay should be played, but when i press the "5" button which should start the replay nothing happens, i can hear the "click" sound of game registering the button press, but replay just dont start in some reason.
  5. This bugfest is so surreal, comedy gold.
  6. So seems like we have FPS bug on PC this year aswell. Now we have hidden assist for pads users & basicly all the old bugs from last games, what a joke this game is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHbck4WNwxg#t=32
  7. Austria & Spa are pretty much only tracks where you can somehow compete with wheel against pad (on dry weather) as those have mostly long sweeping medium/high speed corners where you se high gear so traction isnt limiting factor, so basicly you couldnt really choose worse track for comparison about the wheel vs pad :) Did some more testing yesterday myself and on worst case tracks like hungary was easily 1s faster at qual & up to 2s at race with microsoft 360 controller against my t500rs wheel. So basicly no point to race online with this game using wheel atm, its just no contest.
  8. Seems like CM will be ignoring this totally. Just saw few tweets about this posted to  @T4RG4 & he seeming was shrugging it off completely saying its fine :(
  9. Time trial isnt good to test it with as it has "optimal grip" & no tyre wear. Test the pad vs wheel in gp mode, career or online and you will be shocked. Even at those modes where the tyre wear is in you can compete with pad on qualify with wheel, but in race its no contest when tyre wear kicks in.
  10. You are kidding, right? If both pad & wheel are used without assist pad is up to 2s lap faster at races. With wheel you just dont have any traction out of slow/medium speed corners, which makes it worse is that tyre wear is like 50x on wheel compared to pad, which basicly has no tyrewear at all, just lapping faster & faster lap by lap. While with wheel after few laps rears are toasted and its like figure skating.
  11. Offcourse you do, specially as online you have unfair advantage to wheel users :) But joking aside, something really need to be done about it, its completely ruining the game for the online part which is the most important aspect.
  12. I dont think its assist tbh, just out of interest with wheel set the "override input device" to pad and rear grip changed completely, got barely any wheelspin, while settings it at wheel got huge wheelspin even with 4th gear out of corners. Also did compare wheel vs pad, and handling is totally different beetween those. I hardly ever play with pad & still was able to beat my laptimes done with wheel by 1s+ when using pad. So dedicated pad users surely benefits even more from it.
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