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  1. I don't think anyone can help you. You will probably have to start again (but you will keep your season points)  This is the response I got from Codemasters, after sending them an email about this: Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Micro Machines World Series. If the game's saved file has genuinely become corrupt then there is little you can do, other than start a new save file I'm afraid, unless you have a Windows restore point you can use to revert to a time when the file worked.. Corruption in the saved file for Micro Machines
  2. Glad you see my point... It's nice to have the Battle mode option (it can be fun for a bit of a change) but the game should really focus more on racing. 
  3. As regards to the save data... I was fortunate enough to be on another PC when it happened. So I could restore my original save data from my main machine. I always back up the save folder now, to prevent me from loosing saved data if the file gets corrupted again. If you wish to do the same, the save game folder is located at: C:\ Users \  Your user name? \ Saved Games \ Codemasters  I just copied the MicroMachines folder from there. Simply replace it back if the save game data becomes corrupt again.
  4. Why are players now getting corrupt save game files? It has just happened to me, and now i have lost all my skins etc. and have been set back to level 1?
  5. The DESERTER PENALTY stopped happening for me on Saturday evening (29th). I don't understand how people are still getting it after?
  6. The special event for this weekend freezes on the vehicle select screen. So nobody has been able to play it yet.
  7. There is still problem with server. Though it seems to have improved slightly, it still lags. It still looses connection midway through races too. It seems to be a lot worse when Grouped with other racers.
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