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  1. Hi, With PC Project Cars will there be mods to make the cars look similar to real F1 cars? 
  2. What's so funny JR gaming,  please carry on? 
  3. Hi everyone,  My biggest change I want more than anything is to cut down on that bloody rain. My last 4 races bar the last at Abu Dahbu season were all wet races.  Plus all the ones elsewhere,  Hungary being my most mystified by.  There are lots of suggestions I would love but I am just stating my biggest one. I would love the choice to not have wet or at least realistic races where it appears. Unfortunately I do not have the skill like some to race at my level in the wet.
  4. Hi,  My pc details are,  AMD FX 6300 six core,  16gb ram, nvidia ge force GTX 750. And I am using windows 7 64 bit.  The fanatec driver is 64 bit v 114. It works better than 115 because settings come on the s screen to test wheel.  But doesn't when it comes to the game. It will configure it but not correspond once start playing. Then next time it will not even configure.  Is my pc just not good enough to run the game? 
  5. Happy xmas everyone,  It not for me at the moment with my main item from all of my close family and my savings being a PC, 80% being to play F1 2014. I can't play it with my Fanatec CSR wheel not working with my pc.  Do I need to purchase an xbox wireless pc controller or should it work with my USB lead? My USB being 2.0. My pc being an AMD processor, does that make a difference?  At the moment thinking I made a big mistake and wishing I kept with xbox 360 until 2015 came out and bought One and not wasted mine and my families £500. .Not top of the range pc but thought it w
  6. So does the mod totally take away the rain in  career mode,  that would be great news.  I got to admit I use no assist at all and full damage but as soon as there is rain I turn on traction to either med or full depending how fast the ai are and use abs. In all the Codemasters games this is the first time I have ever used it.  Not good enough to compete against the ai in rain situation and even sorry to say amater.
  7. I agree with it being the best games we have had on F1, I went from playing on the  F1GP on the Amiga 1200 up to Gp4 on my pc and loved every one. F1 2014 is ok now but not the same class as GP4, loved being in the pits after qualifying lap and going on the monitor and seeing someone else do ther run to better mine.   The AI was great to race against, I like my F1 game now but wish if would step up another level.  Starting to lose confidence that Codemasters can make it as good as F1 used to be or maybe as I want it to be aha ! they are,  being caught between making the gam
  8. Hi Blew1967,  What set ups are you using to make your tyres last? Just had a cap race in Barcelona were couldn't get set up right and even prime only lasted 9 laps and then aI all over me (25% distance). Just can't get set up without ai lapping much faster t than me.  That is in race not qualifying,  I know also is my skill not being great but any help would be great.  Cheers
  9. The cost of the pc is £429, I will ring Thursday to see what CPU they can upgrade to and the cost and I will let you know. Always grateful for your advice.  Many thanks
  10. Big thanks for that reply,  I will ask how much I will have to pay to step up the CPU. If that is to expensive can it be upgraded later when I can afford it.   Cheers 
  11. Cheers sjsharp I have just posted a comment on were you said to be able to continue pursuit of a new pc.  I do live in the UK for buying one, I only have little reads on what mods are available as I can't wait to update the game. Is the difference big from the original game with all the changes you have made for your pc or just minimal changes to F1 2014? Thanks for all advice on this thread
  12. Hi,  After grateful advice of sjsharp 2014 I have come to this thread for advice on a pc I want to buy to play F1 2014 on and when the time comes for it to be upgradable for F1 2015. I only have a budget of around £450, the pc would be attached to my 64" tv. Could you please give me your opinion on the following pc if it would be good enough to play the game on our do I need to find a better model. Create a storm with the UKGC Tornado Gaming PC. Experience high-end gaming without having to re-mortgage your house! The powerful new AMD FX-4 4300 Black Edition 3.8Ghz quad core processor, on
  13. I wish I could find a pc with that quality and price in the UK,  especially with 32 go ram.  My max price I will have is £450. I have found another not from eBay.  Is this one better,Create a storm with the UKGC Tornado Gaming PC. Experience high-end gaming without having to re-mortgage your house! The powerful new AMD FX-4 4300 Black Edition 3.8Ghz quad core processor, on a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard starts this fantastic package off, offering good processing performance for your money. Equipped with, the best of the best, 8GB of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600Mhz RAM and 500GB o
  14. I am looking to buy a pc and I would be grateful for any advice on the following pc I was looking at on Ebay. I would love a more expensive one but finance does not allow it.  This one costs £320, for pc only.  AMD A8 6600K Quad Core Processor / CPU running at 3.9GHz (With 4.2GHz Turbo Mode!)16GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAMLATEST AMD RADEON HD8570D Graphics!1TB SEAGATE Barracuda 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive With 64MB CacheSAMSUNG 24X DVD / CD - RW Dual Layer Optical Disc DriveMSI FM2-A55M-E35 uATX Motherboard (Full specifications of this board can be found here)500W Qui
  15. Hi,  I use a fanatec csr wheel,  never any assists but like advised previous might try traction to stop car going all over the place with the slightest of touches on the accelerator.  Would be great to see any laps you guys do on you tube to see how you must take corners with lap times so low. Might learn what the hell I'm doing wrong being so slow compared to you guys on legend.  But as I said before I take my hat of to you for guys with those times,  game must be loads better as AI must be better with higher levels?
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