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  1. aussief203

    Patch confirmation?

    Geez people love picking apart this game rather than just playing the game I think it just needs a patch just to balance the game out and fix very small things like wet weather and Ai other than that I really like the handling and cars even know their a bit ugly
  2. aussief203

    Patch confirmation?

    Williams has a merc engine
  3. aussief203

    A Step Forward

    I actually like it I haven't played it too much been busy but what I have played it isn't too bad for a game
  4. aussief203

    Got the game today

    Got the game today I'm impressed handling is very different I actually like it
  5. aussief203

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Got the game today I'm very surprised how different the handling is I haven't played it much but I actually like it