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  1. driveroz247

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yeah, I decided to restart my F1 2018 career mode on PC with a F1 2019 mod. Where I was getting 1 SC or VSC for every 5-6 DNFs, since I restarted my career mode I have done 20 races and every race I had either a full SC or a VSC, only the most recent race I did in Brazil there was no SC or VSC. So that is 19 out of 20 races so far with either a SC or VSC, yet before when I was in season 8 of 2018 career mode, SC or VSC every 3-4 races only. It's really weird how the SC and VSC frequency changed since I started a new career.
  2. driveroz247

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Yes, it can be realistic if I name my driver name in career mode as Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, Brendan Hartley, Sergio Sette Camara, Juan Manuel Correa, Nicholas Latifi or any other driver previously out of F1 making a comeback, or any other driver currently in F2 making the step up to F1.
  3. driveroz247

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    OK. I agree now that you've made a valid point with the game's development period. Hopefully they'll do a patch for it.
  4. driveroz247

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I think you're being way too harsh on Codemasters give them a break. For so many years the number one requested feature of career mode was driver transfers. This year the developer has been able to deliver this. Bear in mind this is the first time this title has come built with this feature included, so huge hats off to Codemasters. It's their first year doing this, so obviously it's not going to be 100% perfect straight off the bat. Give them time and in sure they'll better the transfer system either through a patch for this game or if not, in future game releases. Now that the most asked for feature in the game is finally included we should be happy that we've finally got it and understand that since its their first time implementing this feature it may need some tweaking to make it a little better. We should just be happy to have got this feature in the first place, they didn't have to put it into the game, but thank goodness they did. We should be grateful to them for this and trust they'll improve it down the track.
  5. I watch a few popular F1 game youtubers and they all seem to be able to get at least 1 safety car incident almost every race. When I started career mode in my game I started at patch 1.12 and never re-started my career since I started. For some reason I don't seem to get the same amount of SC and VSC as popular youtubers who play this game and never restarted their careers over either. So I decided to make note of the stats of DNFs and SC and VSC in my game over a full season of career mode. I just finished season 7 of career and here are the stats: DNFs: 47 (including my own) VSC: 10 (including 3 in the one race in China) SC: 2 (Spain and Singapore). Am I missing something? Do I need to restart my career over again each time a patch is released so it doesn't bugger up the safety car system in my career? If not, then it needs fixing for sure. How these popular youtubers seen to be able to get a safety car every race and I can't with all those DNFs leaves me asking these questions. Does the safety car system need patching? Going on my stats alone, yes. They have been getting less and less frequent with every new patch IMO, but of course you wouldn't know this if you only watched popular Youtubers who seem to get them almost every race. So I have also done 2 races at the beginning of my season 8 and so far there have been 5 DNFs (including my own at Australia) and not one SC or VSC in sight. Something surely needs fixing here. I will update my thread here in a few more weeks once I finish season 8 in my career with the DNF to SC/VSC comparison for this season too. Anyone else agree with my thoughts and observations? Please do share them below.
  6. driveroz247

    Contract bug

    Known issue it has happened in my career save multiple times, I'm currently in season 7. It's just a display bug, the original qualifying position you negotiated for will still be the one they rate your qualifying performance on. I remember in my previous season signing for qualifying 14th for Ferrari (Low I know, but Ferrari back then were the second worst car in terms of performance), then it showed after one race I needed to qualify 2nd, but I qualified the following race in 12th and they were happy with my qualifying because I was better than the 14th I had negotiated with them.
  7. driveroz247

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Very enjoyable season 1. I watched all your races. I look forward to seeing your season 2. I have subscribed to your channel.
  8. driveroz247

    parc ferme rules

    Yes, that is correct. All that you are able to change in Parc Ferme is the front wing angle and nothing else. This is exactly how the game is too. No penalties are incurred for this.
  9. driveroz247

    Strange error in qualifying detected

    Yeah, you could have a good point. I think I'll just chalk it down to this or a 1 place grid penalty. However my suspicions are still with it being an error/bug.
  10. driveroz247

    Strange error in qualifying detected

    you are aware that qualifying is split into 3 parts that's why it says Q1` Q2 Q3  going by this it means Hamilton was only fastest in Part 1 not in Part 3 Yes, of course I know that. Rosberg was fastest in Q1 and Q2, but that screenshot was when I clicked on Q3, it shown SB (session best) was Hamilton, yet Rosberg was on pole. That is the Q3 result, as Bianchi and myself (Chilton) were not in Q3, that's why we had no times listed there.
  11. Have a look at this screenshot I took in GP mode of F1 2014. It shows Q3 session best time as Lewis Hamilton, however the qualifying standings on the right show Rosberg on the pole. Is it possible to get a 1 place grid penalty from qualifying penalties in this game? I thought the only grid penalties from qualifying were 10 places in this game. http://i62.tinypic.com/2n7fjab.jpg
  12. driveroz247

    F1 2014 throw me to the desktop

    Have you gone into Steam and tried to verify the cache of the game? If not I'd suggest you do. It sounds to me like a corrupted file or two.
  13. driveroz247

    Completing Installation...1% Problem

    Happens to me sometimes as well. Shut down Steam and then shut down and restart your computer and then try loading the game again. That works for me. If that doesn't fix your problem try a re-install of the game or wait for Codemasters to respond.
  14. driveroz247

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Nice videos! I can tell you are also using an AI mod, which has made the Williams faster, the Mercedes just about unbeatable, the Ferrari's slower and the Toro Rossos slightly better too.