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    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yeah, I decided to restart my F1 2018 career mode on PC with a F1 2019 mod. Where I was getting 1 SC or VSC for every 5-6 DNFs, since I restarted my career mode I have done 20 races and every race I had either a full SC or a VSC, only the most recent race I did in Brazil there was no SC or VSC. So that is 19 out of 20 races so far with either a SC or VSC, yet before when I was in season 8 of 2018 career mode, SC or VSC every 3-4 races only. It's really weird how the SC and VSC frequency changed since I started a new career.
  2. Have a look at this screenshot I took in GP mode of F1 2014. It shows Q3 session best time as Lewis Hamilton, however the qualifying standings on the right show Rosberg on the pole. Is it possible to get a 1 place grid penalty from qualifying penalties in this game? I thought the only grid penalties from qualifying were 10 places in this game. http://i62.tinypic.com/2n7fjab.jpg
  3. For me it's two things that stand out: 1. The real challenge of the driver in the cockpit. This is close to what it is like driving a real F1 car in 2014 is meant to be like. The drivers are now struggling to come to grips with the new cars, their new power, downforce levels, tyres, engines and the whole lot. In real F1 this year it has all been about the best driver, the guy who drives the best, not necessarily the car itself (except of course for the Mercedes cars). It's all about the cockpit, your driving style, and how you manage your tyres and fuel with that much horespower in the unit, and I believe F1 2014 has this just about right in how much more work is now involved in the cockpit when driving the car. So the new challenges these cars bring in terms of driving them in the cockpit is one of things I throughly enjoy about driving the cars in this year's game. 2. I just realised this after a race at Suzuka in my career mode that I had this morning. I am really enjoying taking corner R130 flat out in high fuel revs mode in 8th gear, then having to brake quickly for that final chicane dropping down to 2nd or 1st gear in little to no time at all and dropping back to lean fuel revs mode. Really enjoyed that on the race I had this morning.
  4. It's really getting me addicted this game. I can't stop playing it. I like the challenge of having to save your tyres against the other AI cars, having to save fuel more often and having to constantly keep your tyres warm around the track during the race. also the AI are slightly more aggressive and feisty compared to previous games I've played in this series. So hats off to Codemasters, this has made the game a good challenge this year and more addictive to play! Had a really good moment in the game today where I realised just how good this year's game actually is. It was Q2 in Brazil with 5 minutes left in the session and the rain was getting lighter and I was in the Caterham in the pit and hadn't run a lap of qualifying yet as there was a 25% chance of rain in Q2. So I was waiting for the rain to stop and the track to try out a bit before going out. But I took my chance and went out on intermediate tyres anyway. My first lap put me into 16th and the track was drying out now as it had stopped raining. My gamble didn't pay off as there was not enough time to get back to pit, jump onto option tyres, then come out for 1 flying lap. So I decided to set two more flying laps on my inters anyway whilst I was out there with enough of a fuel load, but my times obviously didn't improve on my first lap as the track was getting dryer by the minute. When the session had ended I was in 16th place, but it was clear by looking at the race director that 4 of the AI cars had gambled in the last few minutes by going out on option tyres whereas none of the other AI cars or I did, and they ultimately set the top times for the Q2 session, 3 of those 4 AI cars were in the drop zone for the Q2 session before they went out on the option tyres, so the gamble obviously worked out for them. It shows how much variance the AI use in their tyre strategies and they don't all do the same thing, unlike previous games where they would have all jumped onto slicks at the same time. Variation in AI tyre strategies is also evident in races as well, and this is fantastic to see. It's little moments like these that make the new game great, highly addictive and enjoyable to play for me. If you do add any patches to the current game Codemasters, please don't change very much about it, especially not the AI strategy, their aggresiveness, or their tyre wear. I'm starting to really enjoy this game as it is in it's current format. Obviously there are still a few errors to iron out here or there, but for me the positives are now starting to far outweigh the negatives with this game and it's fun and addictive to play, especially when some great things like what I described in my paragraph above happen in the game.
  5. Seems like nothing has changed since I had F1 2012. There I am in my Toro Rosso, on a flying lap in Q2 at Albert Park, sector one purple, then sector two purple, then sector 3 I come up to the back of 2 AI cars cruising around the track at very low speed. Now you would expect them to both be off the racing line one behind the other one, but no, they're across the whole width of the track, one running on the racing line, one running off the racing line. By the time I switch my fuel use to mix 1 and brake I have no time so I try to stick it through the middle of both of them and I lose part of my front wing! I can't believe this still happens in this game and has never been rectified. At least with lap 1 of race slow AI speeds I can put on braking assist or run with a damage mod to force me to slow down, but this one really annoys me. On a brighter note, it was nice to see Ricciardo get a 10 spot grid penalty for ramming me into the wall in Q3 :D Also, it is nice to see that difficulty levels have a good spread this year, and I've found the ideal difficulty level for me which puts my car where it should be at the end of qualifying if I drive it to it's full potential on a qualifying lap.
  6. Did a 25% race at Spielberg track where the race started as dry and then went wet. As the track got wet and drops formed on my visor, I pitted for intermediate tyres, and so did only 3 other AI cars . Conditions were definitely right for intermediate tyres, and my race engineer even told me that my tyre temps are good. But why didn't the other 18 AI cars who stayed out on dry tyres pit? Not only did they not pit, they were able to maintain their levels of speed and grip with these tyres in the wet. Lap times were not affected, and none of them spun out. This type of scenario would never happen in real life. Please Codemasters, release a patch sometime soon to get this fixed.
  7. driveroz247

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Very enjoyable season 1. I watched all your races. I look forward to seeing your season 2. I have subscribed to your channel.
  8. driveroz247

    parc ferme rules

    Yes, that is correct. All that you are able to change in Parc Ferme is the front wing angle and nothing else. This is exactly how the game is too. No penalties are incurred for this.
  9. driveroz247

    Strange error in qualifying detected

    Yeah, you could have a good point. I think I'll just chalk it down to this or a 1 place grid penalty. However my suspicions are still with it being an error/bug.
  10. driveroz247

    Strange error in qualifying detected

    you are aware that qualifying is split into 3 parts that's why it says Q1` Q2 Q3  going by this it means Hamilton was only fastest in Part 1 not in Part 3 Yes, of course I know that. Rosberg was fastest in Q1 and Q2, but that screenshot was when I clicked on Q3, it shown SB (session best) was Hamilton, yet Rosberg was on pole. That is the Q3 result, as Bianchi and myself (Chilton) were not in Q3, that's why we had no times listed there.
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    F1 2014 throw me to the desktop

    Have you gone into Steam and tried to verify the cache of the game? If not I'd suggest you do. It sounds to me like a corrupted file or two.
  12. driveroz247

    Completing Installation...1% Problem

    Happens to me sometimes as well. Shut down Steam and then shut down and restart your computer and then try loading the game again. That works for me. If that doesn't fix your problem try a re-install of the game or wait for Codemasters to respond.
  13. driveroz247

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Nice videos! I can tell you are also using an AI mod, which has made the Williams faster, the Mercedes just about unbeatable, the Ferrari's slower and the Toro Rossos slightly better too.
  14. driveroz247

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    Yes, 3X Damage Mod is the most realistic. I just had 5 DNF's at Suzuka so things are working properly. The increased damage definitely increases replayability, as this prohibits you from going crazy fast on the 1st lap. This is very evident in driving for the slow to mid-tier teams such as the Toro Rosso. Now if I can just get the safety car to work more, I'd be all set. Well, I'm 12 races into the season on GP mode driving as Kobayashi in the Caterham. 3X damage both AI and player. 12 races for 21 DNFs (excluding my own DNF at Monaco LOL :p ). Still too little AI DNFs for me, so I've changed some of the files to make the AI cars have slightly more engine and mechanical failures now to up the numbers just a little bit more. And only 3 safety cars in 12 races, but I'll live with that. I totally agree with you about the first lap replayability, and it's why I really enjoy playing with the damage mod on my car.
  15. driveroz247

    What I would like to see in F1 2015 and beyond.

    Along the lines of no.29 in the original post, an ability to request a change of your front wing angle when you make a pit-stop, just like Hamilton did in the Grand Prix of the USA yesterday.
  16. This is also an issue on the pc version of the game.
  17. driveroz247

    It rains only for me.

    There is a way you can make that happend, on PC. Download debugging options mod, where you can change weather etc in the middle of the race. But also the thing I use it for, if there is to wet then you can bring out the safety car and even make it red flag.. Yes, I already have. Check out my post on racedepartment ;)
  18. driveroz247

    It rains only for me.

    In reality, there should be a safety car deploy in those conditions where it is too dangerous to drive in even the wet tyres, so the field should be bunched up together behind the pace car until the weather and track improves enough to race safely again. I'm not talking about racing conditions that are for intermediate tyres, but for when the conditions are too bad for wet tyres and the spray in front of you is so bad you can't see the car ahead of you properly. If codies implemented this, extreme wet weather racing would all be done behind the pace car until the track and weather improved, and no time would be lost to the AI.
  19. driveroz247

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    No, I mean the Nurburgring LOL. I'm still playing F1 2013, as I didn't want to be held hostage again by purchasing 2014 on release day and then having to agonize for CM to decide whether they will deliver a patch or not. This time, I adjusted the damage mod to 4X(both player and AI) to make sure things are working properly. And then I just completed the 50% Nurburgring race and had 6 AI retirements. There were various broken parts strewn across the track throughout the whole race and I had to do 2 extra pitstops for breaking off my entire front wing on both occasions, as I don't do race restarts and flashbacks. Interestingly, there were many AI cars driving at various speeds throughout the race due to their own damages. One time, I ran over a bollard on the track due to one of the AI breaking it off and my whole front wing was taken off. Amazingly, still no SC deployment. However, I think 6 DNF's is too much and my next race at Hungary will be dialed back to 3X. Predictions? Yes, I always maintained that X4 was overdoing just a bit and X3 is the best damage settings and most realistic to play with. I'd rather have 1-5 DNFs per race, anything more is starting to border on the ridiculous. Predictions? maybe 2 DNFs but no safety car. I've only seen one safety car deploy in Hungary for an AI mistake playing this game series and that was in F1 2012 when the track was becoming slippery due to rain and Schumacher hit some other AI car up ahead of me and spun and retired in the middle of the tight sector 2 bends.
  20. driveroz247

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    How about the Nurburgring? That's what's next for me. You mean Hockenheim, right? Nurburgring was last year, lol. A lot of run-off at Hockenheim, so probably not so big a chance for safety car, but you may still get a couple of DNFs at turns 1 and 2.
  21. driveroz247

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    I just did a 50% race at Silverstone as JEV with 3X damage mod(both me and AI) and no retirements at all, LOL. I had no SC either after I changed SC chance to 1 in the database. The only thing out of the ordinary was when Button AI caught up to me at Copse and hit me while we were side by side through the turn, damaging both our front wings at lap 23. But the damage wasn't enough to require pitting. See the part I bolded in my message above your quoted message. Silverstone is not one of those tracks. I just did a 100% race at Yas Marina with the damage settings I use (player and AI X3) and had zero DNFs there as well. But the race I did before that at Interlagos I had 5 DNFs.
  22. driveroz247

    The Damage Model

    As far as I'm aware of, the FIA put restrictions on what the developers can and can't do when representing F1 in a game which is based on real life. Until restrictions are relaxed I don't see much change happening with this TBH.
  23. driveroz247

    It rains only for me.

    If you're playing on pc platform then pop over to racedepartment forums and download this mod here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ai-performance-change-less-rain-in-dynamic-weather-optional-reverse-track-order-career.3786/ It should give you much less chance of rain in dynamic weather mode.
  24. driveroz247

    Safety car deploy high probability only monaco?

    The problem with Realistic Damage Mod is that there becomes an unrealistically high number of AI retirements, no? Someone commented about his last race in that 15 drivers retired because of one destroyed car. Not necessarily, it all depends on how much realistic damage level you want to put onto the AI and yourself. Like I said, I play at 3X which is medium, but I know others out there who play with it at 5X or 6X, which imo is crazy and unrealistic, because at those levels of damage you'll be lucky to have 5 cars left to finish the race. Also, it depends on a lot of other factors too, some of which have to do with how the player drives his car in comparison to the AI. Also it can be track-dependant and level of coded aggression for each AI driver in the game. Without realistic damage mod I used to get 0, sometimes 1 DNF each race if I was lucky, now I get somewhere between 1-6 DNFs every race guaranteed (depending on the track), which is closer to real life race statistics than having no DNFs whatsoever...