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  1. Very enjoyable season 1. I watched all your races. I look forward to seeing your season 2. I have subscribed to your channel.
  2. Yes, that is correct. All that you are able to change in Parc Ferme is the front wing angle and nothing else. This is exactly how the game is too. No penalties are incurred for this.
  3. Yeah, you could have a good point. I think I'll just chalk it down to this or a 1 place grid penalty. However my suspicions are still with it being an error/bug.
  4. you are aware that qualifying is split into 3 parts that's why it says Q1` Q2 Q3  going by this it means Hamilton was only fastest in Part 1 not in Part 3 Yes, of course I know that. Rosberg was fastest in Q1 and Q2, but that screenshot was when I clicked on Q3, it shown SB (session best) was Hamilton, yet Rosberg was on pole. That is the Q3 result, as Bianchi and myself (Chilton) were not in Q3, that's why we had no times listed there.
  5. Have a look at this screenshot I took in GP mode of F1 2014. It shows Q3 session best time as Lewis Hamilton, however the qualifying standings on the right show Rosberg on the pole. Is it possible to get a 1 place grid penalty from qualifying penalties in this game? I thought the only grid penalties from qualifying were 10 places in this game. http://i62.tinypic.com/2n7fjab.jpg
  6. Have you gone into Steam and tried to verify the cache of the game? If not I'd suggest you do. It sounds to me like a corrupted file or two.
  7. Happens to me sometimes as well. Shut down Steam and then shut down and restart your computer and then try loading the game again. That works for me. If that doesn't fix your problem try a re-install of the game or wait for Codemasters to respond.
  8. Nice videos! I can tell you are also using an AI mod, which has made the Williams faster, the Mercedes just about unbeatable, the Ferrari's slower and the Toro Rossos slightly better too.
  9. Yes, 3X Damage Mod is the most realistic. I just had 5 DNF's at Suzuka so things are working properly. The increased damage definitely increases replayability, as this prohibits you from going crazy fast on the 1st lap. This is very evident in driving for the slow to mid-tier teams such as the Toro Rosso. Now if I can just get the safety car to work more, I'd be all set. Well, I'm 12 races into the season on GP mode driving as Kobayashi in the Caterham. 3X damage both AI and player. 12 races for 21 DNFs (excluding my own DNF at Monaco LOL :p ). Still too little AI DNFs for me, so
  10. Along the lines of no.29 in the original post, an ability to request a change of your front wing angle when you make a pit-stop, just like Hamilton did in the Grand Prix of the USA yesterday.
  11. There is a way you can make that happend, on PC. Download debugging options mod, where you can change weather etc in the middle of the race. But also the thing I use it for, if there is to wet then you can bring out the safety car and even make it red flag.. Yes, I already have. Check out my post on racedepartment ;)
  12. In reality, there should be a safety car deploy in those conditions where it is too dangerous to drive in even the wet tyres, so the field should be bunched up together behind the pace car until the weather and track improves enough to race safely again. I'm not talking about racing conditions that are for intermediate tyres, but for when the conditions are too bad for wet tyres and the spray in front of you is so bad you can't see the car ahead of you properly. If codies implemented this, extreme wet weather racing would all be done behind the pace car until the track and weather improved, an
  13. No, I mean the Nurburgring LOL. I'm still playing F1 2013, as I didn't want to be held hostage again by purchasing 2014 on release day and then having to agonize for CM to decide whether they will deliver a patch or not. This time, I adjusted the damage mod to 4X(both player and AI) to make sure things are working properly. And then I just completed the 50% Nurburgring race and had 6 AI retirements. There were various broken parts strewn across the track throughout the whole race and I had to do 2 extra pitstops for breaking off my entire front wing on both occasions, as I don't do race
  14. How about the Nurburgring? That's what's next for me. You mean Hockenheim, right? Nurburgring was last year, lol. A lot of run-off at Hockenheim, so probably not so big a chance for safety car, but you may still get a couple of DNFs at turns 1 and 2.
  15. I just did a 50% race at Silverstone as JEV with 3X damage mod(both me and AI) and no retirements at all, LOL. I had no SC either after I changed SC chance to 1 in the database. The only thing out of the ordinary was when Button AI caught up to me at Copse and hit me while we were side by side through the turn, damaging both our front wings at lap 23. But the damage wasn't enough to require pitting. See the part I bolded in my message above your quoted message. Silverstone is not one of those tracks. I just did a 100% race at Yas Marina with the damage settings I use (player and AI X3) 
  16. As far as I'm aware of, the FIA put restrictions on what the developers can and can't do when representing F1 in a game which is based on real life. Until restrictions are relaxed I don't see much change happening with this TBH.
  17. If you're playing on pc platform then pop over to racedepartment forums and download this mod here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ai-performance-change-less-rain-in-dynamic-weather-optional-reverse-track-order-career.3786/ It should give you much less chance of rain in dynamic weather mode.
  18. For me it's two things that stand out: 1. The real challenge of the driver in the cockpit. This is close to what it is like driving a real F1 car in 2014 is meant to be like. The drivers are now struggling to come to grips with the new cars, their new power, downforce levels, tyres, engines and the whole lot. In real F1 this year it has all been about the best driver, the guy who drives the best, not necessarily the car itself (except of course for the Mercedes cars). It's all about the cockpit, your driving style, and how you manage your tyres and fuel with that much horespower in the unit,
  19. The problem with Realistic Damage Mod is that there becomes an unrealistically high number of AI retirements, no? Someone commented about his last race in that 15 drivers retired because of one destroyed car. Not necessarily, it all depends on how much realistic damage level you want to put onto the AI and yourself. Like I said, I play at 3X which is medium, but I know others out there who play with it at 5X or 6X, which imo is crazy and unrealistic, because at those levels of damage you'll be lucky to have 5 cars left to finish the race. Also, it depends on a lot of other factors too
  20. Yes, certain tracks are coded at different difficulty levels than others. I've seen in the games database.
  21. Not to blow my own trumpet here, but if any of you guys who find legend too fast but expert too slow, I'd advise you to pop over to racedepartment forum and download a mod I created today which narrows the time gaps for the difficulty settings between expert and legend. It made expert level a little faster than what it currently is, so hopefully you won't be finding expert level too slow anymore.
  22. Tyre wear does happen for the AI , I've opened the database and seen the coded values for it. There is a certain art to driving the 2014 cars, and it doesn't involve staying in high fuel mix for long periods of time or running high aero set-ups. I think Codemasters have done a fantastic job of getting this game as it should be to mimic what a real F1 driver in 2014 would have to do in his car. It's all about how you drive the car this year, your driving style and abilities in the cockpit, rather than just flat out hot lap driving lap after lap.
  23. If you don't believe the AI suffer from tyre wear, go and have a look at the values in the game database. I have, and I can tell you they most certainly do, some more than others. Have you ever noticed that on some tracks some AI cars make 3 stops and others only make 2. That's because some AI cars are chewing their tyres more than others. I originally thought this too about the game. But when I learnt how to better drive the 2014 cars and manage my fuel usage and tyres better, I found the AI are just doing the same. Please Codemasters, DO NOT LISTEN THE OP. Please don't patch it out, it's r
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