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  1. It probably has a lot to do with strategy. Every real F1 driver says that only in qualy they're going 100%. In the race it's all about tyre saving. That means that they drive slower than they could. 99% of gamers would never do that. that's the biggest problem. I personally don't to that either. But in 25% races with TC medium and pad my tyre wear lasts very long, so no problem. 
    still the game has some major issues. 
  2. In theory this is possible in real F1

    But if a real F1 driver would do that he would lose his superlicense. Because he would have to drive so slow and would be a risk for other drivers. Just imagine... one lap without breaking and still going trough all turns and chicanes... that has nothing to do with racing. 
  3.  I think the 2011 Soundtrack was so awesome. Royal Republic, The Casanovas, etc. It really made the game a highlight. It just motivates you before you go on track when you're listening to 'Full Steam Spacemachine' etc. F1 2011 had such a great atmosphere with the paddock menu and great songs. But since 2012 the games are just cold. 
  4. okay  :D

    just had a funny "glitch". I did a race in austria on level Pro in career mode. Saved the game, quit and put the AI level to Expert. I loaded my game and restarted it. After the race I read 'Your Qualy time: 1.11,5', 'Best Qualy lap: 1.11,2'... but I had the pole. 
  5. Stevomock said:
    Ok so I don't know what's wrong in your situation, but my facts are still there and I think they're interesting. Two very different AI results caused by either one being simulated and one not, or by one being Career and the other in Grand Prix mode.
    I mentioned that in several threads already. That problem has been there since the beginning of the series. I hope they can fix that in 2015 with the new-gen consoles and new engine
  6. - if you don't have enough fuel after the race get a penalty. Like the real reglement is. I finished second in malaysia only because my fuel was nearly used up. in real F1 you'd get a penalty.
    - If you're in carrier mode... Your name on the driver suit and the race car. kind of 'live the life'...
    - more race engineer talk. I just did a race in monaco, only 14 cars managed to end the race. The only thing I heard in the race was that my team mate will not finish. Would be nice to know more. Like "hamilton crashed and is out" etc.
  7. Nope... In my experience are simulated times 2 seconds slower than the times are done by AI if you're racing with them. Had the same issue since 2011. 

    Do we have the same understanding of simulated times? For me simulated is if you accelerate the session time or just go to next session. And in race you just quit and have a look at the lap times. Is that what you did? 
  8. Dez0808 said:
    I would like to see in career mode the setup options be taken away from player control. Your a newbie to the sport with no experience so the team should make the decisions with you being able to give small feedback like too much oversteer. Also be forced to their pit stop strategy. Then as you progress and get results more setup options are unlocked as the team begins to trust your input
    good idea. In MotoGP 14 you talk with your engineer and he changes the setup for you, but you can do the setup all on your own too.

    A big issue are different laptimes in practice and qualy if you accelerate the session time. mostly +2 seconds if accelerated. The same issue in every game since 2010. 
  9. are you sure? on the official f1 webspace I read this:

    "The only exception to this is when there is a "change in climatic conditions", for example a dry qualifying session followed by a wet race, or vice versa. In this case the FIA will give the teams permission to make further appropriate changes to their cars."

  10. Q1 was dry, Q2 wet, Q3 wet, race wet. I can't change the setup. FIA regulations say that it's allowed to change the setup if the conditions are changing. This bug was already in F1 2013. It's impossible that codies are not aware of that.
    This is the worst game series ever. In fifa the menu gets a new layout and the bugs get eliminated. F1 has the same bugs every year. And don't say that it's impossible to change that. I understand that the AI in the first lap is hard to do... whatever... but this parc ferme bug should be no problem to solve. 
  11. Yeah. It happened two times in career mode. One time in a toro rosso and now in the ferrari.

    (And no: I'm not in my second season. I restarted the career mode as Kimi Räikkönen. Simply because: I can manage to get in the top 10 in qualy with a toro rosso. But overtaking is too easy in the first lap. So I'm on P1 after lap 1 and then I try to hold everyone behind me for 15 laps. I end up on P2 or 3 most time... this sucks. Now with ferrari it's more challenging. Because if someone is ahead of me after lap 1 I can go the same speed...)
  12. It didn't dry up for me :( it's impossible to break 13,5% of an lap and going as fast as I can. I should the same laptimes as a Mercedes in a Toro Rosso, BUT I should break more... WTF?

    Next thing I noticed: Same old story. Different laptimes if you accelerate the session time. At the moment in Malaysia +2 seconds if time is accelerated. Poor Hamilton: out in Q2. 

    Same game as last year. And go back to the menus of 2010, 2011. That was a good idea. Now it's just like FIFA. You get a full priced slightly updated game every year. I really hope new-gen F1 2015 is doing a biiiig step.

  13. In order to get a new upgrade for my car, my egnineer wants me to break 13,5% of a total lap lenght (which is pretty stupid) and I should beat a cerctain time. Skill level Pro it is 1:54.195. The problem is: It's raining. A lot of rain. So it's impossible for me to do 1:54. Even the Red Bull, Mercedes AI is not beating 1:54.195. I'm in Toro Rosso. So maybe codies should have a look on that issue.
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