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  1. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 night races

    on YouTube they make videos of the final version. In Bahrain you run in the dark, there is no lighting. Please fix it as soon as possible, and at this point I think it's a problem of low light in all night races. @BarryBL
  2. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 features trailer

    lfbq4qkoenY I have a question to ask Codemasters, because I pay attention to every detail. Why did you remove the billboards when you drive never drink in the game?
  3. mikyesposto95

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    yes the new livery is already in the game. Congratulations Codemasters ❤️
  4. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 Baku hotlap

    I just pre-ordered F1 2020 deluxe edition. I want to trust Codemasters in the hope that most of the bugs will be fixed. I also hope for an improvement in physics after the first videos where the car's behavior on the higher curbs was unrealistic, my hope is that David Greco noticed and corrected everything before the game was released. There is that the new cars have more grip, but passing on the curbs in that way without loss of grip is not very realistic. You must be able to distinguish an attachable curb from a high one, the high one must be touched slightly otherwise there is the risk of losing the car. As I said yesterday, the small details can make the difference between a nornal game and a game that wants to be realistic. P.S. The problem of the gears must also be fixed, you cannot go so much overspeed and the first gear should be put only in Montecarlo @UP100
  5. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 Baku hotlap

    you can see the realism in those games by how AI behaves and how a weapon behaves when you shoot, when you reload. It is normal that these are fantasy games, but have you seen the weather of red dead redemption how does it behave? I think the realism of that game is absurd. And to make a comparison, the f1 game should also be realistic. I noticed that many still use first gear. Now tell me aside monk, where F1 drivers use first gear? Right here I wanted to get there, attention to small details. And I don't want to express myself about the physics of the game which is very far from being a simulation. I repeat, I don't want to criticize but I want to encourage Codemasters to follow the best path
  6. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 Baku hotlap

    curb on turn 1, curb on the left at the entrance to the castle. In the game some curbs are too high, while in the onboard of bottas they are lower 😉 a manufacturer who wants to improve accepts these recommendations. I want to enjoy everything in a game, and the track must also be realistic as in reality
  7. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 Baku hotlap

    if Codemasters had been inspired by the attention to detail of the last of us or by Red dead redemption 2, a masterpiece would have come out. Those that are games that have realism as a clear target. I hope with the new consoles, a physics that focuses on simulation and an obsessive attention to every single detail, starting from the laser scanner of the circuits to the sound of the machine even closer to reality. A new cycle must be opened, with a clean cut compared to the past
  8. mikyesposto95

    F1 2020 Baku hotlap

    great disappointment for the curbs. We have the same curbs in Baku since F1 2017 and are not updated yet in 2020. The task of the beta testers is also this, to report the inaccuracies in the game that have been present for years. Please update your tracks, the curbs of Hungary were not updated in the schumy video yesterday. Take a look at all the curbs of all the circuits and make a comparison with the real onboards, you will notice the shortcomings. Continue to update the curbs even after the game is released. Attention to detail makes the difference and we enthusiasts want the maximum as realism, in addition to the physics that must go towards simulation, the rest is also needed, 100% faithful circuits @BarryBL
  9. mikyesposto95

    F1® 2020 | Deluxe Schumacher Edition Trailer

    the schumy version needed real events. For example, starting in 1991, do a spa qualification session trying to beat a set time. Then with Benetton 1994 to fight with hill in Adelaide, with that of 1995 to do an event at the spa in the rain with schumy forced to defend himself with dry tires against demon Hill. Ferrari f310 (1996), Schumy's first victory with Ferrari (I'm an Italian, a Ferrari fan and I'm proud of it), an event in Barcelona under water. Ferrari f1-2000 event in suzuka against mika Hakkinen's mclaren, f2004 event in spa with the victory of the seventh world championship. Ferrari 248f1 (2006), china event, schumy's last win in Ferrari. All schumy's rivals with their cars also had to be included, a sort of story mode that would please everyone. if you need a real F1 fan in the Codemasters team who can give you tips on things to improve, I'm available😂😂
  10. mikyesposto95

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    the best direction is always simulation. Those who test the beta must push programmers towards simulation and by simulation I mean a complete simulation, ranging from handling, to the behavior of tires, suspensions and the real-time evolution of the track. With the new consoles we absolutely need the laser scanner of all the tracks and the live track 3.0. I'd like a much more complex dynamic weather where the player has to decide whether to take risks and stay on the track on dry tires, or to stop and risk the rain ending immediately. I am 25 years old and I was born with a passion for this sport and I reviewed the spa race in 1995 where schumy ridiculed opponents in the rain with dry tires. One day I would like such a thing. P.S from 2022 we will have more difficult cars to drive, I think that for Codemasters this is the year of truth. They could create a truly simulation game, and what everyone hopes for. The new consoles will have great capabilities and in addition to the graphics, we may have finally realistic physics. I hope that my prayers will be answered and that Codemasters will follow the path of pure simulation because esports have become like a job now, so you have to offer the best from a product and simulation is the only possible way
  11. mikyesposto95

    F1 Open Beta

    I hope that more people are competent than children to test the beta. Because from the videos we saw (we don't know what build it was), but the game was too arcade even without aid. F1 wants to create a simulation game in addition to Codemasters, but I am convinced that Codemasters must commit to making a simulation game without the need for another manufacturing thing. With the advent of the new consoles there is no excuse, the game must offer more levels, starting from the deepest simulation to aid for casual players. But you have to play a game starting from physics without aid and not for the inexperienced
  12. mikyesposto95

    Something New

    We want full simulation
  13. mikyesposto95

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    I speak ignorant on the subject ... all the bugs (and there are many in F1 2019), aren't they partly due to the graphic and physical model? creating a new model for both with the release of the new consoles, wouldn't it bring benefits?
  14. mikyesposto95

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    yes, but create a new graphics engine because the ego engine is more than 10 years old now. Given the power of the new consoles, the graphics must necessarily be photorealistic and not from Cartoon. Same thing for the physical engine, arcade games were in fashion in the 90s, times have changed and we would all like a simulation (then who wants to play with help, play with help)
  15. mikyesposto95

    Critical aspects of F1 2020

    the only beta testers should be the real drivers. But this does not mean that just because they said they improve to increase the grip of the cars, they are easy to drive and you can pass on the curbs without problems. Bringing them to the limit should be difficult even for those who want to play without aid. Instead from the videos it seems very easy to reach the limit and the behavior on the curbs is not realistic. A real car does not accelerate at maximum on a curb at low speed (second-third gear), but must dose the gas. In the game it accelerates to the maximum without losing grip, and when the rear seems to start, there is something that prevents you from turning around. For those who want simulation it is not a good thing.