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  1. guys don't worry, physics is and will always be the same. It will only increase drag and decrease downforce. The cars will be approximately 1-1.5 seconds slower. Several youtubers have already talked about it, you have to stay calm.
  2. There are several problems online. When I decide to start a full weekend, after free practice when I start qualifying I am stuck in the garage with no possibility of leaving the pits and therefore I am forced to abandon the session and go directly to the race. It is very frustrating as a thing, I hope codemasters is aware of the problem. The problem of force feedback disappearing on thrstmasters wheels has not been solved yet, even trying to update the wheel after 20 minutes of play the wheel force feedback greets you. And then there would also be problems with the textures of the cars to be s
  3. No mate😔 this is a huge problem in online racing, especially when you are doing championships or career with your friend. Offline you can turn off the steering wheel and the problem is solved by pausing the game (the problem comes after 30-40 minutes of play), but online you cannot pause because you risk wasting too much time on the track with ghosting. Hope they sort it out soon, it's so frustrating.
  4. then mate, the force feedback I set it to 70% and all the other effects are to 100. these are the values I set
  5. unfortunately the controller was turned off, I started the game directly from the wheel and the pad never turned on
  6. dear friends, i have encountered problems with force feedback in f1 2021, (xbox series x platform). While I was driving an online race suddenly the force feedback disappeared and the steering wheel became very light. After I restarted the game and the problem disappeared. Since I don't know where to post various bugs and problems (we also need to fix some textures because every now and then there is the flickering of the shadows on the cars), I post it here hoping that Codemasters is aware of all this. P.S. I play with the thrustmaster tmx pro @UP100 @BarryBL
  7. hi guys, i noticed that the quick resume doesn't work on xbox series x unlike f1 2020. Will this problem be fixed soon?
  8. guys i noticed that the quick resume doesn't work on xbox series x with f1 2021. I wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem and if Codemasters is aware of this because with f1 2020 it works correctly.
  9. dear Codemasters, keep working at the Turkey circuit because it's back on the calendar 😂😂 @BarryBL
  10. obviously I'm not here to make comparisons, but Suzuki in MotoGP 21 has the sponsor Estrella galicia. I wanted to ask why this is not present in f1 2021? I'm not angry about this, it's to understand why despite both being pegi 3, the sponsor is not present in f1. Maybe Barry or someone else can answer me @BarryBL @UP100
  11. unfortunately due to the time required by the new circuits, the chances of seeing the old circuits updated with the new curbs are practically zero. I am 100% sure that I will still have the Old curbs with the same old age problems as f1 2020. Unfortunately, it would take a much larger team to modify all the circuits, because we would need a restyling of all the circuits, from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi. We have to hope in the next few years that ea's resources can bring improvements also in the field of circuits
  12. Tracks are the same as f1 2020. Codemasters have no time to update the tracks
  13. guys, Codemasters hasn't spoken yet. Something inside me tells me that they are trying to insert Turkey too, it won't be easy but these guys can surprise us. Come on codies
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