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  1. mikyesposto95

    F1 2021

    with the definitive exit of the Vietnam GP, in 2021 it will be replaced by one of these three tracks: Imola, Istanbul or portimao. I am hoping for a race in Imola, while I hope all three will be added to the game @UP100.
  2. mikyesposto95

    F1 2021 game

    I would have waited for the new consoles. A new graphics engine is needed because dirt 5 looks like a game from many years ago graphically
  3. mikyesposto95

    F1 2021 game

    dear Codemasters, The best solution would be to release a dlc on f1 2020 with updating of cars and liveries in 2021 and adding tracks (imola, portimao, Istanbul), to devote himself to the technical revolution (new aerodynamics) that will take place in 2022 and make more use of the power of the new ps5 and Xbox Series X since in 2021 they will still be a bit unripe. I hope you follow this direction
  4. mikyesposto95

    Hanoi dropped from 2021 calendar

    my advice for f1 2021 is to release it as a Dlc, in order to dedicate yourself to f1 2022 for the revolution that will take place in f1 and for the new consoles that in 2021 will not yet be at full power. Releases an update for f1 2020, with 2021 cars and circuits. Remove hanoi and add Imola, Istanbul and portimao into the game. The best solution is this. @BarryBL
  5. mikyesposto95

    Codies, Please don't sell to Take Two

    this is Shameful. Don't end up like 2k sports because they never improve the games over the years. The f1 series needs a lot of improvements that go towards simulation
  6. mikyesposto95

    Grand Prix - No Quali - Post 1.12

    after the last patch I can no longer feel the weight of the car as before and the car is also easier to drive. Please don't touch the physics because it has improved a lot this year
  7. mikyesposto95

    we need a new graphics engine for the next f1 games

    the advice is not to use the dirt 5 graphics engine because with the power of the new consoles, it is not acceptable
  8. even if it's not the right place to talk about it, please Codemasters use the new graphics engine for next gen. Dirt 5 is so far behind graphically with current games and in 2020 we can't have graphics that don't seem to be even at the level of the older generation. I say this because the f1 series needs so many changes to take a step forward towards realism.
  9. mikyesposto95

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    no my keen eye has noticed some Ferrari aero updates and the removal of the weichai sponsor
  10. mikyesposto95

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    tonight in e-sports the drivers are using the new patch
  11. mikyesposto95

    Why the Ferrari's Weichai sponsor still present in the Game?

    thanks Codemasters for the attention to detail. The sponsor has been removed, as can be seen from the screenshots of the Russian Grand Prix. In the next patch that comes out it will no longer be present
  12. Attention to detail makes the difference, Ferrari no longer has a Weichai sponsor since the first race in Austria. remove in the next patch
  13. mikyesposto95

    F1 2021 and beyond compatible consoles...

    Codemasters should do as konami with pes, that is to release 2022 directly on the new consoles and publish only a dlc for 2021 cars on f1 2020. It is the best strategy, they can buy time to focus on the challenge of 2022, new cars and new model driving as well as adding many new features that are missing such as live track 3.0, tire flattening, Manual driving in the pits. I hope this is the beginning of a new cycle towards simulation @BarryBL @UP100
  14. mikyesposto95

    Livery updates as promised

    yes but the Ferrari livery still shows the sponsor weichai with the patch coming soon. The sponsor must be removed. @BarryBL
  15. mikyesposto95

    Livery update?

    is Ferrari's Weichai sponsor that hard to remove?