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    A Step Forward

    I thought I'd leave a quick review of my opinion having played every F1 codemasters game. Have to say I'm quite happy with F1 2014 considering people suggesting it is a 'copy & paste'. First of all the Handling is by far the best I've every played and probably the biggest change from the previous installments. I've have found myself struggling on corners I've previously perfected and vise versa with corners I have had trouble with, but overall it seems much more responsive and feels like you have more control through the slow corners. I have also found that it is much easier to drive in Lean mix than in Fast, I spin the rear tyres up very easily while in Fast fuel mix and is quite changeling to find a balance between pace and grip.  AI are a lot more aggressive and actually battle and force you into tight spaces which is pretty cool, they differ in strategy too with regards to tyres which makes for more interesting races and again would have say the best AI codemasters have produced for an F1 game. Difficulty seems balanced, I am currently playing on Expert in a McLaren and seem to finish around 4th to 10th depending on the track and sector times match the AI around me.  Race starts are okay, to make up 2+ places you need to make sure you are in the right place, otherwise it is a gamble and you don't know where you stand till around turn 3 or 4. Graphically there is slight improvements but the casually player probably wouldn't see the difference but we can put that down to the PS3 reaching it's limits but still the details of cars and tracks are still damn good. There are still snags I thought would of been removed by now though. One being that when you retire or fast forward from a qualifying or practice session none of the AI seem to improve and by fast-forwarding they are actually much slower, sometimes 2-3 seconds. Pit stops are around a second slower than in real life, my pit-crew average around  3.2 to 3.8 seconds for a stop but that's not exactly a game buster. Visuals around the hud are pretty much the same a slight difference in colour and font but lay out is as it was. A few others include what most people seem to to say, steering wheels, decals of the car all of which I would expect to be solved in F1 2015 when it comes to PS4 & X-Box one. My overall view is that obviously codemasters have spent a bit of time on this game and is the most enjoyable out the series, I am yet to race online so that could change. I am very much looking forward to seeing what codemasters can do on next gen platforms I believe it will be a much different game to any other we have sene before.
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    A Step Forward

    I've used both so far I'm about a second quicker on pad, I find there's not much difference. If you play without traction control you'll slide just as much on either.