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  1. I think the time trial leaderboard needs to be split in 2 categories, 1 for people who have all the assists turned off and one for people who use assists. Right now the top of the leaderboard is always dominated by people who use ABS, I think that should not be the case, so maybe we could have 2 separate leaderboards?
  2. Maybe it would be nice if sprint qualifying would be added to the game (maybe in f1 2022 if they continue this formay) and have the option to enable it. I don't know how hard it is to put together but would be nice to have this addition as it is used irl. I know they only use it 3 times this year and that's probably the reason it's not in the game but still gonna leave this suggestion here.
  3. Hopefully this year they will implement it, just like time trial as @zApPaDiEtRo said have an on/off option for equal cars.
  4. I think it would be a nice feature to have equal cars in gp mode. That way everyone can go in their favourite car on and compete against the ai without having to turn the difficulty down. Also this would be a nice feature for league racers if they have no one to practice a race with online. Hope this can be added, like last year you added equal cars in time trial. I think it would be relatively easy to do as you can already do it in online mode with AI added.
  5. Yeah I've seen that video, but to me it seems as if abs is more powerfull this year then it was last year.
  6. I don't know if this has been brought up already, but the ABS is to powerfull on this game. People can go so much faster if they use it, it is so frustrating to see. People shouldn't get rewarded for using assists. I get some people are better and more experienced on the game and a good player can still be faster without ABS when they race someone who is worse than them and using ABS, but they can be even faster if they use ABS themselves aswell. In my opinion this needs some addressing as on last year's game it was pretty balanced and you couldn't be much quicker (I think you were actua
  7. 2-7 is the best ride height in this game as a starting point, I don't know what I run exactly but it's somewhere near that, maybe 1 or 2 different. So e.g. it could be 4-7, 3-7, 4-6 etc.
  8. Same issue here, ride hight is like 2-7 so that can't be the issue, and again, this is an issue that only occurs in Belgium...
  9. That's what I was asking for last year aswell, have an option to use every compound available whenever you want, now certain tires are locked to certain sessions (especially in wet fp, like @Monstahonk said). I know there may be an issue that if you destroy all your medium and hard compound tyres that you can't compete in the race because you can't switch tyre compounds but maybe have an option to reserve 1 or 2 tyres for the race (and being able to choose what 2 compounds it are yourself in stead of the game reserving a set of mediums and a set of hards)
  10. This game is so much different to previous game and you really need to adapt your driving style. I made a huge step forward in this game, cause I quickly found out what works and what doesn't. I haven't seen him drive so I can't really give any tips, maybe try different setups (preset 2 is a good base to start with on every circuit), else I would need to see a video or something of him driving to really give any tips.
  11. I really like this game aswell, I think it's one of the best games they made, but Belgium is just so bad on this game, I see lots of youtubere/e sporters/league racers etc who say the same thing, so it's not a me problem. I don't know everyone's skill level but if I read all the comments saying "I need to get better" clearly don't know what it's like driving on the limit and fining every 0.001 second possible.
  12. Well, the inconsistency is in the game (I'm not saying I don't make any mistakes, but just in this instance), because if you drive the same line at the same speed at the same angle one time it sticks and the other time it doesn't. If you look at real life you can really put in a lot of steering angle, in the game you have to keep the wheel as straight as possible. Eau rouge needs to be 'easy' flat and not sketchy every time. *'easy' is in quotes because I know it will always be a tricky corner if you don't get it right, but no matter the line you take you will always feel like the car is
  13. I don't really care about realism, but it needs to be consistent, and that is just not the case atm. But if you play tt on realistic performance in a williams a guess you're a casual player? Not really a league racer? I'm just guessing and if you are there is nothing wrong with it, but if I grind tt a but I can be in top 500/top 1000 on every track, some tracks a bit higher, so I'm not like an e-sporter or something but I do race competitively and that's where the need for consistency comes in play.
  14. I quickly skimmed through it, yeah you can take it flat, but the problem is the inconsistency though Eau rouge, there have been accidents irl, but I drive in league where everyone is really clean and fast, last game there were very few incidents, but yesterday of the 14 people participating in the practice race, all of them lost it at least once in Eau rouge. Its just really sketchy going through it as you have no idea how the car is going to react. As we progress in the game we all will find a way to drive around these kind of problems but I think there should be a slight tweek around Belgium
  15. Yeah agree, maybe it was better if I made my referring a bit clearer 😅
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