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  1. FMP_Gianlucac88

    Community Requested- Latest 02/01/2020

    Hi @BarryBL do you thing that the patch will be out this week? Safety Car issues are solved? Championship Mode turned back like in F1 2018? Thanks, FMP ITALIA
  2. Hi there. Yesterday eve me and other 19 players of FMP ITALIA Championship made an event with Complete Q (Q1-Q2-Q3). My request is: can you give us the possibility to make only Q2 and Q3? It would be nice. The Short Q are not very good, and with the Q2/Q3 we will see also some strategies' changing. Thanks!
  3. FMP_Gianlucac88

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    Codemasters loose itself in a glass of water. I asked this things lots of times, but They don't do nothing.
  4. FMP_Gianlucac88


    Thanks for everything!!!
  5. @Faya please news about that?
  6. FMP_Gianlucac88


    No offical answers, no news. Codies where are YOU?
  7. FMP_Gianlucac88

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Hello, what is the car damage? Simulation or complete?
  8. FMP_Gianlucac88

    [PS4][Multiplayer][Private Lobby] HP557.3909 and Error Code CP7

    Again now....it's incredible. Codemaster's servers are ****
  9. Hello @Faya, Yesterday I had this issue while in multiplayer, with other 20 people that were in a lobby with me. I created a private lobby for a multiplayer race and I was the Host. After we were ready to start and pressed GO to start the race I received "error HP557.3909", while everyone else had this infamous "Error Code CP7". After this I tried to create the lobby again but the room kept crashing and after half an hour we all had to give up because it was impossible to play. Can you please investigate this? Repro was 100% yesterday evening, with people connected from 3 different European countries (UK, Italy and Switzerland). Cheers, Gianluca
  10. FMP_Gianlucac88

    Patch Notes for 1.06 - Off Topic Discussion Thread

    @Faya sorry but this patch is included for online? In particular, Tyre wear will no longer scale in qualifying sessions when race distance is set to 25% or 50% I don't undestand this thing. Why did you put this stuff?
  11. FMP_Gianlucac88


    @RedDevilKT please could you pass the problem of pit box at developers? TY
  12. FMP_Gianlucac88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @RedDevilKT are there news about online champs?
  13. FMP_Gianlucac88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Ok @RedDevilKT, we hope that champs mode will be reintroduce!
  14. FMP_Gianlucac88

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Please CODIES, reintroduce Championship Mode for online competitions. We used it in 2018 and was amazing, because when there were any problems in starting grid after qualifying we could restart race manteining and freezing the situation after Q. Same tyres, same strategies. And in 2min we re-invite all the drivers in the lobby. PLEASE. @Faya
  15. FMP_Gianlucac88


    Yesterday same bug in our Event. @Faya