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  1. gianlucac88

    F2 2021

    Hello @BarryBL, when will be availeable the F2 2021 cars? Thanks
  2. There is a temporal window for the release?
  3. I loose my hoping. Please CM, tell us something! @ BarryBL
  4. Mugello, Portiamo, Imola, Nurb... Any chance to see them in F1 2021? @BarryBL
  5. @BarryBL please can you tell to developers to insert a number for every colour of livery and helmet/gloves/suits
  6. Just me want the possibility to see a number for every color that we choose, for usying the same for other parts of the livery? And, as in MotoGP, the possibility to have metallized colors? @BarryBL
  7. At the moment Ferrari is < Mercedes, for me the performance are ok.
  8. Loving the 1st!!!!! Terrific!!!!
  9. Il looks amazing 😮 woooow
  10. This is my SAUBER LooP 🙂 Engine: Mercedes Teammate: Correa 50% - Élite - 94% AI - FP & Q as real Post yours 😉
  11. Hi @StryderIT yesterday I tried the app in free practice sessions online. We were 19, the names shown, as well as the colors of the dots, have remained unchanged from before, so always "player" with yellow and gray colors. Furthermore, the times were completely wrong.I had a time of 1.22.xxx and in the global ranking of the app reported 1.24.xxx, while even the lap times  were wrong (a few thousandths of a second, but they differed from those of the game).Another thing, regarding the tire consumption of the widget you suggested. Could you have a consumption from 0 to 100 and not 100 to 0
  12. Molto chiaro! Grazie @StryderIT Tornando al primo post originale, t sarebbe perfetto con il cambio di colore con il degrado della gomma!
  13. @StryderIT for the Online Live Rankings there is any solution for the id psn of friends which I play with? Anyone in CODEMASTERS Develop team could do anything for integrate in app the id psn of friends at least?
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