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  1. MrDeap

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    A lot is overbloated. Just a bit more powerful. In PC term they're still in the same tier. It's kind of the difference between a Nvidia 1070 & 1070Ti which is hardly that much different. Although the difference between the XBOX 360 & PS3 was massive, but yeah(360 almost twice more powerful or in a different tier)... Fanboys still blind regardless...
  2. MrDeap

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It hurt to see that the real car always oversteer much more(more snappy) than the virtual version. Videogame physic is about walk in the park. 😀
  3. DR2.0 although with some up & down... Definitely more difficult than DR. Rallycross really do stand out(it make many well known sim feel like Mario Kart) & extremely fun to drive.
  4. Yeah, the default setup setting make no sense based on car spec. Bad stage time difference, I suppose being not at spec, is probably quite noticeable on tarmac. It's a nice way to throw new talent in garbage. The inertia seem & feel more realistic than many other videogame racing games out there, but the steering model seem forgiving & the experience with the gamepad is quite satisfying while it may not be to the same level with the steering wheel when compared to DiRT Rally. The GFX requirement seem high for PC or maybe it need some optimization. The preset choice doesn't seem to follow that much the popular PC setup.
  5. It is true & not really true, if it's in a videogame form. You can't feel the G in games, so you're more likely to insert too much input that you shouldn't do, thus resulting easy oversteer or heavy understeer. People who actually care to look at the telemetry over placebo value are right in a way about it should be hard to drive. In many simulator you can easily floor it & mash the brake while turning at the same time. What doesn't make sense is when oversteer is hard to catch or the car keep curving while understeering when carrying too much speed(it plow straight, it doesn't progressively turn less).
  6. Yeah, racing video game fan should stop using this term, because it is incredible misleading. Nowadays all racing games are some sort of sim. The term simulation doesn't mean realistic handling, but more about physic being calculated by math for various parts of the physic model(inertia of the mass, aero dynamic, tire flex, temp, engine temp, traction layout, suspension geometry, etc.). Even if all number, formula are deeply wrong, it is still called a sim in a nutshell. https://youtu.be/Xz8RRxYwrhg Obviously there will be model that hardly simulate anything that much relevant & have a more realistic driving model.