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  1. I watched Nico Rosberg playing AC & F1 2020 by Codemasters. I watched some of his hotlaps. *Source taken from youtube search Bahrain GP using F1 2020 Rosberg did a low 1:27.0** Near WR time made by gamer, 1:24.** Istanbul Park Assetto Corsa Rosberg did a low 1:33.2** Near WR time made by gamer, 1:24.*** So in F1 2020, there's a difference of 3sec in lap time. As for AC, there's a whopping 9sec of difference. What struck me the most is how deep Nico Rosberg trail brake naturally to the apex in F1 2020. Although in AC, he doesn't seem to get the feel of the car. He end up braking too early & accelerate too early. I mean he's off for the acceleration/brake transition, resulting beyond terrible lap time compare to the gamer lap time. His rig is probably setup by professional rig installer. He got like 400fps in AC. He seems busy enough to not waste time on games. I am aware that F1 2020 has no purpose to real racing. The track ain't laser scanned nor have advanced physic. Although, when you start to investigate about driving, it seems better than simracing at quick glance. It's kind of sad to see gamer without a steering wheel try & buy the reputable simracing genre for the realism. In the end they learn absolutely nothing about driving, cause the aka simcade does the job much better without relying on advanced physic.
  2. I roll my eyes each time I read such thing.
  3. MrDeap

    Learn the lesson people !!

    The only lesson I learned is that a lot of vocal simracers are narcissist. They claim setup doesn't matter, but it's the first thing they complain about Pcars 3. I especially like when they claim their racing game is better when it's actually arcade. In contrary to their belief with actual testing, you put no downforce, very high suspension travel(to makes the car roll), no arb, with max negative camber on their favorite game. The car doesn't even tip over. As soon as you want to discuss about arcade technique, you get roasted. Furthermore, no racing games ain't totally realistic in the first place, it's like punishing everybody who enjoy the pursuit of speed in videogame. In short, racing game stuff is all about getting trolled right now. I'm not defending Pcars 3. I hardly play any racing game at the moment. The release of Pcars 3 actually shown their true nature & I appreciate the trap slightly mad studio have made.
  4. MrDeap

    Game assists. OP?

    Assist is there for simracers. Without assist, it's not anymore a simulation.
  5. MrDeap

    Game assists. OP?

    The assist being faster is a simracing trend. Arcade genre never had them in the past, while simulator had those since it existed. Here a random example: GRID 2 that is know to be above than arcade, ? assist in that game. GRID Autosport that is highly praised by simracers. Use assist in that game Older game Ridge Racer series, no assist except... You have the simulation version that is R: Racing Evolution... guess what... It has assist available in it Mario Kart... No assist... Project Gotham Racing, no assist available in it Forza Motorsport, have assist option Arcade Initial D Arcade Stage series, no assist option Wangan Maximum Tune, no assist Ferrari F355 challenge, have assist as option(the only sim & the only with assist) Battle Gear series, no assist as option Daytona USA, no assist as option
  6. MrDeap

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    Simulation is a joke. Always use console as an excuse. All those insert sim title, you hardly drive by feel.. you mostly insert magic number & you proceed to drive wrong. Racing in simracing is kind of dumb, unless you want to explore the engineering side of racing. it simulate everything very well, except driving.
  7. MrDeap

    Project cars 3.

    Where did you get your source, it's Codemasters decision? I live under a rock apparently based on many simracing source...
  8. Simulator mean a tool for real life usage. So depending how you use the game(exemple: esport conquest), it can be arcade. If you talk about physic, well as long as it kind of represent how it kind of feel like; track layout, braking point, cornering speed & lap time being kind of close to the real thing... well yeah it's a simulator in a way.
  9. MrDeap

    Project cars 3.

    Simracing are in fact just game. You basically just study the track layout & braking point. Trail braking is basically arcade in those & not quite a good representation in how you should. Also the type of racing line you should take is not the fastest way you do in the sim than what you would do in real life. What's great in a simulator is it reduce greatly reduce the learning curve, but it also suck, because you don't actually play with the car. Going for top time in that genre is kind of stupid in a nutshell, especially with certain types of cars. You can play being the engineer, but it's not documented by the community. It's definitely fun, but there's always that barrier of people taking it too far that you shouldn't learn it. Adding specific target & reward is the way to go in my honest opinion. I approve SMS direction.
  10. This is from my experience, Arcade: may not always have assist as option traction control makes your car massively slower during acceleration, if available Going sideway may not automatically makes your cornering slower Do not always feature setup You can trailbrake into drift more slip angle car rotate from the center of the weight distribution You have to accelerate before or at the apex for pro laptime in most of the cases You drive by feel Broken technique & setup is required to pro laptime Cars have unrealistic specification First timer can do a lap & don't suffer too much Feature Lift off oversteer Online collision is disastrous & bounce hard Enjoyable to watch Simulator: You have to wait until all 4 tires need to past the apex in order to use the throttle to make pro laptime Assist makes you faster or equal Having assist as an option is mandatory You can't trailbrake into drift Drifting must be massively slower No such thing as slip angle Car rotate from the front You don't drive by feel Broken technique & setup is required for pro laptime Cars have realistic specification First timer only get understeer Feature lift off understeer online collision hardly makes you car move, unless the person is desyncing hard Boring to watch
  11. I personally think that shaking screen effect is actually very beneficial rather than harmful to the eyes. It trains the eye & brain to track objects easier. Here's a video that kind of relate with actual data & research Trains your brain & eye in moderation for maximum simulation value.
  12. What change the oversteer & understeer is the alignment->camber/toe setting in a nutshell. Different contact patch during suspension compression. The more contact patch you get, the more traction. If either the front or the back has superior traction, it will lead to understeer or oversteer. The general rule for the spring/damper is to have a predictable behavior using the weight of the car vs the ground, because if the car vibrate too long, there's less vertical load. While car is vibrating, it reduce grip during that space time. You just need to respect the ratio of rate based on weight distribution to get an even natural frequency for the front & back. What's confusing is as soon as you change the rate & damper, it also change how far the spring compress. When the spring is fully compressed the toe/camber value change. Neutral vs compressed will read different camber & toe value due to the suspension geometry design. That's why it's better to adjust the alignment, because very often the spring/damper is within spec(balanced, thus less vibration). Example... you have an econobox fully stock & you turn hard.... The car will roll a bit & just understeer. Now you put some slick on the econobox. You turn hard... what will happen? Well it will roll a lot more, it has more grip now. The suspension geometry has a limit under compression, you get less contact patch while cornering hard, thus you ain't using the whole power of the super grippy tire. The fix.., you stiffer spring, so it roll close to stock. Grat you get more contact patch & makes the car faster effortless... Same with downforce. if you put more downforce, the car will grip more & it will makes the car roll more, so you need to adjust for those change. It can also change the stock ratio/weight distribution & make it out of whack, so you might consider adjusting the spring to promote stability.
  13. Sim community defamation? Not only they're misleading new comer to racing games, Codemaster F1 series is no different to actual reputable simracing game. People act like you can't drift or go sideway with a F1 car, because you can't in those reputable simulators. https://www.formula1.com/en/video/2019/5/QUALIFYING__Bottas_slides_his_way_around_the_hairpin.html Someone need to step up & make an arcade tactical & technique guide for virtual racing. It would be 100% esport ready & compatible for arcade/simulators racing games. Arcade or sim being a different entity is a fallacy. Those hardware scam vendors need to stop living under a rock. Instead of selling fake dream, just share that it only provide superior immersion rather than realism.
  14. You're still young. You have time to make professional research about eye straining on shaky screen effect in videogame.