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  1. good to see you've learnt something this past week bobby :) pmsl good boyIt's a disgrace this hasn't been fixed yet. But here you always are, telling not to complain about a broken product and to sit down a shut up.. Good work enabling CM to continue bending people over!
  2. Maybe he wouldn't have to post so many times if CM actually communicated and gave us some well deserved answers? None of his concerns have "obviously" been acknowledged as you put it.  If it was so "obvious" do you think he'd jumping up and down here in so many threads - all which have no formal and certainly no obvious response?!! I know it's hard to understand people want an answer if you're always shilling for CM in every negative thread. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  Run along troll.
  3. Where's the patch? Where's the turn off the hidden driving aids for Pad users.  CM..you'll never see another $ from me. You guys are even too too lazy to get anyone to communicate with your 'bread and butter' install base to give us any updates. One guy making the occasional text book "I'm passing all your feedback on" excuses is weak sauce. That tells us nothing but "sit down, shut up, we have you're money now" . Great job screwing your fans
  4. Screw supporting CM for 2015 if they can't look after their fan base and at least patch 2014 in good time. I've shelved this game and gone back to 2013. 2014 on a pad bores me senseless driving around with auto pilot always on.
  5. Agreed. Its a deal breaker. I've gone back to 2013 which was great.  I'm waiting to they fix this otherwise good game 
  6. News? Official Feedback seems low on the priority list at CM.  
  7. Yes please fix the pad assists 
  8. You just need to do that with Steering Linearity at 100%.... then perfect pad controls! You're kidding right?  Its good since it turns the Aids off,  but far from a fix. 
  9. Exactly. If this isn't fixed I'm boycotting 2015.
  10. Not even..  I unfortunely have to use a pad and am hating how dumbed down the controls are. The assists never turn off. Plus it makes things suck for wheel users with this unwanted handicap. You think its fun driving with TC always on lol...?  Fix it CM. 
  11. As a pad user I don't want to be 2 seconds faster than a wheel user. Of course a pad user wants to win fair and square.  CM fix these always on assists please. I didn't buy this game to be given arcade physics and auto pilot gameplay. 
  12. Overiding Pad settings with Wheels settings,  then increasing Linierarity to 100% is a step in the right direction but not a good fix. 
  13. Please please please fix the always on traction control for Pads.. I'd be forever grateful
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