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  1. Yeah I'm really missing racing against my pommy mates, they are heaps of fun and a real challenge as they are are quick. I just hope the next instalment will reunite us all again as we were in 2013
  2. I mean is it seriously?? It's the most embarrassing thing I've ever had to be appart of. It is a discrace to think that this is the official finished product?? That the real true online racers have to accept this crap and try and race with it?? I've never been more disappointed in any form of online racing interaction. F1 2012 online, no worries, great racing. F1 2013 online, a few minor lag issues at the start but over all, still great racing. Made a lot of international friends who are great to race with.  F1 2014 online, WTF IS THIS CRAP?? And who the hell are we racing against? AI?? W
  3. I've unlocked all 8 available helmets but none of them are the one you refer to. What was the racenet event at the time? 
  4. People it's done!! codies have fulfilled the points outlined in their contract with whoever ( bare minimum is all they have to do) and it's been signed off and released to the public. All these forums etc will just go Un noticed and unread by the game developers because they've been paid and all the rest so why would they give a shit about what we think?? If they were paid based on our feedback then f1 2014 would have been patched 489 times by now and would be the best thing since Susan Boyle's first root! Unfortunately for us, code-masters have already won because ( no not boyle's first leg o
  5. Yeah but the whole point is that the pad DOES have the hidden assists making it OP. Good luck trying to be competitive without them though, with regards to this years handling model.  ive stopped worrying about the wheel vs pad debate nowadays, I only compare myself to other wheel uses and have just conceded the fact the pad is way OP and don't take their lap times' seriously compared to mine
  6. Your forgetting LAG LAG LAG cant kick idiots from lobby OP controller assists are magnified  x400 over 50% race distance LAG wet weather forget it on a wheel vs pad LAG LAG Side pod glitch crap and finally... LAG
  7. I haven't seen afro's vid or do I see the name mentioned but I bet you its this looser... Youtube: f1 racing bundgee style; d$&khead of the week #1
  8. Best donut wins a dozen from crispy creme 
  9. Oh you'd notice straight away... The difference in traction and exit speed out of slow corners is huge, gives it away every time 
  10. Nah there is a patch coming soon guys just relax.... i think it's called F1 2015..
  11. Website to register and sign up for the first season will be available shortly watch this space
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