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  1. MrMeow

    Quality of life changes needed

    If that is the case than that's my mistake, However I still wouldn't say no to mouse control in the menus.
  2. MrMeow

    Quality of life changes needed

    For what ever reason it's stuck on clear weather when I started it (4 races in now) and I can't seem to change it to dynamic.
  3. After many attempts from Codemasters with this series we still don't have basic quality of life changes in the game. I'm talking about simple things such as mouse control in the menus or being able to change the weather during each session of the career mode (I've tried multiple times it's locked out) Please Codemasters for the love of all that is holy bring these in.
  4. MrMeow

    I can't be the only one

    Yup, Don't get me wrong I think what we have as a game is great but this approach isn't very consumer friendly at all. It just sets a really bad tone for the direction of the game.
  5. MrMeow

    I can't be the only one

    Sorry it wasn't intentional.
  6. MrMeow

    I can't be the only one

    I'm still waiting to see if they will treat their loyal fans, As of right now I don't feel like I'm being treated well at all. As of right now the upgrade to the Deluxe edition is still sitting at £24.99 on Steam with no discount, I believe if they wanted to discount it for previous owners i believe it would already have one.
  7. MrMeow

    I can't be the only one

    As much as I'd want to see these so called upgraded stages, I still feel that selling them on as DLC for me is just a weak move from the team. A decision was made at one point to cut out great stages from the original game and to sell it off as new content. Although if they are completely brand new tracks with these stages I can understand, However if they are simply re-adding them in then I can only feel disappointed that a decision was made to not include these in the base game. It would have been a good gesture for the support over the years, The fact that Dirt Rally even got off the ground was because of the community.
  8. I cannot surely be the only one that is frustrated that stages such as Monaco, Sweden & Germany are now DLC for the game. The Deluxe edition also suggests that there are another 3 stages coming which I can only assume are the remaining 3 stages from the original game, which would be Greece, Wales & Finland. I supported and backed Dirt Rally 1.0 (Much like the majority of this community) entrusting the developers/publisher to deliver a superior Rally title of which they did and expected GREAT things with the next game (Back then if they ever made it) I didn't expect them to slap me in the face with content which is now behind a paywall. I understand people really love this game I too enjoy it but I can't help but feel really disappointed and upset that they are trying to pass off what was Core stages as new DLC. IMO these stages should have been in the game from release.