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  1. saw this video on YouTube, and it made me remember an issue I have in the game. At about the 1:15-1:40 mark, right when you begin the right mountain section of the course, there’s the tree-lined field you go through. Every time I get there in the game, the frame rate drops horribly and screen tears to an almost unplayable experience, especially in the rain. I’m playing on an Xbox One S, so I know it has graphic limitations, but I don’t remember having the issue be so prominent in previous Dirt titles. Is this anything that can be addressed, apart from me getting a new machine?
  2. tharding67

    The Location Appreciation Thread

    I’ve previously started a thread, similar to this! I think there are some definite shining spots in some of the stages that make you feel like a true rally driver. 🙂
  3. tharding67

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    Couldn’t agree more! I still play daily, doing the challenges before I head off to work. Like you said, I love the game and when it goes right, it really goes right. There’s some shining moments in the game (sunset in Germany and looking over at the hot air balloon with the sun setting behind is one of the things I like to remember). There’s also some major head-scratching moments in the game that, to a player like me with no developer knowledge and a limited business knowledge, make me a little disappointed. The DirtFish location, for example, feels half-baked in this game. It was a fun playground in dirt 4. Now, I know DR2.0 is a sim-based game and it was a free location so I can’t complain much, but it lost the spirit it had in the last title. The two games are meant for different crowds, but if you’re going to put it in, it just needs some character like it had before. Thank you @CM_Ads for lending your ears and fixing the things that you can. I know it’s no easy task, creating a video game. But, you guys have done brilliant work before, and the teething stages of this one have seemed a bit longer lasting than before. But, you’re taking some good steps in the right direction.
  4. So, I’ve been with DR2.0 since the beginning. I’ve seen the improvements that have been made throughout the game, I’ve seen the willingness to at least listen to us between Christina and @PJTierney when we’ve had our gripes about the game. But, I’m feeling pretty put out with Codemasters, I hate to say it. The continuing issues with DLC downloads is a bit of a joke. The first time it happens, sure, chalk it off to an error. But, when we’re almost done with season 2 content and Estering just today became available on my US Xbox, when I paid extra to have it the day of release via deluxe edition; I’ve lost my patience. Then, to top it off, as usual in my rallycross experience in this game, I can’t see the start lights in the cockpit so I have to rely on the spotter. Okay, sure, whatever, your vision is limited in car. THEN, when I am doing the daily RX challenge, I don’t get told that I have to take the joker next lap as it’s the last (no HUD to see lap counter) and get a time penalty for not taking it? The spotter NEVER SAID IT. Maybe it’s an audio bug with Estering, but COME ON. Speaking of audio bugs, the audio cut out is STILL present however many months after release. Doing the daily challenge with Group B RWD in Spain, and I get about 1/3 of the way into the stage and poof. Nothing. Just this game. Not any other game have I had this issue. For a game that’s been out for this long, I just don’t know how this has not been figured out yet. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Now that season 3 and 4 have been announced, I definitely am not willing to pay extra for a season pass or whatever, based on the experiences with DLC on this game. I’ll pay on a per-DLC basis instead, since that seems to be the way to actually play what you pay for. Another gripe is that yes, this DLC is probably 75% recycled content from Dirt Rally 1. Sure, it’s been updated. Yes, I am looking forward to tally Finland and Greece, the same as I’ve enjoyed the updated Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, etc. Having the classic subaru, Ford Focus 2001, those cars are my rally loves. But, really, I think I would’ve been more happy just paying for this content on an updated, improved upon, expanded Dirt Rally 1, then to pay extra for things I’ve already experienced just because it’s “updated” and then not have it work the majority of the time. There was a time that I would’ve pre-ordered the newest Grid game, the next F1 game, etc as soon as they become available. But, I’m sorry Codemasters, if this is the way loyal customers are going to be treated and this is the way you’re approaching business now, it’s going to take a bit more convincing than just some pretty screenshots to fork over my money willingly. Sorry for the long post! These thoughts have been brewing since the game’s release. 😕
  5. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say they are the most crooked developers. My definition of crooked would be those that charge an arm and a leg for basic DLC. We’ve also gotten most of the things they promised in the game (DLC content, new locations and cars, etc) but I do think CM needs to put some checks in place to make sure the DLC launch errors stop. I think I’ve had 2 of the 8 or so DLC packs that have come out download without a hitch: the Citroen/Skoda pack and the Group B RX cars. It seems like they fix the current issue but don’t dig in deeper to find out the underlying cause. But, I’ll tell ya, I do think peoples patience is wearing thin. What I think they need to do is push through this season 2 content, and before even MENTIONING the dates for season 3 content, get these issues and bugs sorted out and then try launching the first season 3 content. I think unless these bugs are sorted and the DLCs consistently load without issue, CM is going to have a hard time selling the season 3 and beyond content to us deluxe edition/season pass purchasers, and I think the game will really drop off fast (even faster than we’re already seeing).
  6. @PJTierney PJ, I give you credit for the patience and hard work you’re putting into stepping into Christina’s shoes, but man, something has got to change with DR2.0. This game has such a good skeleton and it’s beginning to really get fleshed out and progressing well, but this latest update seems like a real flop. I haven’t been on since the update due to work and other things, and I fire it up tonight, and I get the subjected content error. ***?!? I appreciate you guys working on a hot fix for this, but how did this happen in the first place? Who is signing off on these updates when every one that comes out has some sort of error just as before or there are new bugs? This is such a disappointment. I’ve been sticking with and sticking up for this game since the beginning, but it’s losing its way. I would really like to see this game succeed, but I’ll be honest, I’m losing faith. I know that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme, but this game can go down as the best rally game on current consoles, or it can be known as a beautiful failure. Please have the guys focus on the BIG BUGS (sound cut outs, frame rate issues, RX cars should remain DiRTY if we want them, not washed) and truly take the best from DR1, the best from Dirt 4, and Make DiRT Great Again (the best iteration of that Make ____ Great Again in my opinion).
  7. No rewards for me today either. Did 4 or 5 of the rally events and a Group B rally cross and nothing. Nice. 😑😑
  8. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    It’s not so much that, as I think there is inconsistency in the calls. In NZ, and as noted, in Germany, there are a couple of corners listed as “2s” that you hardly have to slow down for. Then, there will be corners marked as “4s” or even higher that you end up flying off the stage. I think the number can very closely correlate to the gear you’re in, but personally, I am struggling to feel as confident with Phil’s calls as I did with the ones in DR1. Both have pros and cons, of course.
  9. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    I was poking fun at another topic on this forum, where the person mentions they weren’t sure why the game says “to titans” in the stage. I think they were new to the series so an honest mistake, but nonetheless, gave me quite a chuckle. I think, for me, the struggle I have with that corner is I remember it from DR1, and I don’t remember having as much trouble with it. I do think the off-camber, downhill aspect of it is a big part of why I’m struggling. I do feel pretty accomplished when I get the line right, but it’s a struggle at the moment.
  10. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    DR2.0 is my biggest love/hate relationship right now. Last night, I wanted to do the weekly challenge with up to 2000cc cars in Germany before I missed it. I check my cars, and all of my cars are actually in pristine condition, no damage at all. Load up the first stage and lo and behold, my car magically has bodywork damage even before I start. 😐 okay, no biggie. The tires icon is lit up, showing that rain is the next stage, so I go with the wet tires and begin. Going through the stages, I have 2 of the 8 stages listed as daytime stages. Can we get more true daytime stages, please? The issue, though, is that there are some truly beautiful scenery in the sky when it’s cloudy and dusk or the sun is starting to go down. I caught myself looking over in the car at the clouds with the hot air balloon in the distance. Shortly thereafter, a deer runs across the stage. YES, please. Those kinds of details are awesome. What’s not awesome is the audio bug with Phil telling me “Finish, to stop” like 3 times in 2 seconds. Also, some of the calls are so questionable. There’s a 4 right in Germany that “titans” and almost every time, I fly off the stage, skid through the grass, and into one of the stones lining the stage. Other times, there’s a “2” corner that is hardly a kink worth slowing down for. The inconsistency between calls drives me nuts sometimes. Not as bad as Dirt 4s almost always late calls, but I don’t have the faith in Phil I did with Paul in DR1. And then, I couldn’t tune my car at services for whatever reason during the 8 stages, so the long gear ratios and understeer was something I battled throughout. There’s so many steps forward with this game from previous titles that it’s frustrating when the steps backward are such a stutter. Each big step forward seems to be accompanied by a tumble backwards a few steps. On another note, the Group B RX cars seem to be enjoyable. I found them in the “items to install” in my Xbox and then was able to do the daily challenge. The car felt good in the 5 minutes I did with it.
  11. This is a nitpicky thing and should be low priority CM (compared to audio bugs that are still present and rain graphics that you’re supposedly working on) but the crowd doesn’t seem to adjust with the weather like they used to. Just did the daily stage at Kreuzring (sp?) reverse in daytime, heavy rain, and the crowd was standing around in short sleeves and no marshals or anyone had hoods on, like seen in previous games. I live in NE Ohio, and I’m used to rain, and if it is raining buckets like it was in the stage just now, most people have at least some sort of protection.
  12. Waiting for the sound cut-out bug to be fixed got me like....in all seriousness, got 14th (at the time) on Xbox leaderboards with having gone 90% of the NZ stage without sound
  13. I agree with you, for the most part. There are calls, especially in the rallies that have been carried over from DR1, that make me long for the Dirt Rally 1 notes. One that comes to mind is the Monte Carlo stage where this is a hill going up on the inside of the corner, and there’s no “Don’t cut” or “keep out” note. If I didn’t know that corner from DR1, I think there’d be many a time where I’d keep in on the corner and easily flip my car. Or, one of the things I’ve mentioned a few times on this forum, is the lack of acute hairpins, hairpins, and open hairpins. Now, they seem to have numbers assigned to them more frequently, rather than a hairpin designation. There is a difference between a 2-right and a hairpin right. That might be a bit of a nit picky thing, but it does make a difference in the confidence I have taking a turn. I know that there will be constant changes as physics and co-driver tendencies change, but there definitely is a shift in approach for this game that didn’t necessarily apply in DR1.
  14. Same here in the States. 7am, and no option to install Germany to my Xbox. I can pay for it, though. The last two content updates haven’t gone through like they should.
  15. As others have noted, the audio cut out bug is still very much alive and well, unfortunately! Stage 7 of 8 in my career racing in Sweden (racing at night under heavy snow conditions, surprise surprise 😑😑) and no audio about 1/3 of the way into the stage. Codemasters, please, I implore you, make this priority number 1! This game has been out far too long and the number of users reporting it far too plentiful for the audio cut out to be continuing! We’re almost at season 2 of the DLC content and a bug that has been prevalent since day 1 is still here! I enjoy the game, I am happy that you guys are continuing to push new material, but this needs addressed and fixed ASAP.