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  1. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    My thoughts exactly. The first 5 special events today are locked to a single car, Rally GT Poland (Porsche), Up to 2000cc Finland (Citroen C4 AND Heavy Rain), RX 2019 Belgium (Seat Ibiza AND Heavy Rain), Group B RWD weekly event (lancia 037), and Up to 2000cc weekly event (Peugeot 206). The second RX daily event is also in heavy rain. Between being forced to use certain cars, and the fact that I personally hate the amount of heavy rain that seems to be on the online RX events, the game really is becoming a rare play for me. I know the focus seems to have shifted to Dirt 5, but Dirt Rally 2.0 shouldn’t have been dropped so quickly with the potential this game has. The forum boards have also pretty well dried up for a game only a little over a year past release.
  2. tharding67

    Thoughts on AI Behaviour?

    I think, in general, the AI so far have been fairly lifelike. I’ll see them respond to me and try to block. I’ve had some decent side by side moments. BUT, and it’s a big but, I’ve also noticed some really odd moments. I’m running a shortened F2 season with AI set to 94 difficulty, and I’ve been caught out by them moving over to block in response to me, but they move over to block under braking when I’m right behind. I’ll be off the racing line to pass, and I’ll basically be brake tested. I’m fairly certain the blocking under braking is worthy of a penalty in real life. Also, I had an AI car pass myself and two other AI cars under yellow, which is weird because the rest of the field was going extremely slow for the yellow. That’s my other point, the AI seem to go too slow during the formation laps and any time under yellow. I’m having to almost completely stop my car to stay behind at points. Overall, improvements were made and it’s a challenge to race them, but it sometimes is a challenge for the wrong reasons.
  3. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    I posted about this previously in the bug reporting topic, but randomly DNF’ed in a daily RX event. Both the promo and bonus RX events today are Estering with RX supercars. The first event in the dry, completed no problem with the Ford Focus Mk 8. Second event in heavy rain, I completed with the Renault Megane RX and I get DNF’ed. I took the joker on the last lap of both, so why randomly DNF’ed on the second? I posted a (at the time) top 5 time in the second “bonus” event and I lose out. Can someone please explain this or has this happened to anyone else?? I’m playing on an Xbox One S and didn’t have any internet issues.
  4. @BarryBL In the hopes of not sounding too gimmicky, would Codemasters be open to the idea of donating some percentage of the sales of the F1 2020 Schumacher edition to Michael’s family? I understand there are probably licensing fees and stuff to use his image and cars, but I think it’d be a really good gesture for CM to donate back to the family given I’m sure a lot of people are now F1 fans thanks to Michael. I know he was a big part of what drew me to F1 when growing up. I think it’d be a good gesture, and it might also give people a bit more incentive to purchase the deluxe edition. I think we all are hoping for some sort of normalcy for Michael again, and just being able to donate to the family in this way seems cool.
  5. Random bug today. I was completing the daily community event, RX 2019 at Estering, and I completed the race, did my joker lap on the last lap of the event, and when I finished, it originally showed me near the top 10, about 5.5 seconds off P1. I get back to the main menu and have a DNF? My name isn’t on the leaderboard at all? Apparently finishing the race meant that I quit the event. I didn’t have any internet issues or server issues once completing the event. Don’t know if this has happened elsewhere or previously, but nice waste of 10 minutes. Xbox One, USA
  6. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip

    So whatever algorithm or whoever manually generated the weekly challenge of R5 in Sweden, THIS is exactly what I’ve been looking for with this game. The stages are mostly daytime, sunset, or dusk (could’ve had a night stage in there but I’m not complaining there wasn’t one), there were no stages in heavy snow, and THIS is exactly what makes this game shine. The setting was picture perfect, the sun going down on the stages and the sunsets were spectacular. Being able to just fly through Sweden was such a blast. As @ianism will attest, I whine fairly frequently about the amount of rain or shall we say, poor weather, events that I come across in the daily/weekly challenges. I know rally doesn’t always take place in perfect conditions. But having a rally challenge with mostly ideal conditions just really lets me enjoy this game. If more events could randomly generate (I say randomly @ianism again 😉 ), hardly ever would you hear me whine about anything in this game. This weekly challenge has been a real treat for this player.
  7. @ianism I’ve been playing the game that long too, since release. I was just saying, for the sake of this thread, that at least two (I’ve not kept a tally) events in the same week at the same location in the same conditions just gets tiring. In my opinion, Yas Marina has been a fairly repetitive RX event in the daily community events as well, but at least that one is mostly in the dry. As other people have noted, a bunch of NZ events in the community events as well. I know they were trying to gear a lot of the events toward the new players, but if that means the regular players are being forced to do the same thing every day, who’s gaining anything here?
  8. @ianism my friend, I posted my last post on Tuesday. It’s Saturday now and surprise, RX Supercars at Killarney in heavy rain.
  9. One of the not so random community events lately has been RX at Killarney. As much as I like Killarney, I’d like to go to a few more locations. I can’t recall the last time I raced at Silverstone on RX for a community event, for example. Also, lately, it also seems that Killarney is one of the most rainy places on the planet as 90% of the RX events I’ve done there are in heavy rain. There was also a few days of RX at Abu Dhabi almost exclusively. If we have all of these RX locations, why do I only seem to race at two? And please, please, PLEASE, before this game is completely off the support radar, is there nothing we can do reduce the number of events that are held in the rain? When the game released on the PS store or whatever, when more people were joining, it actually seemed like there were more clear races. BRING THAT BACK, please! I enjoy the game 100x more when it’s not constantly raining.
  10. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    US, Xbox One S It was working fine for about one glorious hour, and yet, here we are again. I gave up on it yesterday evening not loading properly, got hopeful this morning, but this is really getting to be unplayable.
  11. tharding67

    Pace notes TLC

    I had this big moment in one of the promo daily challenges, group A in Scotland, Rosebank farm. The call for the turn is a “6-right through dip, tightens 4, extra extra long.” I may have started the cut a bit too early, but COME ON GAME! Didn’t think to tell me “don’t cut” or “log inside” to avoid the brick wall, I mean, fallen log on the inside of the corner?!? I had no idea what I hit until watching the replay. You can see it just at the last moment in-car, it’s a bit more noticeable in the chase cam, but please game. Some of these calls leave so much to be desired. And apparently it’s a rainy day in the game as the three events I’ve tried so far (RX promo, Group A promo, and H2 daily event) are all heavy rain. FullSizeRender.mov
  12. tharding67


    One of the daily challenges today was R2 class at Poland, at 23:57 in heavy rain. I’ve never been to a real life rally, but I highly doubt they race at midnight in heavy rain in Poland. Regardless, the lighting on this game should’ve been completely re-coded before this game was released. It was near impossible to see on the stage. The headlights hardly light the stage far enough to make a difference, and with the heavy rain (while improved since original release), I am surprised I got as far as I did. I understeered into the chicane in the middle of the stage and barely bumped one of the bales for the turn, but that ruined my headlights (actually showed it was HEAVILY DAMAGED when repairing after) so I gave up in frustration. Not only did it take a couple of times to connect to the server to launch the event, the event was virtually impossible in my opinion with the lighting and rain effects in the game. I’m sorry CM, but if the next Dirt game doesn’t learn from the issues DR2.0 seems to have, I am going to have a serious talk with myself before purchasing the next one (especially if the DLC is 98% from the previous game 😉 ).
  13. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    More issues today here in the US. Server has been extremely slow while playing, received errors at the end of events saying it cannot connect to the server, I have to hit retry multiple times to get it through. It timed out on me while I was trying to CHECK THE GARAGE?!? It is absurd that a game has this many ongoing server issues over a year since release! I feel bad for the people who recently got it from the PS store for free (or whatever it was, I’m on Xbox so I’m going off what I saw on here). It seems that the GOTY edition and the McRae pack were released and then it’s just been thrown to the curb. I really don’t say this often, but it’s becoming unplayable in its current state. If I can’t look at the cars I’ve earned, if it wastes time trying to connect and takes multiple efforts, if I don’t get the credits that I’ve earned from racing (even if they do come through eventually) it really is not looking good for this game to be a game I keep coming back to. 😕
  14. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Down again, US Xbox One S. I’ve played since the beginning and have seen the improvements that have come with this game, but this is getting to be a joke. I understand that there are more players playing now than before, but DON’T RELEASE IT in such a manner if the servers can’t handle it. Not a good impression being made on the new players...
  15. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Playing on Xbox One, USA it’s been really slow loading from the server today, and I’ve gotten connection errors a couple of times. It eventually connects but still takes longer/more tries than it should (in theory).