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  1. Same here in the States. 7am, and no option to install Germany to my Xbox. I can pay for it, though. The last two content updates haven’t gone through like they should.
  2. As others have noted, the audio cut out bug is still very much alive and well, unfortunately! Stage 7 of 8 in my career racing in Sweden (racing at night under heavy snow conditions, surprise surprise 😑😑) and no audio about 1/3 of the way into the stage. Codemasters, please, I implore you, make this priority number 1! This game has been out far too long and the number of users reporting it far too plentiful for the audio cut out to be continuing! We’re almost at season 2 of the DLC content and a bug that has been prevalent since day 1 is still here! I enjoy the game, I am happy that you guys are continuing to push new material, but this needs addressed and fixed ASAP.
  3. tharding67

    Favourite corner sequence?

    Speaking of Spain, my favourite through there is the long stretches where you can really open up the throttle. Centenera is a good stage for that. Wide open, bouncing off the rev limiter, that is perfect for me. Granted, then I’ll trash my car because some of the corners are rated a bit high in my opinion, but if you get it right and rush through there cleanly, I think it’s great. Centenera is a darn near perfect stage in my book.
  4. tharding67

    Favourite corner sequence?

    Just wondering what others thoughts are, and this may be a bit hard to fully describe, but does anyone have a favourite corner sequence from any of the rally stages? For example, I am reeeeally quite happy with the New England sequence where it’s a 1 left (or right depending on course layout) over junction. Basically a really wide hairpin, but if you get it right, it feels soooo good, especially in a RWD car. Just buck the back end out and powerslide through it. I think that corner sequence alone shows some of the power of the upgraded physics. The next corner sequence I’m looking forward to is the sections in Germany around the abandoned airplane, where it’s all tight hairpins and acute turns and stuff. That part really is gratifying when you nail it. Any other suggestions for great drives?
  5. I noticed the same thing! I meant to post this earlier, but I finished the daily in Sweden, up to 2000cc class. Only ranked 61, supposed to be the Xbox only leaderboards. I started scrolling up to see the better times, the leaderboard flickered, and then I noticed it moved me up to the 36 or whatever. Not exactly a great time, but curious that I moved up the rankings by scrolling up the rankings. 😛
  6. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Phil’s calls will sometimes continue regardless of where you’re at on a stage. I mean to say, I spun out at a turn in Monte Carlo. I did a quick 180 to get back around, but while I’m turning around, Phil is rattling off the calls for 3 turns ahead of me. He sometimes won’t stop even if you’re stopped or going the wrong way on the stage. I went flying off the side of the mountain in Argentina. Phil continues to read off notes and THEN notices I have beached my car on the side of the cliff with a flat left front. It’s almost as if the calls aren’t quite spliced and synced correctly to the track/location on the track.
  7. tharding67

    Monte Carlo pacenotes

    Not to be overly whiny, but I really do not like the pacenotes in the remodelled Monte Carlo. Just doing the promo event with Group B cars in Monte Carlo, if I were someone who didn’t already have the DLC, I’m not sure I’d be overly tempted to get it based off my run just now. For one, I think that the notes on this game are all rated slightly too high. Rather than acute hairpins, hairpins, and open hairpins, a lot of them are just the numbers now, which would be fine if I didn’t think the ratings are too high. There are times that a turn is a left two or something, when the same corner in dirt rally 1 would be an open hairpin or something like that. Also, the end of the stage, Phil said “tight right”. What does THAT mean? Is it a hairpin? Is it a square right? Does the track narrow (it doesn’t, that stage gets wider at the end). There aren’t as many “keep out” or “don’t cuts” that there used to be in DR1. I don’t like the “snow/ice starts now” when I’ve been hitting ice throughout the stage. When it’s ALL snow and ice, no problem. I’m more worried about the patches. The updated physics are great. The tracks feel alive. The calls are not so great in the remodel. 😕
  8. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I agree, T, that the game isn’t quite as crisp as Dirt 4 and at times even DR1. There are some graphical issues as well as some major screen tears at times (playing on Xbox One S). But continuing to say that the game is unplayable, when your screenshots show that the game is CLEAR, but not perfect, is a bit extreme. There are issues with the game that hopefully, hopefully, PLEASE CM PLEASE, will address, but the game is far from unplayable. Far from perfect, far from unplayable my friend.
  9. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I’m using an Xbox One S, so pretty low on the graphics totem pole, but the engine bay for the new Focus is pretty ugly. I’m not expecting Forzavista or anything, but I’d rather them keep the hood closed than see this. The blower fans look like iron griddles and the engine block looks like a minecraft piece. I know that isn’t necessarily the main focus in a rallying game, but if you’re going to show it, it should look a bit better than that.
  10. tharding67

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Big moment in today’s bonus daily with the new Focus. I cut the 5 left and set myself up a little too wide for the 5 right. I didn’t see the curb until I saw the replay. Held my breath for a moment there! 78EC5315-DC71-43AA-BE82-0EBCB9C8D01F.MOV
  11. tharding67


    I was running the group A daily too, and I’m pretty disappointed with the constant night and rain combos. I had a GREAT handling Mitsubishi and was looking forward to the stage, and I terminal damaged about a minute in because Phil said to keep in on a turn and I did, and guess what? A massive rock I couldn’t see because of heavy rain and night conditions that look terrible. I’ve seen it said elsewhere, either in this thread or one of the others, but the night and rain, or at least the rain stages need to be stopped completely until something is fixed. It is not fun trying to rally in this current state.
  12. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I third this complaint! I can find the car in time trial, but if I go to My Team or even try to purchase the car in my career, it doesn’t show up. 🙄🙄
  13. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I do love a good sneak peek at that Subaru in the video, but they also showed mostly day stages and life-like rain effects, so I wouldn’t hold my breath too long for that car to make its appearance. (Sorry, Codemasters, I couldn’t resist). I do enjoy DR2, but there’s definitely been some 1 step forward, 2 steps back in this game.
  14. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    I feel fairly confident while driving in the game, and I trust Phil most of the time, but the pace notes definitely tend to be higher rated than I would say. I miss the old acute hairpins, hairpins, and open hairpin calls. There are sometimes that it’ll just be an open hairpin call from Phil, when in DR1, it probably would’ve been a hairpin. The big issue for me is Monte Carlo. I’m used to those being acute hairpins, and now some are listed as “2-right/left” etc. There’s also definitely some spots in Monte Carlo that were “don’t cuts” and now there’s nothing. I usually just assume with Phil’s calls that I need to be a gear lower than he says. I know each co-driver is different, but the calls do leave some to be desired. I enjoy DR2, but I definitely don’t love it like DR1.
  15. tharding67

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Got two bugs yesterday and today! Yesterday, two online events for the R2 cars, I remember because I did one before work and one after. I only got credits for the one I did after work (NZ). I finished both and thought I did decently on both! Also, doing the daily stage with Group B 4WD in Sweden, no damage when I select my car, and then once the stage loads, I suddenly have bodywork damage?!? Come on! Granted this car’s repairs don’t cost me but I didn’t tune and shakedown before repairing so hopefully my car feels right. 😑