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  1. 6 hours ago, somethingthing said:

    Why have you been locking so many challenges to one specific car? I remember it started when the Flat out got released and its fine every now and then but every day? Today and yesterday it was 2 dailys and today its 2 dailys and 1 weekly.

    My thoughts exactly. The first 5 special events today are locked to a single car, Rally GT Poland (Porsche), Up to 2000cc Finland (Citroen C4 AND Heavy Rain), RX 2019 Belgium (Seat Ibiza AND Heavy Rain), Group B RWD weekly event (lancia 037), and Up to 2000cc weekly event (Peugeot 206). The second RX daily event is also in heavy rain. Between being forced to use certain cars, and the fact that I personally hate the amount of heavy rain that seems to be on the online RX events, the game really is becoming a rare play for me. I know the focus seems to have shifted to Dirt 5, but Dirt Rally 2.0 shouldn’t have been dropped so quickly with the potential this game has. The forum boards have also pretty well dried up for a game only a little over a year past release. 

  2. I think, in general, the AI so far have been fairly lifelike. I’ll see them respond to me and try to block. I’ve had some decent side by side moments. BUT, and it’s a big but, I’ve also noticed some really odd moments. I’m running a shortened F2 season with AI set to 94 difficulty, and I’ve been caught out by them moving over to block in response to me, but they move over to block under braking when I’m right behind. I’ll be off the racing line to pass, and I’ll basically be brake tested. I’m fairly certain the blocking under braking is worthy of a penalty in real life. Also, I had an AI car pass myself and two other AI cars under yellow, which is weird because the rest of the field was going extremely slow for the yellow. That’s my other point, the AI seem to go too slow during the formation laps and any time under yellow. I’m having to almost completely stop my car to stay behind at points. Overall, improvements were made and it’s a challenge to race them, but it sometimes is a challenge for the wrong reasons. 

  3. I posted about this previously in the bug reporting topic, but randomly DNF’ed in a daily RX event. Both the promo and bonus RX events today are Estering with RX supercars. The first event in the dry, completed no problem with the Ford Focus Mk 8. Second event in heavy rain, I completed with the Renault Megane RX and I get DNF’ed. I took the joker on the last lap of both, so why randomly DNF’ed on the second? I posted a (at the time) top 5 time in the second “bonus” event and I lose out. Can someone please explain this or has this happened to anyone else?? I’m playing on an Xbox One S and didn’t have any internet issues.


  4. Random bug today. I was completing the daily community event, RX 2019 at Estering, and I completed the race, did my joker lap on the last lap of the event, and when I finished, it originally showed me near the top 10, about 5.5 seconds off P1. I get back to the main menu and have a DNF? My name isn’t on the leaderboard at all? Apparently finishing the race meant that I quit the event. I didn’t have any internet issues or server issues once completing the event. Don’t know if this has happened elsewhere or previously, but nice waste of 10 minutes. 
    Xbox One, USA



  5. So whatever algorithm or whoever manually generated the weekly challenge of R5 in Sweden, THIS is exactly what I’ve been looking for with this game. The stages are mostly daytime, sunset, or dusk (could’ve had a night stage in there but I’m not complaining there wasn’t one), there were no stages in heavy snow, and THIS is exactly what makes this game shine. The setting was picture perfect, the sun going down on the stages and the sunsets were spectacular. Being able to just fly through Sweden was such a blast. As @ianism will attest, I whine fairly frequently about the amount of rain or shall we say, poor weather, events that I come across in the daily/weekly challenges. I know rally doesn’t always take place in perfect conditions. But having a rally challenge with mostly ideal conditions just really lets me enjoy this game. If more events could randomly generate (I say randomly @ianism again 😉 ), hardly ever would you hear me whine about anything in this game. This weekly challenge has been a real treat for this player. 


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  6. More issues today here in the US. Server has been extremely slow while playing, received errors at the end of events saying it cannot connect to the server, I have to hit retry multiple times to get it through. It timed out on me while I was trying to CHECK THE GARAGE?!? It is absurd that a game has this many ongoing server issues over a year since release! I feel bad for the people who recently got it from the PS store for free (or whatever it was, I’m on Xbox so I’m going off what I saw on here). It seems that the GOTY edition and the McRae pack were released and then it’s just been thrown to the curb. I really don’t say this often, but it’s becoming unplayable in its current state. If I can’t look at the cars I’ve earned, if it wastes time trying to connect and takes multiple efforts, if I don’t get the credits that I’ve earned from racing (even if they do come through eventually) it really is not looking good for this game to be a game I keep coming back to. 😕

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  7. Down again, US Xbox One S. I’ve played since the beginning and have seen the improvements that have come with this game, but this is getting to be a joke. I understand that there are more players playing now than before, but DON’T RELEASE IT in such a manner if the servers can’t handle it. Not a good impression being made on the new players...



  8. 58 minutes ago, SimVansevenant said:

    @tharding67 I'm wondering how a world-class co-driver (Phil) and quick professional driver (Jon) would make mistakes in such a way. When you hear 3 right, what does that mean for you?Do you think it's the gear you should be in or that number refers to the angle of the corner? 

    It’s not so much that, as I think there is inconsistency in the calls. In NZ, and as noted, in Germany, there are a couple of corners listed as “2s” that you hardly have to slow down for. Then, there will be corners marked as “4s” or even higher that you end up flying off the stage. I think the number can very closely correlate to the gear you’re in, but personally, I am struggling to feel as confident with Phil’s calls as I did with the ones in DR1. Both have pros and cons, of course. 

  9. 58 minutes ago, ianism said:

    @tharding67 you sure you corrected your tighten? I still see it as titan. the titans are mythical the giant monsters. I like them but they're not in DR 2.0 yet.

    in addition to it being like a 3 instead of a 4, you (and I) also fly off the corner because it's off-camber and down a hill, I think

    I was poking fun at another topic on this forum, where the person mentions they weren’t sure why the game says “to titans” in the stage. I think they were new to the series so an honest mistake, but nonetheless, gave me quite a chuckle. 

    I think, for me, the struggle I have with that corner is I remember it from DR1, and I don’t remember having as much trouble with it. I do think the off-camber, downhill aspect of it is a big part of why I’m struggling. I do feel pretty accomplished when I get the line right, but it’s a struggle at the moment. 

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  10. DR2.0 is my biggest love/hate relationship right now. Last night, I wanted to do the weekly challenge with up to 2000cc cars in Germany before I missed it. I check my cars, and all of my cars are actually in pristine condition, no damage at all. Load up the first stage and lo and behold, my car magically has bodywork damage even before I start. 😐 okay, no biggie. The tires icon is lit up, showing that rain is the next stage, so I go with the wet tires and begin.

    Going through the stages, I have 2 of the 8 stages listed as daytime stages. Can we get more true daytime stages, please? The issue, though, is that there are some truly beautiful scenery in the sky when it’s cloudy and dusk or the sun is starting to go down. I caught myself looking over in the car at the clouds with the hot air balloon in the distance. Shortly thereafter, a deer runs across the stage. YES, please. Those kinds of details are awesome.

    What’s not awesome is the audio bug with Phil telling me “Finish, to stop” like 3 times in 2 seconds. Also, some of the calls are so questionable. There’s a 4 right in Germany that “titans” and almost every time, I fly off the stage, skid through the grass, and into one of the stones lining the stage. Other times, there’s a “2” corner that is hardly a kink worth slowing down for. The inconsistency between calls drives me nuts sometimes. Not as bad as Dirt 4s almost always late calls, but I don’t have the faith in Phil I did with Paul in DR1. And then, I couldn’t tune my car at services for whatever reason during the 8 stages, so the long gear ratios and understeer was something I battled throughout. There’s so many steps forward with this game from previous titles that it’s frustrating when the steps backward are such a stutter. Each big step forward seems to be accompanied by a tumble backwards a few steps. 


    On another note, the Group B RX cars seem to be enjoyable. I found them in the “items to install” in my Xbox and then was able to do the daily challenge. The car felt good in the 5 minutes I did with it. 

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  11. So, this isn’t a big deal, but I’m curious as to why the up to 2000ccs are listed before Group B 4WD and Group A in the car lists. The car list almost goes 60’s, 70’s, 80’s like before, natural progression of the improving technologies, but in this game, the up to 2000ccs are placed right after the RWD cars. They definitely weren’t where I expected them to be. Like I said, not a big deal and the up to 2000ccs will almost always be my favourite car class, but odd placement in the list on this game. 

  12. 13 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    Just a random post. I am thinking which new Rally and new RX location i like the most so far.
    From the rally locations (New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia and the USA) all have their are good things. But I think my preference would go to New Zealand.
    It has a nice flow and a lot of different speeds, height differences, technical challenges.

    From the fout new RX locations (Barcelona, Mettet, Trois-Rivieres, and Silverstone) it is a difficult choice as well. I think Barcalona would have my preference, followed closely by Trois-Rivieres and Silverstone. Somehow i'm not really a fan yet of Mettet. Interestingly, the older locations I haven't really played yet again. Maybe due I raced them a lot in D4 and also DR1. 

    I agree with you, each spot does have their own special qualities. I like the technicality of Argentina, especially when you go over the narrow bridges. That always gets my pulse up a bit when I squeeze my way through just right. Poland has the tight little village sectors with the tight hairpins and chicanes that I really enjoy as well. Just getting those sectors right feels really good. But, overall, I agree NZ is probably my favourite. Getting a RWD car snaking its way through the hills is fun. There’s a nice mix of open, flowing hills and narrow areas that keeps you on your toes throughout the stage. If I could only see some of it a bit better (wink wink CM), that would probably be my favourite of the Dirt Rally locations. 

    I cant say much about the new RX tracks as the only new one I’ve really spent much time on is Mettet, but that one is pretty fun and the cars are feeling good, too. Once I get tired of rally, which might not be for a while, the rallycross seems to be a good step up from DR1 and Dirt 4. 

  13. Dytut said:
    Oscar97 said:
    I really don't see what's wrong with Your Stage. People complain that it's always the same tiles used over again, but in DiRT Rally there are only two stages per location, which means you're always going to drive on the same roads anyway...
    There was not really that much wrong with the system itself, it was more down to two main issues that merged:
    1. Far too few tiles. When you saw the exact same tile 5-6 times on a stage, sometimes repeated with just a few seconds between them, they broke immersion. Also, most stages just felt like the same stage all over again. 
    2. Many tiles were blandly designed, or too big. Some tiles had great design, but many of them were a bit boring. Some tiles were so easily recognizable and big that you remembered them by heart after just a few runs.

    Issue 1 really is the main kicker. With a lot more tiles some blandness would've been accepted, but with the tile repeat it just got... boring. The two long stages per setting in DR feel much more diverse than the "infinite" tile repeats of Your Stage.

    A better Your Stage would be many more smaller tiles that combined into more organic roads, combined with bigger "accent" tiles that weren't repeated as often.
    The 2 issues you note above are really my issue with Your Stage. In theory, the technology is great. But, the execution was, and still is, lacking. I've created some cool stages on Your Stage that I really enjoy, but overall, I was left unimpressed. There's the little town you drive through in Spain, and I LOVE hitting that part and going through the twisting roads and nailing the hairpin and 90* turns through there. There are some parts of Your Stage that were created beautifully. In Spain, there's a sequence that probably 85% of the time is right 5, to left 4 tightens to 3, hairpin right. While I enjoy that sequence, I can almost name that sequence off the top of my head because that is how it appears most of the time. When I did a weekly event last week in Michigan, I saw the same left 4 with the green billboard on the inside in almost every stage. That is where the system is lacking. There are great parts, but there are too few great parts without enough in between to make them enjoyable. I've seen this posted elsewhere here that in Dirt Rally, you really felt like you drove a part of the country and ended up somewhere else. In Dirt 4, I feel like I end up at the same place I started and don't get the same sense of distance and unique geography from DR. I know Dirt 4 is not supposed to be DR, but I've mentioned elsewhere, that's how some of the marketing was approached so I started the game with that anticipation.
  14. Mazier777 said:
    Myself  I bought Dirt 4 last week for £19, which was more than enough for it and £19 more than Dirt Rally was ever worth.... Now what an appalling game that was.

    But then that is the word here; game... In the day I was a very fortunate boy (and still am), my father owned several garages and at 17 I had full comp traders insurance, so I could drive anything I liked.....  Therefore at age 17 I used to own a Mini Cooper 1071 with an all steel engine/straight cut g/b ...... at age 18, an Avenger Tiger and Mk1 RS Mex, age 20 a Mk2 RS2000 and I raced them all, rallying them. My friends raced cars such as Audi Quattro, an ex-works Dolomite Sprint (awful!) even an ex-works Nissan and a Porsche 911.

    Dirt like all other games however, is a game. One hears all this waffle about 'realism', realism is sitting in an actual car, actually racing.... If one can crash out hard and not risk death or at least a deeply broken bank balance, then it is a game..... That counts from an F1 Sim owned by an F1 team, right down to home user Xbox, PS and PC.

    Once, to my consternation, I conversed with a Dirt dev and explained it was a game and required more control for the purchaser, that indeed Dirt Rally desperately required a rewind function  .... It is a single player game essentially, if one rewound it when crashing out of say a 12 minute stage @ 11.45 seconds, it would affect no ones life but that singular person's ... What do I get? "It would interfere with the integrity of the game" .... LOL, what? What integrity? It is a game man for pities sake... Talk about narcissistic self aggrandisement... I am still laughing now at that ludicrous statement.

    Personally I have already pre-purchased RD2 and H4 Ultra .... Myself  I don't do Battlefield and whilst Fallout 4 was a very clever game as Fall Out 76 may well be, if I want to be deeply depressed I'll talk to my mother in law. The best any Dirt title will ever get from me however, is my pulling their stuff out of the 'remaindered' bin.

    Dirt could be very good, could sell a great many more copies but somewhere it went badly wrong for them.... Dirt 2 & 3 were extremely good games but they have imo become lost since then... They have forgotten it is nothing more than a game, which people buy with their money and should therefore be able to enjoy without the interference of the dev's and their supposed 'integrity' .

    "Talk about narcissistic self aggrandisement..." While I admire and applaud you for having the fortune and ability to rally in real life and drive whatever you want from a young age, that does not apply to everyone. Some of us have to do with a game. Dirt Rally has been lauded as a great rally game. Unforgiving and challenging, yes, but a lot of people like the fact that it provides such a challenge without relying on the safety net of flashbacks. Sometimes in life, as you point out, things go wrong and there are consequences. That should happen in a game as well. Is it frustrating? Certainly. Is it rewarding when you get a perfect or near-perfect run without having to go back 10 seconds to fix something? Especially so. While it's obvious that we have different tastes in what makes an extremely good game vs. an appalling one, I think it's silly to say that Dirt Rally is flawed because it's challenging and you aren't allowed to rewind, and therefore cannot be fun.
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