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  1. Wolkenkoenig

    Dirt 3 GFWL Issue

    Thanks for help,  I don't know how but I tried it another time today and it worked. First I closed the log-in window of GFWL, then I logged out of the local profile and choosed to log-in with a new account. I entered my account details and everything works fine!
  2. Wolkenkoenig

    Dirt 3 GFWL Issue

    Hi,after some time didn't spend with Dirt3 I wanted to start it today and was forced to install it completely new cause of a new PC. At the first start the GFWL Client opens and asks for my account details and my Dirt3 key. I entered both correctly for tenth time now but the GFWL client always blocks me with the error message that my e-mail or password is invalid. I tested it several times with other combinations turning more and more crazy. Then I tried to download the GFWL Marketplace Client and logged in there with my e-mail and password also entered in the in-game Dirt3 client and everything works fine. Now my question, how can I fix this problem in Dirt so that I can finally play? I hope anyone can help :s Wolkenkoenig