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  1. i will try tonight hoping it works it would be great.
  2. why not, knowing that the podium passed and still broken thank you BUGMASTER 😅
  3. Podium pass crash! Codemaster-> bugmaster
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    hello, it's level two to have the improvements faster I think. you can buy it anytime if you had them make them in your team
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    Pit Coins

    OoKYLO RENNoO Xbox one
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    Xbox update

    hello sorry to disturb you, I'm on XB1 X and the podium pass does not work, when I want to go on it makes me restart the games. i buy pitcoin and i still am not. a solution please it's frustrating.
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    Xbox update

    Le podium pass et une grosse blague! Y ne marche pas sur xb1 X
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    F1 2020 Podium Pass and Shop problems

    Moi aussi j'ai le même problème!
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    hello everyone, I have a problem with the podium pass on Xbox when I want to access it makes me spit the games🤷‍♂️
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    My team race length change

    Oui tu peut
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    Helmet brands

    Pass podium 🤞
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    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    It's been years that I subscribe without any response I look forward to this little email
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    Mechanical failure

    Completely agree with you it's annoying to always be in front of others when others give up! random mechanical breakdowns will make the game more attractive! Leclerc in Bahrain. We all want Clea, right? sorry for understanding i use a translat
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    F1 2019-2020 PC

    hello everyone sorry in advance if it is not clear I use a translator, I am currently an xb1 player and I wanted to know if I could run the f1 2019 and 2020 on my pc GTX 1660ti i5 9400 12 go RAM thank you to all of your responses.
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    F1 2019-2020 PC

    thank you for your answer i think i will take F1 2020 on pc the key mapping for the steering wheel and better than on xb1
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    gameplay trailer f12020

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    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

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    F1® 2019 - Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    Ts-xw racer ?? Xbox one
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    F1 2018 - Bright Spark achievement xbox one

    Salut, je suis sur Xbox et j'ai le succès, sa va ce faire avec le temps c'est avec les méga joules vous pouvez le voir quand vous faite les programmes d'entraînement. Il suffit juste de récupérer de l'énergie avec ERS ca se fera avec le temps ne t'inquiète pas, ta encore un mois devant toi courrage.😉