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  1. Thanks for the news :smile: Unfortunately, the fact that there isn't even information on a new patch coming out more or less spells doom if you ask me...
  2. I love all of your feedback though this forum has been dead for quite a while now. I'm not sure if this means that the entire game is going to just die off or whether we're ever going to see some updates. Just to comment on some things you noted (and add a voice to support them): - Lag is still a big issue. I've lost races due to it. My game slows to a crawl while everyone else just drives past me to victory. - They said they were working on a lobby ages ago... nothing mentioned about it since? Are we going to get it? - Drop / discard weapon button would be useful for sure. As it is I just
  3. Can someone clarify this - but you've definitely sharpened up the graphics? My game suddenly looks much cleaner and sharper than it was before on PS4 (not Pro).
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