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  1. doesitmatter123

    To buy or not to buy ........that is the question.

    well you say that but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xumdsm8oVCU&list=PLB1diTad95Q0jUBqVayuGR-jFgXxF65o5
  2. doesitmatter123

    To buy or not to buy ........that is the question.

    to buy or not to buy? if you wanna buy a 2013 dlc for full price then yeah get it the same team audio transmissions really just sums up this "game" it's like so easy to change them.  it's real lack of innovation straight copy paste job i am disgusted in this game really. D:  seriously i hope codemasters loses the licence and gives it to a developer that actually want to move the series forwards yeayea theyre developing 2015 game, but they've had years to do that. 
  3. doesitmatter123

    A Step Forward

    i'm absolutely appalled by this game, really.  i mean where to start,  the severe lack of innovation?  the poor audio? the outdated graphics?  i mean you can hear the sheer laziness in the team radio, how hard is it to get some audio recorded for new team radio transmission? the camera for the tv pod is worse the skins have changed and the audio yes but is this worth full price? absolutely not. it's a dlc if anything and a poor one at that yes yes the handling has changed but a patch could do that codemasters has had years to develop the new engine and to give us this POS is an insult it's a very poor product and it's just a plain and simple money grab.  f1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, codemasters is mediocre at best for a games developer of the f1 series  i have bought all codemasters games too up to 2013 seriously disappointed in this game.