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  1. TheRealPhil

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    Sorry mate but if its gunna be 10 kilos of dog food that doesnt give my pooch the squits and Season 3+4 battling it out as to what gives me more enjoyment for the same price, its gunna be the dog food. I am a die hard rally fan who's been living and breathing rally since the age of 4 back when McRae was still around whipping his Focus, but one to whom 30€ is a buttload of money. I am sure what they'd miss out on if it were 20€ they'd gain back in more sales, theres many more like me who are just waiting for a price drop.
  2. TheRealPhil

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    @Mike Dee Its 14 rally cars compared to 39. Valuing each piece of new content equal, we get 78% of the content the base game had. The base game is 50€, 78% of which is 39€. Fine. Now, I do not like that comparison as the base game undoubtedly took more work, time, effort and MONEY to release than the dlc content. More development, programming, completely new assets, new UI, changes to the engine. It's a whole game, not just content. 39€? I guess I could get myself to pay that, the dlc content didnt cost them 78% as much as developing the game but Codies gotta eat aswell. But 60€ is downright scummy, far from fair as you have stated.
  3. TheRealPhil

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    @Pioy I'd be fine with the multiple season passes if the pricing were right. It simply isnt though, the math does not add up when you look at the content i so elaborately summarized for easy comparison. What it boils down to is that at 30€, the combined S1-4 would offer about the same content/price ratio the base game does. Or 15€ for s1-2 and s3-4. I am ready to pay that for content a lot of which was in DR because im aware a lot of work has gone into improving and importing it into DR2.0. Valuing that higher than the work they put into the base game content is simply wrong though, i dont get how people get the idea it wasnt.
  4. TheRealPhil

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    In good old Euro land the price equates to ~33.16USD. Theres no way i will dish out that sorta money on ANOTHER(!) season pass. There is no relation between the pricing of the base game, 50€, and the pricing of the season passes, 60€, when you look at the content they provide respectively. The base game provides you with: -THE ACTUAL GAME(!!) -6 locations (Argentinia, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, USA) and 8 RX tracks (Belgium, Canada, England, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) -39 rally cars (3 h1 cars, 2 h2 fwd cars, 4 h2 rwd cars, 6 h3 cars, 5 group b awd cars, 3 r2 cars, 4 group a cars, 2 nr4 cars, 6 r5 cars, 4 rgt cars) -12 RX cars ( 3 s1600 cars, 1 crosskart, 1 rx2 car, 7 rx supercars) Now look at what is in the season passes you dish out MORE money on than the base game -6 locations (Finland, Germany, Greece, Monaco, Sweden, Wales) and 5 RX tracks (Abu Dhabi, England the second, Germany, Latvia, South Africa) -14 rally cars (4 group b rwd cars, 3 f2 cars, 7 2000cc cars) -12 RX cars (4 group b rallycross reskins and 8 2019 rx supercars many of which are in the base game in their non 2019 flavour) More content is good. I like the content. However, they're not worth more than 30 euro COMBINED, which is why it better recieve the same 50% discount season 1+2 did. Then its well worth it.