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  1. SoluxFin

    No-Assists Learning Process

    Don't know if this is useful at all but the way I did it was to just turn off everything the second I got into racing and racing games. I just remember thinking "I'll have to do it eventually anyway" I guess this "method" can be hard if you have played a long time with assists, but for me that was the easiest route. I don't even remember ever learning to drive without assists. It was all fresh and I wasn't being tricked by my muscle memory (which in my opinion is the number 1 hardest obstacle to get over when learning to drive without assists) or the fact that how differently you have to drive without assists. I imagine turning off assists one by one can be helpful but I wouldn't get too comfortable every time you turn off one assist. As soon as you learn how to drive without one assist (for example abs), just turn off the next assist and once you start to understand that, turn off the next assist etc. etc. Just remember to have fun and if something is too difficult, try a different approach. Last tip would be just doing lots of laps aka practice. Don't try to aim for lap time set by you previously when you were still using assists or by someone else, just do clean laps one after another.
  2. There is no refueling in F1. Not in real life or in the game. It has been banned since 2009.
  3. SoluxFin


    I wonder what this is supposed to mean. http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/06/f1-2019-your-frequently-asked-questions/?fbclid=IwAR1rHptpeDoaIU1aTom0bjHMjr_z1yBsMOux8amGPzmgFs6Kbw2CCxjUWlA
  4. SoluxFin

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

  5. SoluxFin

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    @Scott1904 I thought they worked with Kinect.
  6. SoluxFin

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    @TheTomatoes Voice commands have been in the game since 2015.
  7. SoluxFin


    Not all hope is lost yet.