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  1. eMc0B

    Formula E maybe?

    I thought it would be nice if CM started the Formula E series. Not as an addition to F1 XXXX, but as a separate series. SMS joined CM. New workforce. It is worth considering . I like to watch F E. Cars are very similar when it comes to technical performance, so driver skills, strategy and tactics matter. I would buy .
  2. eMc0B

    Automatic shifting has gotten worse!

    Oh, this was not criticism, only irony. Just irony. An even more serious tone prevails on the Project Cars forum . I try to approach the game from a distance. That is why I am a bit amused by the educational tone of some players. Do not use TC, do not use ABS, do not use automatic gearbox. Why not? I say: use what you want, because it is just a game and is to give pleasure. All these options are there so that everyone can find their level. Maybe soon the above colleague will check how to drive with manual shifting. For now, he knows that he does not understand the essence of the game, because he uses the automatic gearshift . I stopped using TC and ABS myself, but it doesn't matter. I started looking for a bigger challenge so I turned this and that off. Everything comes with time. Let's go back to the question
  3. eMc0B

    Automatic shifting has gotten worse!

    Hysteria is not needed here. Let everyone play as they like. After all, we don't drive a car here, but we have a toy in our hands and sit in front of the TV screen. I also use automatic shifting because I'm too lazy. And in the previous steering wheel the shifters broke and I had to do without them. And I'm comfortable. Although certainly with a manual transmission easier to fight oversteer. And besides, a colleague asks about something else and has not yet received the answer. This is the internet .
  4. eMc0B

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Wow! Fast! Download in progress - 56GB. I will gladly see if complaints are justified. At least no one can say that now does not know what they are buying. edit: I must say that in technical terms the game looks really good. There is no screen tearing. It works smoothly on the basic version of the PS4. The graphics are smooth, nice lighting. Nice font, cosmetic graphic effects in the menu. I also like the sound of the engines and the feeling of driving. Pleasant FFB operating immediately in the right way, without setting. I have a better sense of car weight. If I had to judge the game after the demo there is no tragedy.
  5. eMc0B

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    No, I think it's a matter of time . The Sony store has a demo for F1 2016, 2017 and 2018. I think it's enough to be patient. I'm just curious when.
  6. eMc0B

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I don't like Monaco, Mexico or Spain. The tracks seem claustrophobic to me, and I like fast driving, wide. Yesterday, for the first time I took a simulation instead of driving myself in Monaco and saved 30 minutes in my life (race 25%). The location of the track is nice, but the track itself is incredibly boring.
  7. eMc0B

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I would love to see if this game is really a disaster. And here's my question to someone well-informed: when will the demo be available on PS4? I'm not going to buy the game, I'm okay driving in F1 2018. But I'd love to see changes in the menu, graphics and performance on the console. The next part of F1 that I will buy will be on Playstation 5 in about 3-4 years. However, it does not hurt to keep an eye on :).
  8. It would be better to update the names of the drivers. And painting cars as DLC for F1 2018 (probably a good F1 edition? I'm relatively satisfied). And probably those new tracks that are to come in 2020 would have to be added. But I wouldn't touch the rest. All for $ 5 :). I buy! Cheap deal, good, no new bugs. Only those to which everyone is already accustomed. Everyone satisfied. Think about it, CM!
  9. eMc0B

    Ai give you no space

    That is why I play with a low level of car damage and not at the simulation level, because the moron AI does not look where it goes. Totally. I have to watch where those morons are behind me and take into account that they will hit me on their racing line. They often don't see me. As you write, frequent bumps from the back without braking, even on a straight line. And the braking line is even worse. They are blind as moles. This behavior ruined many of my races. I don't have F1 2019, but it works the same in F1 2018.
  10. Maybe some should finally learn not to buy the product for the premiere. When it's far from finished. As always. Then there will be fewer complaints. When will people learn to vote with a wallet? Is it possible?
  11. Okay, but for what? It's F1, not a destruction derby. This game requires more work in other aspects than collision physics. In my humble opinion.
  12. eMc0B

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    @UP100 - It probably would end this way. So we have to enjoy the same infinite product. Every year. Every year the same melody .
  13. eMc0B

    Disappointed at F1 2020's release date

    Codemasters should give themselves three years to create a new game core. Rethinking a new project. Of course, for financial reasons it is impossible because they will go bankrupt. So next year will be F1 2020, which will be the same as the previous 5 games in the series. It will not change, it will be the same every year :). And the developer’s silence on the forum will be the same.
  14. Very interesting thread. I don't have F1 2019 and probably won't, because it's not worth buying, as I see. But I have a question about F1 2017 and 2018. In general, I drive better in 2017 than 2018. In 2018 I have the impression of understeer, the car sliding on the track, it also easily falls into oversteer. Technically 2018 is a better game on the console, but in 2017 I have more fun and feel the car better. More intuitively. I drive without TC and ABS, I have a T150 steering wheel. Do you think F1 2018 was an introduction to grip problems in F1 2019?
  15. Another thread with wishes for what the next game should have. And there is nothing wrong with it. But every next game in the series shows that the developer has these wishes in the a*s :). But of course all suggestions are read :).