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  1. eMc0B

    Black Flag

    So maybe ban for a few days or a permanent ban would be more adequate. And I bet that 2-year-old children are not the main problem of this (and other) game. The problem is - simply - fools.
  2. eMc0B

    Black Flag

    It is very strange, because those players should be named and shamed. At the moment, they do not suffer any punishment for their bad behavior. While decent players are punished necessity of playing with such people.
  3. You are not the first and only one with this postulate. All major simcade games have a virtual mirror, and the F1 series does not. Strange, incomprehensible, but maybe in the end the developers will notice the need that players have, because your comment is not the first in this topic. Maybe someday. Would be nice.
  4. eMc0B

    Time Trial Cheaters

    The question is ignored by the developers themselves. As you write, even in Asseto Corsa (external application needed). Actually in every game I've dealt with. Everything you've written makes sense, but it's up to the developers to see that their games mean more to the buyers than just simple weekend entertainment. We can write about it on the forum, say that we do not like it. Let the developer know. But apart from writing on the forum, I can not do anything about it, that's why I ignore suspicious times in the rankings. I set my own goals in the game. And I recommend the same to others. By the way: Assetto Corsa is such a weak port from the computer version to the console that it does not save the best lap times on the disk. You must save them on a piece of paper :).
  5. eMc0B

    Time Trial Cheaters

    This is a problem in practically every game. Not just the F1 series. I stopped comparing myself to the "best" because it does not make sense. I do not know if this war can be won. I usually compare myself to those whose times look real and ignore the top ten. Anyway, the most important thing for me is that the next lap would be better than the previous ones. Strange car settings, using bugs in the game completely do not interest me. I get into the car and drive as best as possible. Do not waste time on a war that has not been won so far. **** cheaters :).
  6. eMc0B

    Safety Car

    At least it no longer destroys the race as in F1 2017 :).
  7. eMc0B

    Safety Car

    In F1 2017 it was a tragedy. Generally, it was a huge bug in the game, which the developers could not / did not want to fix. But for the last few weeks I have F1 2018 and so far I have not met with bad behavior of SF. So far.
  8. eMc0B

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    There are wear tires, there is a loss of power (because parts wear out), there are damage that results in loss of grip (front wing), different levels of difficulty, assists options. As for me, quite enough to make life miserable. And I assure you that sometimes I have too much excitement 👌. But here in the comments, Gragooni showed the video, which shows what the author of this thread meant (I think?). And this is a bit funny . I really would like Codemasters to do something to all fools who drive in multiplayer mode. Many people do not understand correctly the term multiplayer, and crash is the only thing they can squeeze from the car. Collision physics is ok.
  9. eMc0B

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    It is always a risk. In general, the F1 series is really good, although it requires constant development, more attention to what fans say. Careful but nevertheless new steps forward. For now, almost the same game is released every year and even the same mistakes are repeated. Another developer, another series of F1-related games would be good. Very good. Having a choice is always good. But the F1 series from Codemasters does not deserve to be buried.
  10. eMc0B

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    I will not agree. Even more serious damage to the front wing - which is quite common - is a sign to me that I went wrong. I was not careful and I would lose my time in the pit-stop (repair) or in the next laps due to lack of downforce. Further driving does not make sense. The more so because I usually choose a weaker team. For example, McLaren or Williams. I would really prefer that the rules of a multiplayer game become a priority for Codemasters. Collision physics is quite enough. As I wrote, this is not what I am looking for.
  11. eMc0B

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    I know what racing is and I know that accidents and collisions are not what I am looking for in a game like the F1 series. There are other titles that give fun with crashes, but in the F1 series I want to finish the race and not waste time bumping around for other cars. Any crash ends the game, so what's the point in developing collision physics? I do not understand. In my opinion, the present state is quite sufficient. I would rather the authors focus on the multiplayer mode, the penalty system, the introduction of fair play rules and punishment of onerous players.
  12. eMc0B

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    Of course, you are right. A virtual mirror is the best solution. At the same time, the option of switching off the side mirrors could appear, because they can not be seen in the case of a single screen. Saving CPU power, especially on consoles. What we have at present is insufficient, and looking at the left or right pressing the buttons is very confusing.
  13. An impressive list of new, cool things. It looks like a small revolution in the development of the F1 series. About time. I suspect that the list of bugs on the day of the game's launch will be equally large. The forum explodes . A game worth attention around Christmas. Tested, patched. In good price. 👌
  14. eMc0B

    Why pre-order?

    Well, if these things are to be up to date then they have to make it. It is true. But it does not matter to me, because I watch F1 on TV and in the game I do not have to be up to date. The game is just fun, but it must be fun and not frustrating. I understand that every buyer who wants to be "on time" agrees with all the mistakes and errors that the early product brings. But no more than yesterday, playing in F1 2017 I encountered an error related to the safety car. He destroyed the race several times and I had to start again. Earlier, the safety car was rare and I did not notice its destructive impact. I did not know that this wrong behavior is a "norm". This movie shows what I mean. I entered the forum and read that this error was already present in F1 2016. Rather not very funny . And this has not been improved in F1 2017 by anybody since they left F1 2018. Is not this a disrespectful treatment of the client? Should he buy another version? And pay for it in advance? No. 👎 I understand your point of view. Really. But I absolutely do not share it. No. I just like to know what's in the glass before I pay for it . And I'm not saying that Codemasters games should be especially avoided in pre-order purchases. I do not buy pre-orders at all, because that's what a few bad shopping decisions taught me. Trailers and announcements are a lie, but we want to believe them.
  15. eMc0B

    Why pre-order?

    "Good game" will mean something different for everyone. One bug will be acceptable to you, but not for me and vice versa. We can say that the game after the patches is already playable, or have a completely different opinion. I read comments on forums and see how it is. And that's how it is :). I stopped buying unfinished products because I can not afford to waste time and nerves. Currently, I choose carefully what I am buying. Of course, the games still contain errors and will contain them. But buying after a few months I know what I am buying. More or less. But more than less :). And I would encourage others to do the same. Buying a pre-order I buy a cat in a sack. Or rather, the belief that announcements and trailers do not lie. And they lie like hell :). Everyone chooses himself, but there is no rational reason to buy pre-orders. In my opinion. Many people complain about games after the premiere, and only a few vote through the wallet. As long as we pay for a cat in a sack, nothing will change. It's easy.