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  1. This is a known issue and a patch is being developed.
  2. eMc0B

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    @CMTGK I want to confirm the often recurring error mentioned by @CookieMcCrumble If the event has more than one race, then in the second race, even if I am first in the qualifying, I start from the last position. I don't have to be first in qualifying. Further positions are also reset to the last one. The error is repeated every day, on different tracks, in different events, with different cars. I only play in single player mode on Playstation 4.
  3. eMc0B

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I didn't play, so I don't know. The point is that graphics are not the most important thing for me. GTS has much, MUCH better graphics (which is not surprising, the exclusive title and a large brand), but it is a boring game compared to GRID. And it's not a simulator in my opinion either. Graphics are not everything. The level of fun and driving pleasure is definitely on the GRID side. And that's what I'm looking for, driving pleasure. I also consider Project CARS (1, 2), Assetto Corsa, WRC 7, DiRT Rally 2.0, Driveclub, F1 2017 and F1 2018 as good games. GTS is absolutely the most boring car game I've ever dealt with. But I don't want to get into the comparison, because it doesn't make sense.
  4. eMc0B

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I love this game. Maybe graphically this is not the level of Gran Turismo Sport, but when it comes to driving model and fun, GRID wins by several lengths. The driving model is arcade, but clever and fun. There is a very strong "one more race" syndrome here. Lots of classic cars and muscle cars. I love driving my Alpine A110 at full speed in the rain . Something beautiful. At a high level of difficulty, artificial intelligence is a very good rival. If I knew that this game is so addictive I would buy a long time ago. Great job, Codemasters 👏. A really good game 👍. A perfect springboard from all these serious half simulators. GRID is very similar to Driveclub in terms of entertainment, but in Driveclub there are only modern cars and I prefer classics. I recently bought two games: GRID and DiRT Rally 2.0. Both excellent. E: I remembered one fatal defect: Polish translation is rubbish. Work of an amateur, really unacceptable for the game off the shelf AAA. Voice-over recordings are good. Quite ok. But the level of translation of the text and the errors it contains is like spitting in the face. Translations into Polish never been high quality in your games. But what is in GRID passes human understanding. This should not be. You should hire a professional for this job. I am allowed to use Google translator. A professional company with many years of game development traditions should not. Shame. So good game with such a flaw. I give 8/10 for the game. But translation, 2/10.
  5. eMc0B

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Thanks. So I don't have much chance. But I can try 👍😉.
  6. eMc0B

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    It would be nice to see a new installment before its release in stores. I signed up. It doesn't hurt to try 🚗💨 And question out of curiosity: how many people are to be selected depending on the platform?
  7. It would be better to update the names of the drivers. And painting cars as DLC for F1 2018 (probably a good F1 edition? I'm relatively satisfied). And probably those new tracks that are to come in 2020 would have to be added. But I wouldn't touch the rest. All for $ 5 :). I buy! Cheap deal, good, no new bugs. Only those to which everyone is already accustomed. Everyone satisfied. Think about it, CM!
  8. Okay, but for what? It's F1, not a destruction derby. This game requires more work in other aspects than collision physics. In my humble opinion.
  9. Another thread with wishes for what the next game should have. And there is nothing wrong with it. But every next game in the series shows that the developer has these wishes in the a*s :). But of course all suggestions are read :).
  10. eMc0B

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    It is always a risk. In general, the F1 series is really good, although it requires constant development, more attention to what fans say. Careful but nevertheless new steps forward. For now, almost the same game is released every year and even the same mistakes are repeated. Another developer, another series of F1-related games would be good. Very good. Having a choice is always good. But the F1 series from Codemasters does not deserve to be buried.