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  1. stephensmattlee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Trying to remain optimistic but I can’t shake the feeling of concern. Take Two are going to want to claw back that money one way or another and yes while the games might have a higher production quality, I’m expecting MTX and loot boxes galore in turn 😥
  2. stephensmattlee

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    Very true and in the interview above they did pretty much allude to the same answer. Seems to be a lot easier to scale the games depending on the system for the new consoles where as before they had to commit to transitioning and supporting the new gen only due to how different the system architecture was from PS3 to PS4. Codemasters won’t want to cut off a huge amount of their player base by abandoning the PS4 and Xbox One players anytime soon so they don’t lose out on potential sales, like you say, at least until enough people have upgraded to next gen consoles in the future. Will still be curious to see how much better F1 games look running on next gen but I guess we’ll have to wait and see comparisons when they release dedicated versions later down the road. I’m in no rush to grab a PS5 at the moment, at least not until GT7 arrives or there’s more racing games released on the system.
  3. stephensmattlee

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    Can really recommend watching Digital Foundry’s video interview as part of EGX about the technical details of Dirt 5 and how Codemasters are looking towards the next gen consoles. Some really interesting technical stuff within that could relate to the F1 series as well. Well worth a watch if you’re interested in the technical side of things and what goes on behind the scenes....
  4. stephensmattlee

    So Dirt 5 is next gen but not F1 2020

    I think given that this week we’ve learnt that a lot of the PS5 games will also be coming out for PS4, as well as Microsoft supporting the previous gen for the next two years, I don’t think much will change for next year. Given the similarities architecturally between the current and next gen I think we’ll still see releases on the current gen alongside releases for next gen with more enhanced graphics and framerates, much like we’re seeing with Dirt 5. In one way for Codemasters it avoids the issues they had last time around with the transition to the current gen, plus they won’t miss out on sales whilst more and more people pick up next gen consoles. It probably won’t be a while until we see them making full use of the next gen power exclusively but I’m sure the games will still look a lot better on PS5 and Xbox Series despite being held back by still being supported on current gen too.
  5. stephensmattlee

    F1 2021 and beyond compatible consoles...

    I really wonder what Codemasters strategy will be going forward with the next gen consoles. I’m wondering if they might be reluctant to go solely next gen only for F1 2021 so sales of the game aren’t hurt and aren’t restricting themselves to just those that have upgraded within the first 1-6 months of the new consoles releases. Could be still see a PS4 and Xbox One release but also with upgrades for the next gen consoles similarly to Dirt 5? So that way those that haven’t upgraded so early aren’t cut off? I know it was different for the PS3 to PS4 era as the architecture of the consoles were so different, so therefore had to commit to developing for the newer consoles only for F1 2015, but this time around I believe Codemasters have already said their game engine has already been adapted to support next gen as well, plus the architecture of the consoles this time around are more similar. I'm personally looking to grab a PS5 as soon as GT7 drops, but depending on when that is will probably how long I’ll be holding off grabbing one so soon. That said i am excited to see how the F1 games progress visually as well as with the haptic feature of the new dualsense controllers.
  6. stephensmattlee

    G920 xbox 1 pedal settings

    Definitely try upping the Throttle Linearity to around 20%, can definitely help with getting the power down smoother. Another thing was that on both F1 2020 (and F1 2019) I’ve always turned off the Understeer Enhance option as I found with it on it caused me to spin too easily. Hope that helps 👍
  7. stephensmattlee

    Any update on G923 support?

    It is a sponsored video as he says so Logitech sent him the wheel to try plus got him to mention some of the new features. That said he did say he would be honest about his impressions with it regardless of it being sponsored. For me I’d say, yes the tech is dated, but at the same time they tend to be one of the most reliable wheels you can get. I picked up a G29 with a shifter for £170 a few years ago and if the G923 can also be had in sales for around the same price (which I can imagine it will be sooner or later) then it’s a great deal for those looking into getting a wheel setup for racing games. I can’t comment on how much TrueForce brings to the table but if it genuinely gives the player more feedback on what the car is doing then it sounds like a positive refinement. Hopefully @BarryBL can give you an update on the progress of a potential patch for the compatibility for the G923. Will be curious to see people’s feedback on how F1 2020 runs with the TrueForce enabled.
  8. stephensmattlee

    Any update on G923 support?

    He did mention at the beginning of the video about a possible patch for F1 2020 that adds TrueForce to the game. Haven’t seen or heard anything official on that though. Can imagine it’ll come soon as they’ve already implemented it into Grid. Can still use the wheel and run it without though and will feel similar to the G29. I’d already modded the stock pedals for mine so no idea how different they feel on the G923 with the progressive brake spring rather than rubber stopper from the G29.
  9. stephensmattlee

    Xbox One Controller Settings

    Personally running default on F1 2020, although in the past I’d added a touch of Steering Saturation to combat some of the input lag on last years game as well as make it a bit more responsive on tracks like Monaco and Singapore where you want the steering to be a bit more sensitive and “instant” (particularly when it comes to making the hairpin at Monaco). I might still do that this year as well when I get through the 100% career and come to those tracks. I find for this years game though you need to be quite accurate with your braking into corners and can’t just drift around them relying on the engine braking like earlier F1 games. As a default this year it feels very similar to how I had it set up on F1 2019 but don’t seem to need much extra tweaks to get the more sensitive steering feeling I prefer on gamepad. I’m playing on PS4 btw but assuming it’s the same for Xbox. Hope that helps.
  10. stephensmattlee

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

    Completed a 100% race at Bahrain this morning and thought this was a fairly cool shot...
  11. stephensmattlee

    PHOTO MODE - Share your pics!

  12. stephensmattlee


    Was working my way through a full 100% distance F2 season as an intro to the main career mode as I wanted to unlock some of the extra liveries before trying out MyTeam mode. Went with a dark green/black for the main colour so it stands out from the rest of the cars but at the same time doesn’t look out of place. Anyway here’s my livery for MyTeam (MLS Motorsport)...
  13. stephensmattlee

    Can you change the team colours after starting MyTeam mode?

    Ah thank you. Must have missed that. Will take a look later. Many thanks
  14. Apologies if this has already been asked. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to change the team colours after already starting the MyTeam mode? I know when you initially start the mode you are given the option to change the liveries, suit, team name, team mate, engine and team colours etc, but after you’ve already set everything up and go to make changes from the customisation page I can’t seem to find the option to adjust the team colours? Despite really enjoying the new game at the moment, I must admit I’m a little underwhelmed by the limited customisation options and in particular how difficult it is to match certain colours for the different things like suits, liveries, etc. Wish Codemasters could add the option to be able to copy any selected colours so they can easily be carried over. Many thanks.
  15. stephensmattlee

    Gamepad controls settings and assists

    Can I just say that these settings have been a game-changer for me. Was enjoying the game before but was something about the handling that was really putting me off, I already had similar settings with the deadzone, sensitivity and linearity ...but turning off all the assists and leaving the ABS on 3 made a night and day difference for me. Definitely improved the handling and feels 100x better for me now. Many thanks.