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  1. Agree with the poster above. I’m not too fussed if not selected but congratulations to those that have been chosen 🙂. Hope everyone enjoys the experience and helps assist the developers in making F1 2019 the best game in the series yet.
  2. I’m assuming Faya has the exciting job of browsing through everyone’s profiles and seeing what we’ve put and is currently compiling candidates based on their respective platforms. Once things are finalised I’m sure we’ll get notified when the confirmation emails start rolling out 🙂
  3. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 soon !

    Going on previous titles I really think the games have been going from strength to strength every year and can imagine F1 2019 will be another step forwards. Really pleasantly surprised to see the release date being brought forward this year too 🙂
  4. Thanks for the update @Faya Best of luck to those that get selected 🙂
  5. Thanks for the update Faya 🙂 Was lucky enough to be selected for last years beta and enjoyed witnessing the progress in the build up to release. Excited to see what’s in store for us for this years game with the release date welcomely brought forward.
  6. I think it’s unnecessary for career mode but I can understand them wanting it for online modes with the esports push they’ve been focusing on in recent years.
  7. I too also wondered about this after seeing how it was implemented in DR2.0. If what they say it true that they’ve spent 2 years developing this new game then I’m going to guess that there’s a strong possibility they could have implemented it into the F1 series too 😕
  8. stephensmattlee


    Paul Jeal has said on Twitter that there will be some behind the scenes videos. Would personally love for them to do a huge hour long in depth video like they did with Digital Foundry for Onrush, was very cool to see.
  9. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 Cover

    Looks awesome, but of course personally I’d prefer F1 2019 to be a DLC addon for 2018 so we can play the game a lot sooner ;) Guess if we do have to wait until August then I’m curious to see what Codies can add to the game this year in terms of new features :)
  10. stephensmattlee

    2019 season has started.....

    I think we’d all love to see the game released a lot earlier than previous years, but I think it’s safe to assume an August release again, ....any earlier than that would be a huge bonus.
  11. stephensmattlee


    At the very least I hope this year we finally get the official hud and pre-race graphics. Whilst not absolutely essential for everyone it seems to be the one of the main things that separate the game from the look and feel of the official F1 season.
  12. stephensmattlee

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    Could it be down to too much motion blur? I haven’t picked up the game yet but seeing as most of the issues seem to be affecting PS4 users and FFB on wheels such as the G29 (both of which I use), pretty much sums up why I’ve held off on picking up the game. Shame because F1 2018 looks great on PS4 with the exception of some noticeable aliasing artifacts. Some of the complaints about the DR2.0s lighting reminds me of the issues with F1 2017 where there was definitely problems with the game having a very overly saturated colour palette as well as conditions in the game that made it difficult to see due to things either being too light or too dark. Hopefully Codies can address some of these issues in future patches if the game gets plenty of support in the future 🙂
  13. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 - News?

    I’m pretty sure last year we didn’t hear anything until around May when the game was officially announced and we also saw the gameplay teaser of Leclerc driving Monaco. Hoping one day we get to see the games released earlier in the season but until anything gets officially announced I’m going to expect we probably won’t see the game released until August again.
  14. stephensmattlee

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Hopefully it helps Codies identify the problem and possibly fix with a patch. I missed out on Project Cars 1 but I can’t say I’m surprised. Makes me shudder when I read people recommending that Slightly Mad take over the F1 franchise from Codemasters. As generous as the content was in PCars 2, my God the game was horrendous on launch (on PS4 anyhow). Not only does the game look hideous, maybe as a consequence of having so much content, but the bugs were far worse than I’ve seen in Codies F1 games. I know bugs can be ironed out and fixed post release but how on earth the game made it past QC and released in the state it was really opened my eyes. Even though it’s more solid now it’s had multiple patches I still find the game very “cold” and not very enjoyable as a whole.
  15. stephensmattlee

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Don’t have a way of testing it out myself but there was a post about it on reddit recently and then a video on YouTube with it being looked into a bit deeper ...