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  1. stephensmattlee

    Stop whinging

    I do agree, overall I really enjoy the latest game and have done since release. I don’t play online so majority of my time with the game is offline in career mode. Codies so get a lot of stick, most of which I’ve noticed as soon as they post anything at all on Twitter, which tends to be mostly abusive. I know the game has its flaws and a few bugs that persisted throughout the patching post release but I always try and remain optimistic to see what they come out with in the next years game. One thing I do wish was that they could move the release date a little closer to the beginning of the season. I know it takes time for them to wait on agreements from the sponsors and for the cars to be signed off by the teams but I’m sure the majority of new features that they put out in the new games can be developed aside from the cars liveries and team lineups.
  2. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Personally wish they’d add a setup engineer that recommends what setup adjustments to make based on feedback given to them, would also help with newcomers to the game that feel a little overwhelmed by the setup screens. Also as mentioned above I’d personally love for the career mode to be more difficult. Similar to the older F1 games where you had the young drivers test and only the bottom few teams were unlocked to start with. Could perhaps add an option in the menu to unlock all teams for those that want to jump straight in with a higher team and keep everyone happy. Would also love to see some changes to the practice sessions with more variety of things to do to reduce it from feeling like a bit of a grind. Maybe focus on testing new R&D components so things aren’t so repetitive and can vary depending on what’s been added to the car. Aside from that I’d like to see a few classic tracks in the game, and perhaps a few such as Goodwood and Brands Hatch which can be used for the classic car events during the career mode. Anothering thing id personally like to see this year is the official HUD and pre-race screens to mirror the official style as we see on tv. Not to mention much more improved cut scene animations and character models.
  3. stephensmattlee

    Any Patch coming ? What the hell!

    Given the amount of abuse Codies get on the games twitter page I’m not surprised they’re in no rush to release any more patches. I know the last two years we’ve seen patches post Xmas/new year and there’s always still a chance something could come along, but I can imagine the devs are fully focussed on working on F1 2019 and implementing new features for now.