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  1. stephensmattlee

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    Looks ace and would definitely like to see the hud more closely represent the TV graphics. Would be great to see the full position table for the replays but for gameplay it takes up way too much screen space so would probably have to be a more condensed version similar to how it is in the game now. It’s been getting there year on year but just needs a bit more fine tuning, particularly with the colours and lap sector times to more closely mimic the official tv graphics. Does look ace though
  2. stephensmattlee

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Was watching some of the glitches where if you rolled the car and managed to get the photo mode camera to go out of bounds you could freely explore around the outer areas surrounding the tracks. Was interesting with some cool Easter eggs no one would probably ever find. Did also give an insight into how the tracks were built up. Not sure if they do it the same way anymore but looks like they used to take a top down photo, similar to google earth and then build it back up in a 3D space using assets for the trees, buildings, grandstands etc. Seems like a fairly obvious way to build the tracks to be fairly accurate and immersive but definitely shows how time consuming it must be. And that’s just the outer areas that you don’t even see apart from at long distance in the pre-race intros and in the backdrops when driving the tracks. I’m sure the tracks themselves usually take a lot more work as they’ve mentioned using lidar scans in the past, something they’ve probably found a lot more challenging getting access to with all the travel restrictions due to covid. Personally think it’s great that they’ve committed to adding the 3 new tracks, and certainly not surprised it’s going to take a longer time to build them post the games release.
  3. stephensmattlee

    F1® 2021 | Arrives July 16 | Pre-Orders Live Now

    Agreed. Could be wrong but personally feeling that the game will feature the calendar as it was before Canada’s cancellation, but obviously shorter due to Imola, Portimao and Jeddah coming later down the line in a post-launch patch. Guess they could have a repeat of the calendar from last years game until the new tracks are ready but personally doubt it.
  4. stephensmattlee

    BETA 2021 | Taking Applications Now

    Application completed. Best of luck to all who apply. Whether successful or not I’m looking forward to the new game as usual, and hope the beta helps the development team with making F1 2021 the best F1 game we’ve seen so far, particularly after such a crazy and difficult year which I’m sure has effected everyone. Many thanks.
  5. stephensmattlee

    F1® 2021 | Arrives July 16 | Pre-Orders Live Now

    Must have missed that reply. Many thanks 👍
  6. stephensmattlee

    F1® 2021 | Arrives July 16 | Pre-Orders Live Now

    @BarryBL Any word on if there will be a beta for this years game like previous years? I know there’s probably a lot they want to hold back on to keep the momentum going up until release in terms of gameplay reveals, but with the game being on next gen for the first time I'm curious to see if there are plans to externally test the game to iron out any potential issues. Many thanks
  7. stephensmattlee

    Your list of 7 iconic F1 drivers

    Personally feel like they’ll be mainly more recent drivers/championship winners. Would be great to see some more classic drivers like Stewart, Clark, Fangio etc, but my more likely predictions would be something like... Schumacher, Senna, Prost (as they’ve already been seen in the last two games), Rosberg, Button, Hill, Mansell or possibly Nicki Lauda and James Hunt. Be curious to see who they go with.
  8. stephensmattlee

    F1® 2021 | Arrives July 16 | Pre-Orders Live Now

    Apologies if it’s already been answered but I’m a little confused about the track list in the game for its release date. When the game releases in July will it just feature the 2021 calendar minus the new tracks that will be added in a patch post-release? (Meaning minus Imola, Portimao and Jeddah). So if we start career mode on release day the first season will be shorter and only consist of a shorter calendar? But season 2 onwards, proving the patch it out by then as an example, will then automatically detect the new tracks and have the full calendar?
  9. stephensmattlee


    Agreed, I don’t mind the multiplayer/myteam car in its main concept and design but it would be great if it gave us more designs and specific parts to choose from. Main thing I’m hoping to change is that hideous looking steering wheel. As a predominantly cockpit cam player it looks really rough and un-refined. Would be great if there were a few different designs/styles to choose from.
  10. stephensmattlee

    I want a new graphics engine for the next f1 games

    Been revisiting some of the older F1 games recently on PS5 through backwards compatibility. Interesting to see the changes made visually over the last 5 years. F1 2015 - softer image with more yellow tint, way too much blur also but did have some stunning visuals for its time. Go back and look at some of the night races on Bahrain and Singapore. They look stunning but guess was a bit much for the older consoles. F1 2016 - Similar to F1 2015 but less blur, seems the visuals on the night races was dialled back a bit maybe for better performance. Less yellow filter as well. F1 2017 - Dynamic lighting and colour saturation was way way overdone. Seems like the visuals had a bit more detail but the lighting was way too much, resulting in scenes either looking way too dark or way too light. F1 2018 - More blue-filter appearance, less extreme lighting, day races looked okay but night races looked the worse in the series and a huge step back from previous years. F1 2019 - For me this one has the best visuals we’ve seen, and even better than F1 2020. Easily the high point in the series on the older gen consoles. More detail and the best lighting, night races looked the best we’ve seen and more cohesive with the quality of the rest of the tracks. F1 2020 - Will probably get some criticism for this but visually things appear (although comparable to F1 2019 on the face of it), not as good as 2019. Colours are way too saturated in brighter lighting, trees and foliage have been obviously downgraded, less reflections. That said it is the best in terms of performance on the older consoles. Screen tearing is finally fixed and framerate dips previously seen appear to be minimal. I know opinions will probably differ on this but it amazes me how drastic the visual changes have been year on year. For me F1 2019 had the best middle ground with F1 2020 a close second although I hope they can upgrade some of those compromises made to get the games performance to the level it was on the older machines now next gen machines are out. This is only visually speaking though and there’s a lot that 2020 does better, ie handling and engine sounds etc. Will be interested to see how the series looks going forward now they are apart of EA.
  11. stephensmattlee

    Is F1 2020 slower on PS5

    Transitioned from PS4 slim to PS5 and have seen no difference at all in terms of how the game runs during gameplay. Load times are a lot better and have better graphics on par with the PS4 Pro where I came from the base model beforehand. I have got quicker pace wise but personally think that’s mainly down to a new TV with lower input lag compared to before when I ran the game on PS4.
  12. stephensmattlee

    When to expect new game news

    Prior to F1 2019 the usual timeframe was roughly May announcement with an August release date, 2019 was notably earlier with a late March announcement and a June release, 2020 slightly later with April announcement and July release date. Basically, expect news anytime between the end of March and May for details on F1 2021. Although that said I’m fully preparing myself for a later release this year due to the pandemic, plus if they intend to include all the new tracks to replicate this years calendar I can imagine it will take a fair bit of time to work on those. Also to add to this, Podium Pass season 4 is on the way too plus I believe CM plan to continue patches and support for F1 2020 so can imagine they want to prolong the games life as much as possible until F1 2021s release.
  13. stephensmattlee

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    Really do wonder how they’re managing the tracks for this years game. Can imagine they’ve been sent data by F1 to help with building them but not sure how much that can help the developers without their usual Lidar scans and photography they might usually be able to do without travel restrictions etc. I’d be curious to hear how they’ve developed the game this year and trying to work around all the craziness. I get with the two teams working simultaneously that we'll probably see new gameplay features that had been in the pipeline before covid hit. But things like the building the tracks have probably been very difficult this year, especially with the alternate calendar last year and this years calendar being finalised late and already seeing changes before the season start. I’m sure we’ll hear more about how the game has taken shape when the promotional build up starts for the new game.
  14. stephensmattlee

    What are your predictions for F1 2021?

    Have to admit I’m feeling quite sympathetic for the challenges Codemasters must be facing for F1 2021. I think we were quite fortunate that development of F1 2020 was probably quite far ahead before the current situation took hold. F1 2020 was undoubtedly a huge success for them and the delayed start of the official season actually worked in their favour as it gave them the chance to get more feedback from real drivers during the virtual GP races. What are everyone’s predictions for F1 2021? With an official calendar that still isn’t even finalised and has already seen tweaks since the initial proposed calendar, travel restrictions not allowing them to visit locations for proposed tracks to scan and gather data as well as the audio team being able to record engine sounds etc ...it can’t be easy for CM at the moment. Plus there’s also all the drama that’s gone on behind the scenes with regards to the sale of them to Take-Two and then being snapped up by EA. I think realistically we could be looking at delays and the release date pushed back to later in the season much like a few years back, plus the extra development time it could mean having a next gen version of the game ready too. On that topic I’d imagine the Xbox One/PS4 will probably still be the main release but probably with a upgraded version available if you have a next gen console. Another question is could we even see a full game or could they go the season update DLC route like Konami have done with PES 2021 whilst giving them more time to work on a more polished 2022 game? I certainly wouldn’t count it out as an option, and given all the uncertainty around the world at moment it might be the best option for them for this years entry. All kind of depends on what they can accomplish given unprecedented circumstances and what the recent sale to EA also means for the series going forward. Be curious to see what others felt on the subject. Hope everyone’s safe and well.
  15. Hello. Currently running F1 2020 on PS5 through backwards compatibility and tried starting the F2 2020 Championship as Jack Aitken and noticed that the braking marker boards seem to have disappeared at Bahrain during the practice session. I’ve also noticed that the pit limiter markers on the pit exit aren’t visible as well as various barriers around the track seem to be popping in and out. Track - Bahrain Practice Driver/Team - Jack Aitken (Campos Racing) Platform - PS5 using Dualsense Controller Report Code - ASHE-REDM-MCCP-AASC Many thanks.