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  1. @cmgavincooper Just had a bit of a breakthrough on this issue with the F2 cars. It appears that the issue is a bug that has been carried over from F1 2020. I decided to go back to F1 2020 earlier this evening and compare the issue that I’ve been having on F1 2021. I decided to go back and try the F2 cars from 2019 on the 2020 game and they drive absolutely perfectly with all downshifts being as responsive as you’d expect. However, when I went to try the 2020 F2 cars (that were added in a post release patch to the 2020 game) I find the same issue that carries over into F1 2
  2. I’ve got no complaints of how hard the developers have worked and continue to work, and as you say undoubtedly in difficult times the past year or so. The blame for me lies squarely at the management that decided to go for such an early and impossible release date instead of having the balls to delay the game and give the developers the time they so obviously needed. You may be happy to accept paying full price for a game this broken and rushed, …but for many others it’s asking too much. It’s just a clear sign of greed and builds mistrust between the developer and the fan base that are
  3. Have to agree. I’ve always been very vocally defensive of Codemasters with the F1 games and always managed to find enjoyment in them even despite bugs early in the games’ release. But F1 2021 is a whole other kettle of fish, never before have I been so disappointed in an F1 game from them. So what exactly did 1.05 fix? …the F2 cars are still screwed up when trying to downshift, …HDR is still broken, motion blur is still broken, …the cars still light up in glare when entering the tunnel at Monaco, …and with reports of the game overheating the Xbox consoles to the point of
  4. Still having this issue as of the newest patch 1.05. Could be my imagination but the issue might be slightly better than before, but still definitely affects the F2 cars. Tried with both the adaptive trigger effect turned both on and off to see if it made a difference but no such luck. Report Code: RCBB-BTEA-BASG-BASC Platform: PS5 using Dualsense
  5. Don’t feel like they’ll go as far as to completely change the handling, slowing the cars down to a more realistic pace though, …most definitely
  6. Their standard response as of yesterday appears to be “Hey there, we have another patch on its way soon that fixes a number of the issues that have been reported.” Would rather try and remain as optimistic as possible and going to predict a much more substantial patch could be on the way next week.
  7. Yup. Just tried this out on a short 3 lap race and the motion blur is definitely there in the replay when you switch to the t-cam and offset t-cam views. Definitely appears to run at a lower framerate than the main gameplay like you say. Very strange but definitely makes it appear that it’s a bug that the motion blur is non existent during the main gameplay. It’s not quite so noticeable in cockpit cam but definitely a lot more obvious when you can see more of the tarmac in the t-cam views.
  8. Yeah I get what you’re saying. Maybe they literally shouldn’t have tried to change as much as they did. It’s very frustrating when you see the same bugs reappear year and year after being patched out. Was playing the other day and had some random floating tyres appear in the middle of the track at Bahrain. Remember seeing this issue years and years ago and just amazed that issues that keep coming back, I’m pretty sure the braking marker boards randomly disappeared during the race as well.
  9. Have to admit that yes I did expect a few bugs and issues, BUT I definitely wasn’t expecting THIS many issues. To be honest I thought we’d have not much more than a re-skinned F1 2020 with the new story mode tacked on for the new game. I certainly don’t blame the developers themselves but as I’ve said elsewhere I really feel like the July release date this year was way too over ambitious given the obvious issues caused by covid.
  10. Definitely isn’t right. Pretty certain there was only the Red, Yellow and White tyres in F2 last year. Definitely worth reporting this as a bug in the report section.
  11. Interesting point about the replays. Need to run some tests and see but I really wouldn’t be surprised if there was motion blur in the replays but not in the actual gameplay. Definitely sounds like a bug if that’s the case. The visuals need a lot more polish in certain areas, the pre/post race cutscenes have some really poor looking character models as well. Just very much in an unfinished state. Think it’s obvious that other aspects had to take priority as earlier games have much better more detailed models in those same cutscenes. The motion blur is a very obvious one at the mo
  12. @issueskid Hope you don’t mind me asking, but I don’t suppose it would be possible to add a separate volume setting for Jeff in the games audio settings? For me he’s far too loud when coming through the Dualsense speaker (definitely found the level on F1 2020 to be better as a default), but when I turn down the Speech levels in the audio settings it also effects the speech and dialogue levels for the whole game and not just Jeff. Many thanks.
  13. Part of me had an inkling another Grid game was in the works. Definitely has my attention. Really hope that there’s a bit more depth this time around and the handling is improved out of the box, took far too much fiddling with the settings on Grid 2019 to get rid of the over excessive drifty physics model. Please let there be a lot more content and tracks this time around too. Looking forward to hearing more on the game.
  14. Know it hasn’t been acknowledged just yet but hope Codemasters are aware of this. It’s not hugely gamebreaking just one of those minor issues where something isn’t working quite right.
  15. Interesting. I’ve heard other people mentioning the issue as well on Twitter but sadly not so many on here. Not too sure about the platforms it affects but definitely happens on both PS5 and PS4 through backwards compatibility. Definitely makes the F2 cars unplayable with manual gears as mentioned above you end up not downshifting and overshooting corners all the time. It kind of feels like where the games simulate a very worn gearbox and you have large amounts of lag between gearshifts before it sorts itself out after a few laps (or the gearbox blows up), but only affects the downsh
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