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  1. 1. Really enjoying the new game so far. One issue I’ve encountered that seems affect various visual things is that it appears the textures appear to load incorrectly for certain things. For example the drivers gloves, pit crew shirts and also saw an example of the MyTeam badge looking very “low-res” in appearance. 2. 1.03 (latest patch for PS4) 3. Career Mode (Formula 2 in Bahrain). Also noticed the issue in Australia at the start of MyTeam mode 4. Issue seems to affect various different textures where it appears the game fails to load them correctly at the full resolution. 5. Unable to find anything to fix the issue from the in game options. 6. Gamepad - PS4 controller 7.
  2. stephensmattlee

    General graphics quality reduced?

    I guess some of the detail could have been dialled back ever so slightly to account for the extra content this year with MyTeam being added but I’m pretty sure it looks on the same level to me on PS4. I know some of the earlier videos of the work in progress builds that the youtubers were showcasing were probably before the finishing touches were added and the final polish. Will have to wait until the full game arrives for me to have a deeper look but to me this video doesn’t look too bad at all ...
  3. stephensmattlee

    F1® 2020 | Pre-Season Testing

    I suggested the idea last year (or maybe the year before) that they could incorporate pre season testing into the game to then tell you where the cars weaknesses are, ie start off not knowing how the R&D tree looks but during testing you get to see what aspects need the most work, ie chassis for aerodynamic improvements, engine power development etc. They could also use it as a way of suggesting the ideal difficulty for the game too based on your best lap times, think similarly to the qualifying practice programme where you have to do a series of laps and it could automatically suggest or set a difficulty percentage based off the best lap time before you head off to Australia. I tweeted Paul Jeal back when we had pre season testing earlier this year and here was his response... “sorry but it’s not something in this years game but some nice ideas there & rest assured that we’ve spoken about it many times. It’s on a long list of ideas we have but behind a few others were particularly excited by”. Never say never but for now it looks as though it’s on the back burner but could be implemented later down the line in future instalments. Hope that helps
  4. stephensmattlee

    F1 2020 - Extra rotation in 1st gear

    Interesting, very interesting. Definitely something that needed reworking and sounds like the input from the real F1 drivers has been invaluable for Codemasters.
  5. stephensmattlee

    Codemasters secure WRC licence from 2023

    Really interesting to see how Codemasters plan moving forward with this news. I personally think it’s great news but I wonder if they’ll want to do something accessible similar to the F1 games for the WRC series, and also continue the DiRT Rally series at the same time for a more more hardcore sim experience. I can imagine WRC might have seen how popular the F1 games are and might want a similar kind of game to bring in new fans. On the other hand with them having the licence it might give them freedom as well with DiRT Rally to use more official cars and locations so everyone wins. Will be interesting to see how they approach things.
  6. stephensmattlee

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    It’s definitely a track that grew on me with time too. With a bad setup it can be frustrating but if you find the sweet spot and get the car to behave the way you want it will help to be more consistent and can be quite satisfying when it all comes together. Abu Dhabi has never been a very strong track for me but am currently fiddling around and trying to get a lot of practice time in and hoping it goes the same way as USA for me.
  7. stephensmattlee

    Importance of a Detailed Bug Report

    I think it’s a good move that Codemasters keep the report codes in the retail game after its launch and viewable from the pause screen. I’m sure when people post bugs if they also post the code along with a detailed description of the issue it should help the developers with replicating the problem. I don’t remember it being in previous F1 games but definitely was in 2019 after the games release and can imagine will carry forward with future titles.
  8. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 FOV values

    I ran a much closer FOV for quite a while in cockpit view but after about 2 years ended up going back to the default as I found there was better visibility from the sides to see more of where the AI cars were or just general features around the track for judging braking better. It’s all personal preference but for me if I were to run a much closer FOV again then it would probably have to be on a widescreen or triple screen setup.
  9. stephensmattlee

    When’s the next news drop for F1 2020?

    I do wonder if Codemasters will do a few live streams themselves like last year to showcase the multiplayer and hud customisation. Maybe they could do to show off some of the aspects of the MyTeam mode this time around. I guess for now they know they can let the youtubers do a lot of free promotion for them which I don’t think is a bad thing. Maybe rather than a stream then Codemasters could possibly do a deep dive video that showcases stuff and talk about certain elements.
  10. stephensmattlee

    New Hanoi circuit gameplay

    Yeh that does seem a bit of a concern, bit like France with the pit exit coming out right on the racing line for the first corner. Maybe they’ll make changes to the track once they actually have some real racing there.
  11. stephensmattlee

    Something New

    I had a theory about this just a few days ago. I don’t think Codemasters have the manpower and staff to also develop a hardcore sim edition of the game alongside their main F1 series BUT I could definitely see F1 allowing other studios that focus on sim racing the freedom of having more official F1 cars, whether it be iRacing, Automobilista, rFactor etc. That said, with Codemasters recent acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios (along with the fact that SMS also bidded for the F1 licence before it was renewed with Codemasters last year), could put them in the unique position of having a development team that already have the game engine and development team available to work on a more hardcore sim-focussed F1 entry. Worst case scenario as I said a few days ago, I can definitely see Project Cars 3 featuring more official F1 cars instead of their more generic Formula A, B, C cars giving them and fans feedback as to whether a dedicated F1 sim focussed entry is a viable option and possibility. I personally think Slightly Mad Studios would jump at the chance to work on such a thing and with how much sim racing has been in the spotlight recently due to the current situation I do feel like Formula 1 themselves wish they had an alternative option available for a more hardcore sim-focussed platform. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Formula 1 going down that route as an addition to the current F1 series.
  12. stephensmattlee

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

    I thought it looked a little wider in places too. Need a side by side comparison with F1 2019 to be doubly sure of the differences in layout and changes to off track visuals. Looks good though 👍
  13. stephensmattlee

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    Loved those developer diary videos and would love to see them return again one day, maybe for the first next gen games to showcase what they’ve managed to accomplish with the extra hardware power. i agree with what you say though, I don’t doubt that there’s a lot more they could accomplish with the current game engine, and with the work they’ve invested into it over the years. I think the main reason people feel the need for them to start over is where they see bugs that return from previous years and put it down to fundamental problems with the engine itself. Either way I’m personally excited to see what they can achieve with the next gen power, the improvements they managed to make visually even with the current gen has been really impressive (the last few years in particular).
  14. stephensmattlee

    F1 2020 Realistic Car Performance

    Here is a link of Codemasters reply for those that don’t want to watch the full video ...
  15. stephensmattlee

    F1 2020 Realistic Car Performance

    Marc Priestley did a video a few weeks back on YouTube where he said he contacted Codemasters about how they were going to address the team’s performance and they got back to him and said they were going to be going off of a combination of pre-season testing, team’s performance from the end of the 2019 season as well as through communicating with F1 to see if their performance predictions matched up with what they had as well for the new game. Cant seem to be able to find his video at the moment but will try and update my post if I can find it later on EDIT: Here’s a link to the video from Marc covering the question ...