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  1. YES! Had forgot but yes, that definitely needs fixing. They used to move out of the way on in/out laps so surely Codies can revert them back.
  2. Hopefully the new patch features some updated tree assets first and foremost 😅 Seriously though. I’m curious to see what’s changed now all the additional content has been added to the game (ie new tracks and F2), hoping some of those bugs that have lingered around since last summer have been addressed (spots on tyres, lighting bug tunnel entering the tunnel at Monaco), not to mention other QOL fixes and hopefully better performance during the pre/post cutscenes on PS5.
  3. YES! Was going to post a thread about this as well… Last week I finally got round to trying out the MyTeam mode after putting together a livery that actually looks decent and semi-believable on console. But, first few sessions at Bahrain doing the practice sessions I pretty quickly closed the game and tossed the controller aside in frustration at the inherent understeer of the MyTeam car as well as the random death spin curbs. Anyway, yesterday I also noticed that SimRacingSetups had released an updated video with updated setups for the game. What caught my attention was the
  4. Hate to say it, but F1 2021 is my least favourite F1 game in years. I don’t know if it’s Covid that really hampered what they intended to do with the game, or the decision to delay the new regulations in the real F1 that put their development plans up in the air, …but despite the solid progression in terms of features and content that grew year on year since F1 2016, F1 2021 just feels strangely stagnant. I know it’s missing the classic cars from the earlier games, but it’s not just that that puts me off. The Braking Point story mode for me just feels jarring with the pre rendered cut
  5. 100% agreed on every point and echo every one of my feelings on F1 2021. Not sure how much Covid interfered in the development of the game and maybe some aspects were cut back and withdrawn to have the game somewhat ready in time, but still, it’s a far weaker game than F1 2020. Agreed on the Podium Pass rubbish too.
  6. I’m sure @ChrisGrovesMCM could help clarify but I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about if this game builds off of Grid 2019 as a foundation.
  7. I don’t think you have any worries about the cockpit camera, Grid 2019 had both cockpit and dash cam views and would expect that to have been carried over into the new game. My only real complaints about Grid 2019 were the out the box handling/controller settings which for me needed a lot of fine tuning to get somewhat decent, plus 2019 suffered with a lack of content. If Grid Legends can improve both those aspects (and I’m sure this time around there’s a ton more content), then I’ll gladly grab the new game. Just really want to hear if there’s been any handling improvements compa
  8. I feel like the fairer question would be how does this compare to F1 2015 as clearly they’re trying to build a new foundation with NASCAR 21 Ignition. To be fair F1 2015 had its fair share of bugs and issues as well and was also lacking in a lot of features. I’m sure as the nascar series grows each year the game will get more solid as the F1 games mostly have.
  9. Really surprised some of these issues haven’t been addressed yet. I know they’re not hugely game-breaking but definitely immersion breaking. The glitches and dots on the tyres remain, and not only that there’s still the lighting bug when you enter the tunnel in Monaco that’s been there since the game came out. I appreciate the fixes and improvements Codies have made, the new tracks have definitely exceeded my expectations too, but some of these really obvious visual bugs really seem to be taking a long long time to be addressed.
  10. I felt the same. After my complaints of the visuals I definitely found the game looked somewhat better after 1.08. It still has some graphical bugs that were there before but for me I thought the overall image looked a lot less grainy and more sharper and smoother at the same time. Don’t think you’re imagining it.
  11. As others have mentioned sadly it’s a Sony problem and not a Codemasters problem that the voice dictation through the controller microphone doesn’t work on the PS5 versions of games. It is strange that it works if you run the PS4 version of games through back-compat but not the PS5 versions so surely won’t take too much for Sony to be able to re-introduce the feature but as it is currently there’s not a lot Codies can do sadly.
  12. It could be a little bit of placebo but I swear the visuals look a little better. Slightly less grainy but more smoother and sharper now? The cutscenes on PS5 seem to run a bit smoother now too but still not 100%. Could all be just placebo though like I say. Hopefully we’ll get some patch notes soon. Edit… at first I thought the issue of the shadows/spots appearing on the tyres had been fixed but doesn’t appear to be unfortunately.
  13. One question… does this patch include an upgrade for the trees? Should be top of their priorities if you ask me 🥴 🌲
  14. Could be just me but I seem to notice a lot more visual glitches and flickers when in offset tcam vs the standard tcam view or my preferred view …cockpit cam. This is on PS5 btw. Just needs a lot more in the way of refinements and fine tuning in the visual side to smooth out the experience a bit more. That and the awful screen tearing and laggy framerates during the pre/post race cutscenes. Surely they could be a lot smoother (think they actually were when they temporarily disabled the ray tracing)?
  15. I too was a little uncertain at first but really enjoy the handling on controller now after a few minor tweaks. What platform are you on? I fully agree with the difficulty of the game. I’m still constantly changing it from track to track, more so than any previous F1 game, but seem to be on average around 10-15 clicks lower than last years game. I don’t mind that though, as long as the cars performance and my speed are where they should be and at an equal level. Heres my settings that I posted in another thread. Been having a lot of success running these in combination with some of
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