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  1. stephensmattlee

    Career images

    They definitely got people’s hopes up a bit for more of an open world paddock to the career mode. They could be genuine but might not have made the cut and could make their way into later games?
  2. I believe Lee said on Twitter a while back that yes, the Legends EditIon content will be available as a DLC post launch. That’s what I’m doing anyway, got the Anniversary Edition and if I like what I see with the Senna and Prost content when the game comes out next week then I might grab the DLC
  3. stephensmattlee

    Lando Norris streaming F1 2019

    Yeh, he did make a good point. He said the visibility with the halo is similar to your own nose, with both eyes you look beyond and don’t notice it. Impressions I got from his stream was that he really likes the handling of the F2 cars. Formula 1 not so impressed. He also seemed to struggle with the AI in that they were way too overpowered on the straights. Would be great for Codies if he could help them as a consultant on the handling, just to give them a few tips and help. He was also quite critical of the tracks as well in that they’re nothing like real life, or at least Canada anyway.
  4. stephensmattlee

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    I do think Codies are listening with all the feedback about the new hud. I wouldn’t be surprised if we do get a few more options for it on console later down the line in a patch, much like what happened with Photo Mode. It’s probably easier for them to implement it in the PC build of the game and they can see what people think before committing to adding it to consoles as well. Guess we’ll see
  5. stephensmattlee

    How is F2 integrated into career mode?

    Really don’t get why they didn’t just add a “F2 Career” mode option. At the very least just to allow us to do a full season with our own custom character rather than being limited to having to drive as another driver from the grid. Ah well, maybe next year.
  6. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 E3 2019??

    I believe Lee Mather will be at E3 again this year and it should be running Tuesday to Thursday of next week (11th-13th). Don’t think we’ve had any confirmation of when F1 could be showcased yet though
  7. stephensmattlee

    POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?

    Me personally, classic tracks. It’s all well and good having loads of classic cars but it all gets a bit stale and redundant if licensing prevents you from having extra cars and drivers from a classic era as well, plus it just looks odd seeing Senna and Prosts old cars racing on modern circuits. I really think having classic circuits would go a long way to helping give the classic cars more of a unique place in the games. Plus they did it with F1 2013 so I’m sure it can be done. Out of your list though I’d probably go for red flags 🚩 we often see them on tv if there’s a bad crash during a practice session or qualifying and would definitely add an extra level of realism to the games 👍
  8. stephensmattlee


    Micro-transactions in a Pegi 3 game. Bit like having a sex scene in a PG movie 😶
  9. stephensmattlee

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Our prayers are answered. Trailer looks epic! Having Fernando Alonso onboard as a consultant too! 😁🙏
  10. stephensmattlee

    all steering wheel it's the same???

    Paul Jeal has clarified things and said... ”The early version of the car models is the same for all teams. Car shape & steering wheel. These are now being overwritten with the new car models. Off the top of my head 4 cars had updated car models in that trailer. We’ve already updated another 4, and sorting the final 2 now”. “Car models for all teams are being updated now & will be in before you guys get your hands on it”
  11. stephensmattlee

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Found this video interesting and thought it might help. My misses summed it up best for me, “from a business point of view ...I get it, from a consumer point of view ...I despise it”.
  12. It’s this I’m even more sceptical of I’m afraid to say. From the hamburg event a lot of the press were saying it wasn’t anything more than the usual overtake/pursuit challenges we already have in the game. Of course we’d all love to see things like other drivers and cars from the same year as well as classic tracks but I don’t think licensing would allow it. Classic tracks on the other hand could be a possibility in the future but as we already know won’t feature in this years game 😶
  13. stephensmattlee


    I don’t think we’ll see the full TV style hud for gameplay, more a reworked version of Codemasters own one that “kind of” replicates the official style, but remains quite minimal. I’m guessing for replays and the post race results screen it will be a lot more closer to the official tv style though.
  14. stephensmattlee

    F2 in Career Mode

    Whilst I get why they’ve decided against having the full F2 season in the career mode (and instead having the 3 short scenarios to kick off the F1 career), I’ve been thinking a bit about this and was wondering ... why don’t they give us a separate career mode for Formula 2? Of course the ideal thing would be to give the players the choice of completing the full season before going into F1, or allowing us to do just the pre season events if we chose to (or even skip F2 entirely for those that just wanted a solely F1 experience) Sure, being able to do the full season in Championship mode is all well and good but me personally I’d like to be able to drive as my own character instead of having to choose to play as one of last years drivers. Kind of reminds me of F1 2015 without the career mode and the only option being the Championship mode. I know it’s probably too late now for F1 2019 but hopefully for the next F1 game we’ll get a few more options of how we want to play the F2 mode and ideally have it more incorporated into the games main career 😊
  15. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    Haha very true. I think it’s pretty much confirmed it will be included for the spectator mode. I do have a hunch it will be included in the main gameplay as well though and possibly in the race replays for career mode. Just a hunch though 😌