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    Micro-transactions in a Pegi 3 game. Bit like having a sex scene in a PG movie 😶
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    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Our prayers are answered. Trailer looks epic! Having Fernando Alonso onboard as a consultant too! 😁🙏
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    all steering wheel it's the same???

    Paul Jeal has clarified things and said... ”The early version of the car models is the same for all teams. Car shape & steering wheel. These are now being overwritten with the new car models. Off the top of my head 4 cars had updated car models in that trailer. We’ve already updated another 4, and sorting the final 2 now”. “Car models for all teams are being updated now & will be in before you guys get your hands on it”
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    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Found this video interesting and thought it might help. My misses summed it up best for me, “from a business point of view ...I get it, from a consumer point of view ...I despise it”.
  5. It’s this I’m even more sceptical of I’m afraid to say. From the hamburg event a lot of the press were saying it wasn’t anything more than the usual overtake/pursuit challenges we already have in the game. Of course we’d all love to see things like other drivers and cars from the same year as well as classic tracks but I don’t think licensing would allow it. Classic tracks on the other hand could be a possibility in the future but as we already know won’t feature in this years game 😶
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    I don’t think we’ll see the full TV style hud for gameplay, more a reworked version of Codemasters own one that “kind of” replicates the official style, but remains quite minimal. I’m guessing for replays and the post race results screen it will be a lot more closer to the official tv style though.
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    F2 in Career Mode

    Whilst I get why they’ve decided against having the full F2 season in the career mode (and instead having the 3 short scenarios to kick off the F1 career), I’ve been thinking a bit about this and was wondering ... why don’t they give us a separate career mode for Formula 2? Of course the ideal thing would be to give the players the choice of completing the full season before going into F1, or allowing us to do just the pre season events if we chose to (or even skip F2 entirely for those that just wanted a solely F1 experience) Sure, being able to do the full season in Championship mode is all well and good but me personally I’d like to be able to drive as my own character instead of having to choose to play as one of last years drivers. Kind of reminds me of F1 2015 without the career mode and the only option being the Championship mode. I know it’s probably too late now for F1 2019 but hopefully for the next F1 game we’ll get a few more options of how we want to play the F2 mode and ideally have it more incorporated into the games main career 😊
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    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    Haha very true. I think it’s pretty much confirmed it will be included for the spectator mode. I do have a hunch it will be included in the main gameplay as well though and possibly in the race replays for career mode. Just a hunch though 😌
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    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    I’m going to say that this year we will have the official style graphics for the post race results as well as a similar style even for the main menus of the game. I know in the gameplay snippets from Albon and Ricciardo we could still see the old hud but one thing that stands out to me this year is the font for the screen on the steering wheel in yesterday’s footage. I know it’s not much but for quite a few years Codies have been very repetitious in using the same font everywhere, for the main menus, in game hud, and of course on the steering wheel screen too. My guess is one of the reasons they never implemented the official graphics last year was because they’d have to replace a lot more than just the hud to give the game a coherent look. To me if you look at the font they’ve opted for for the gear change number on the screen in the gameplay videos, it’s definitely different from last year. It’s just a small hunch but also given the fact that they’ve intentionally not allowed any of the press to record any of the actual gameplay from the Hamburg event makes me feel that we will see a new hud this year. Whether it’s identical to the tv graphics remains to be seen but I do think it will be much closer to it for F1 2019 😊
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    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    I kind of understand them not wanting to distract too much from the main feature of the game, which is F1, but I think it would be the best compromise to keep people happy if they gave us the option of having a full F2 season or “mini-season” when you start the main career mode. i guess the main focus is on the narrative/story that sees you progress from F2 to F1 but does sound like its going to be a quick transition. Having to select a driver academy to join at the beginning does sound very cool though.
  11. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    Looks like Lee has confirmed it on Twitter. The F2 part of career mode will indeed only be 3 events with a narrative that leads to the full F1 season with your rivals from F2 also joining you. Must admit I’m a little surprised and disappointed at this, guess all will become clear as more is revealed but I think a lot of us had the idea that it was going to be a full F2 season and then lead into F1 (or at least would be given the option of having a full F2 season or not). We can however do a full F2 season in Championship mode but from the sounds of things not in the main career mode.
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    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    Does sound very intriguing. Maybe there could be cutscenes interwoven throughout the full season that set up certain scenarios for a story aspect. Perhaps a cutscene where a rival is particularly harsh and putting you and your team down and your job is to better him during the race? Maybe I’m reading into it a little too much but that’s just one idea I can picture 😅
  13. stephensmattlee

    F1 2019 Presentation in Hamburg - German Video on YT

    I was quite critical of how the dark tracks like Bahrain and Singapore looked last year but I’m very happy with how they’re looking in F1 2019. Visuals are looking very solid indeed 😁
  14. I’ve had the beta forums show up at the bottom of all the others so Faya is definitely working on things. If you haven’t had them show up just yet I’m sure it won’t take too long 👍
  15. Same for me but I’m guessing Faya is still in the process of adding those that got selected on the beta. Has anyone else found the beta section on the forum? 😊
  16. Thank you Faya for being selected 😄 Was fortunate to test F1 2018 too and excited to see how 2019 is shaping up and providing as much detail I can on any issues I come across. Congratulations to everyone else selected. Those that haven’t received an email just yet I’d say definitely keep checking your inbox and spam folders. Best of luck 👍
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    hopefully some gameplay soon

    I’ve heard that Friday morning we should start seeing some footage from the Hamburg event.
  18. Can confirm it looks like emails have been sent confirming those that have been selected Definitely worth checking spam folders just to double check if it doesn’t show in your main inbox 👍
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    F1 2019 Clip

    Toro Rosso had Honda engines last year 😶 ... but anyway, certainly this is F1 2019. Guessing no official hud this year or much in the way of huge graphical improvements (maybe with the next gen consoles they potentially will). Reminds me a little of F1 2014 over 2013, not a groundbreaking upgrade but at least this time we can expect to keep the content and see improvements in other ways. I personally think they’re working with development kits for the next gen games already so are having to divide resources.
  20. stephensmattlee

    Ghosting halo in cockpit cam?

    I requested this feature prior to F1 2018 coming out. To be honest though I tend to play with the centre column enabled and don’t mind it. It definitely doesn’t distract the viewing the track as much as I thought it would.
  21. True. I guess most will be on board purely to get access to the game 3 days early. I might pick up the legend edition content later on as I believe Codies have said you’ll be able to get the content separately. Personally I’m happy to wait an extra few days. Im really more interested in seeing more detailed information on what will be featured this year and what the legend edition content consists of
  22. I think you’re right on the money there. I think Codies would love to be able to give us a full season with Senna and Prost with all the circuits and teams from a certain year but licensing would never allow them to do it sadly. The press release mentioned eight race challenges so I think you’re right and we can expect a few race scenarios with the cars from a similar era that already feature in the game filling out the rest of the pack (1992 Williams, ‘95 Ferrari etc). It’s a shame but I don’t think Codies have the freedom they would love to have. Personally I’m sticking with the Anniversary Edition of the game as I’m not quite convinced the Legends Edition justifies an extra £20. Don’t get me wrong it would be awesome to drive as Senna and Prost, plus the artwork with them on the cover does look awesome, but until we know for sure the exact details of what the Legends Edition comprises of, I’m a bit reluctant to bite. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more detail in the coming weeks as the two trailers we’ve seen so far appear to be more ‘teasers’ than anything else. Im sure F1 2019 will be great and another step forwards in many ways but my only reluctance comes from what the licensing allows for them to do vs what we’d all love to see in an F1 game 🙂
  23. Looks very cool 😎. Had already preordered the anniversary edition but am really interested to see more information on what the Senna and Prost content looks like. Eight “race challenges” sounds to me like they could be selected circuits from the current calendar such as Spa, Suzuka, Monaco, Monza etc but really hoping they’re fully fleshed out with AI cars from the same period. Period accurate recreations of those circuits would be awesome but I’m doubtful that’ll be the case. I guess we’ll see when more info comes out 😊
  24. Agree with the poster above. I’m not too fussed if not selected but congratulations to those that have been chosen 🙂. Hope everyone enjoys the experience and helps assist the developers in making F1 2019 the best game in the series yet.
  25. I’m assuming Faya has the exciting job of browsing through everyone’s profiles and seeing what we’ve put and is currently compiling candidates based on their respective platforms. Once things are finalised I’m sure we’ll get notified when the confirmation emails start rolling out 🙂