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  1. A-M-A-R-85

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Hey mate. Use this website https://andyf.me/fovcalc.html . On this website there are 2 sliders, so put in your details (for the size of screen one, you need to put the diagonal of 1 screen, so 27"). You will then notice under the picture of the cars, it shows Dirt Rally 2 details. So for example if your eyes are 24" away from the screen, you should set the in game slider to -5 (left) clicks from the center. Hope this helps buddy
  2. I dont enjoy the night stages because of this issue. Why wont they just fix it already?
  3. A-M-A-R-85

    Upcoming dash cam?

    @CMHarrySemple @cmMikeRobson Please, PLEASE can you add an FOV option to the CONSOLE versions. It has been asked for so much on these forums and by so many. And if a slider really is not possible for whatever reason, pleease can we at least can we have what @Jake Cushing suggested in the past: Implementing just one alternative FoV setting for the consoles, at around 45vFOV, alongside the default 55vFOV, as a toggle: "FOV: Normal/Low" I am also using my TV's zoom feature to do this currently. It works, but i have to keep zooming back out to check my leaderboard times and I am also no longer able to see HUD elements when I drive 😞
  4. A-M-A-R-85

    The Pacenotes Thread

    Use this thread to write down any wrong or missing pacenotes you come across. This should make it easier for the devs to add them (if they are able to at some point). In order for them to find the location you are referring to on the stage, I guess a video would be most helpful, but a good description could also work. I'll start- Those bridges with no sides in New Zealand definitely need a "Caution!" before each one.
  5. A-M-A-R-85

    The realistic way to play + Hot seat multiplayer solution

    Saving the event is only saving the location/weather etc. But if you quit out of it at any point in the event, it will stay in the RESUME section, (where it will say 1 championship suspended) and keep track of what stage you are currently on. But the reason why hot seat multiplayer is now possible is that you can start another event for your friend, which will also be saved in the RESUME section (and it will now say 2 championships suspended). This is really great news for those who loved playing RBR hot seat multiplayer.
  6. If anyone is feeling that the damage is not hardcore enough and the tire choice is pointless due to hardly any wear, it's probably because you are driving in events MUCH shorter than would be in real life. An average day in a WRC event would start with a 15 min service in the morning, then around 4 stages, then a 30 min service at midday, then those same 4 stages driven again in the afternoon. So if you want to replicate a typical day of a real WRC rally event, make a Custom Championship. Choose a country, and then add only the 4 long stages (these are MUCH closer to a real stage length), then add the same 4 stages again in the same order (so 8 stages total). I am aware the 4 stages are not totally unique, but the reverse versions make them feel different enough. Now add a 15 min service on stage 1 and a 30 min service on stage 5. As for weather conditions, I like to choose daytime dry for the first four stages, and daytime/sunset wet for the last 4 stages (driving after sunset in WRC is very rare) Of course have Hardcore Damage ON. Driving 4 long stages before a service means that damage will finally be something you will worry about, and you will be forced to drive much more carefully. Also, you can no longer get away with always choosing soft tires. Hot Seat Multiplayer: Now if you want to experience hot seat multiplayer like RBR, save the event. You can save up to 12 events, which means you can make this type of event for all countries. Choose one of the saved events, and after you finish the first stage, quit and create a new championship (this one will be for your friend). Load the same event and have them start their championship. after they finish the first stage, quit, and you will now see you have 2 suspended championships in the RESUME section. So now you can just take turns to do the stages in your own championship. The reason for doing it this way is that you each have your own car damage carried over and your own overall event times saved. After the last stage just look at your overall times to determine who won between you and your friend.
  7. A-M-A-R-85

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    Yeah I guess its not a bug. Hopefully it does get changed eventually.
  8. A-M-A-R-85

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    This is something I think definitely needs to be fixed, but it seems to be going under the radar. When I first heard there was going to be a separate hardcore damage mode, I was over the moon, thinking we would finally have a mode where you are forced to drive CAREFULLY, just like a real rally driver. But unfortunately you can still be reckless and not worry too much about damaging your car or jeopardizing your rally. Codies need to make the Hardcore Damage mode worthy of having the word "Hardcore" in it, and remember everyone who wants a more casual experience always has the option to turn it off! @Riggs are you able to add this to your big fix list as that seems to get the attention of Codies.
  9. A-M-A-R-85

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Thanks for getting back to us about that! Were changes made on other consoles too? Some people are also saying the regular PS4 looked better after that update. I assume just the TAA filter quality improved for that?
  10. A-M-A-R-85

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Hi @PJTierney. Would you be able to share what exactly was changed on the PS4 pro in that 1.3 update? Eg was it increased from 1080p to 1440p? Thanks!
  11. A-M-A-R-85

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    @Jake Cushing Hi mate! I'd love to know how the PS4 Pro version now compares with the One X (4k mode), particularly with stage details (rather than cockpits). Which is sharper? Does one show more detail than the other (eg reflections on wet road, fine details on road surface and trees). Many Thanks!
  12. A-M-A-R-85

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    The information on the project immersion website is accurate, but you must note that it is giving instructions on editing the configuration files (not the in-game slider) AND, the information on that page only relates to Dirt Rally 1. So none of the information on that page relates to 2.0. A developer in this thread has already told us the correct values in 2.0, and the Andyf calculator has matched it.
  13. A-M-A-R-85

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Yup the Andyf calculator is totally accurate. The reason it feels like slow motion is because you have been used to using an artificial fov. The doubled numbers you see on some calculators only applies when editing the configuration files in the original dirt rally.
  14. A-M-A-R-85

    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    Yeah I agree. Also the voice acting is so bad it brings the game down.
  15. A-M-A-R-85

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Those numbers are not used in Dirt Rally 2.0. As per what developer @cmMikeRobson has told us in here, they now look like this (first number is the number of clicks left or right from the centre). Whether you play on triples or not wont matter as the number on the right are degrees vertically, not horizontally, so it will be the same either way: -5 = 30vfov -4 = 35vfov -3 = 40vfov -2 = 45vfov -1 = 50vfov 0 = 55vfov +1 = 58vfov +2 = 61vfov +3 = 64vfov +4 = 67vfov +5 = 70vfov Maybe @cmMikeRobson can also confirm these numbers are correct for you and all others.