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  1. Currently In Dirt Rally 1 and 2 the position of the camera in cockpit view can be adjusted but sometimes only a limited amount. I understand this may be to do with how much the seat can be adjusted in that car irl, or maybe its clipping issues. But it would be great if players are able to adjust it as much as they want, like in Project cars 2 and Assetto Corsa. My preference is dashcam, but sometimes the dash is just too high on my screen, or the A-pillar is still taking up too much space. If i had more camera control I could lower the dash and zoom in more to see less A-pillar. Either t
  2. Hey mate. Use this website https://andyf.me/fovcalc.html . On this website there are 2 sliders, so put in your details (for the size of screen one, you need to put the diagonal of 1 screen, so 27"). You will then notice under the picture of the cars, it shows Dirt Rally 2 details. So for example if your eyes are 24" away from the screen, you should set the in game slider to -5 (left) clicks from the center. Hope this helps buddy
  3. The information on the project immersion website is accurate, but you must note that it is giving instructions on editing the configuration files (not the in-game slider) AND, the information on that page only relates to Dirt Rally 1. So none of the information on that page relates to 2.0. A developer in this thread has already told us the correct values in 2.0, and the Andyf calculator has matched it.
  4. Yup the Andyf calculator is totally accurate. The reason it feels like slow motion is because you have been used to using an artificial fov. The doubled numbers you see on some calculators only applies when editing the configuration files in the original dirt rally.
  5. Those numbers are not used in Dirt Rally 2.0. As per what developer @cmMikeRobson has told us in here, they now look like this (first number is the number of clicks left or right from the centre). Whether you play on triples or not wont matter as the number on the right are degrees vertically, not horizontally, so it will be the same either way: -5 = 30vfov -4 = 35vfov -3 = 40vfov -2 = 45vfov -1 = 50vfov 0 = 55vfov +1 = 58vfov +2 = 61vfov +3 = 64vfov +4 = 67vfov +5 = 70vfov Maybe @cmMikeRobson can also confirm these numbers ar
  6. As Alex mentioned, you would set it to 30 (the furthest left on the slider). The figures on the project immersion website are if you change them in the configuration files, as only there do they need to be doubled.
  7. @cmMikeRobson Many thanks for clearing that up, I must say you are doing a very good job here. If you do end up exposing the values to players, please also let them know what the numbers mean i.e. DEGREES VERTICALLY, to avoid even more confusion from the players! One more thing Mike. In OSD Settings there is an option to turn ON and OFF the Instrument Cluster. This options work in all views APART from cockpit view, where it is never visible even when ON is selected. This is a big problem because in some cars and/or depending on your FOV you will not be able to see what gear you are
  8. @cmMikeRobson This can't be correct. There are 5 clicks to the left and 5 clicks to the right of the default/centre, so if the centre is 55 and the increments are in 5's, then the furthest left on the slider would be 30, and the furthest right on the slider would be 80. Please can you confirm the correct numbers. Many thanks.
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