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  1. I'm really hoping for a racing experience. With aggressive AI and with the opponents making mistakes and crashing out. If that's the case, I don't care how the pit crew animations are! (Oh, and a better damage model off course ;-))
  2. I'm in! Just completed my team. Should be a winning combination :-)
  3. The first thing I don't know for sure, as I'm still playing my first full season. I can tell you in a week or so ;-) As far as I'm concerned, the second thing you ask is in the game this year! I found that out by accident: I qualified 10th in Hungary in Q2, just making the cut. I drove the Option tyre. When I skipped some time in Q3, I saw the times of the AI, which were way faster than my Q2 times. So I decided to do one timed lap on the Hard tyre, so I could start the race from P10 with Hard. Guess what happened; I was forced starting the race one the Option tyre. First th
  4. And make the AI less quick in Wet conditions. I'm driving with a wheel. In dry conditions I'm about 2,5 seconds of the frontrunners (Mercedes), but in wet conditions I'm 7 to 8 seconds a lap slower then the Mercedes cars!! That's ridiculous.
  5. I would like to see a patch for the cockpit camera view. It should be a bit more to the back. Now you hardly see any helmet or helmet movement at all.
  6. I'm racing an 25% race in full career with the Toro Rosso (AI Expert). It's a real challenge driving fast without overheating the rear tyres accelerating out of the corner. After three races I'm still struggling with tyre wear, so that's a pitty. I'm racing without assist (only medium TC) and  I'm using the xbox wireless wheel. Biggest frustration so far: the AI speed in lap 1. The first three races I qualified 16th, 13th and 9th and everytime I made it into top 6(!) after the first lap. That's ridiculous!
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