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  1. I would rather the game came out a little bit later last week of August, to iron out bugs and update existing tracks Spa is currently having a massive overhaul in terms of safety and slight track alterations at some corners plus the return of gravel traps at eau rouge and other corners, Main things. Spain obviously turn 10 needs updating, may as well do the rest of the track as well add green and white kerbs that are behind the usual kerbs and add sausage kerbs as they are long overdue. Update all tracks that need the green and white kerbs. Australia the track changes we
  2. For 2022 DLC (either free or for a cost) to include tracks like Mugello, Nurburgring and Istanbul. Track updates kerbs, sausage kerbs and double layer kerbs and colour etc Jeddah as example changes during game cycle ( not palming it off for the year later). The ability to see the pole lap of the circuit the year before. Learn the track via watching Thursday onboards of the safety car or even better be able to drive it before FP1. Visor Cam in game.
  3. If Codemasters have the ability to include 3 new tracks into the game, then why can't the tracks especially the historic tracks be updated via Firmware updates, it's just copy and paste each year, Gran Turismo okay it's every 10 years a new game, but more tracks and more accurate. They need to start laser scanning the tracks they are other companies small than codies that do it.
  4. Would like a DLC, maybe call it the European Pack and include the mclaren gulf livery, the ferrari mugello livery, and Turkey and Mugello tracks.
  5. Agree, the push for next year should be to get all tracks to portimao level of accuracy, new miami track, 2022 cars, Pre season events like real life, DLC tracks through to 2023. Mugello, Istanbul, and Fiorano Ferrari test track.
  6. Using Monza as a example the kerbs are so small, plus the white lines are thick, ascari turn 8, flat kerbing, should be jumpy.
  7. Seeing how accurate Portimao, Zandvoort, Paul Ricard and hopefully Imola it's about time the Classic tracks like Spa, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring and Monza are updated Codemasters finally added the green and white rumble kerbing to Suzuka, just need it at other venues, Budapest, Silverstone, Monza, Red Bull ring. I have noticed with all the tracks that the advertising boards have been updated, I get that sometimes track details change maybe very close to race weekends hence why aspects can be missing, Seeing how accurate Portimao is, its about time other tracks get upd
  8. Brakes smoking on the grid if gets too hot during formation lap.
  9. While its good the game is released mid July, maybe mid August would be better or September for this years due to track updates and the 3 new tracks, ever since the game has been released mid July their is more bugs then before.
  10. Probably October, Codemasters May have laser scans of tracks if not December.
  11. Seen as every year the majority of the tracks need bringing up to date can kerbing and other track details be included In patches to speed up the process. And also once the 3 new tracks have been added to the game, is there a chance that Australia and Spain track changes been added then in 2022 its just a case of one new track and then the new 2022 cars. To my knowledge Automobilista 2 update track details via patches.
  12. Judging by videos, Japan has been updated the best even has then green and white rumble strip like kerbs. Which Silverstone, Catalunya etc should have.
  13. When are the Reviews coming in for the game.
  14. I'm sure I was reading a while back that Spa are bringing back gravel traps for Eau Rouge for the 2022 season,
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