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    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    The Ability to Drive the Saftey Car before FP1 .. Optional Official hud Cars when entering grid and pit box more accurate more steering lock more realistic when the AI computer takes control. Full TV screen for track guide video with Car onboards and during all sessions through weekend no mini screens. Commentary. Ant Davidson for FP1, FP2, FP3, Martin Brundle Qualifying and Race Drivers at front of grid before race with national anthem.. Qualifying highlights option before the race The Ability to see the pole position lap..
  2. Hopefully the tracks will be more accurate,, laser scanning.. more on the sim side.

    Classic tracks

    The current tracks on the grid new updating,, i expect the new Vietnam GP to be as close to accurate as possible. what with modern technology tracks should not be so unrealistic..

    Suggestions for game f1 2020 improvements

    Brazil needs updating especially the first and second sectors. from 2016 the kerb's have been raised and are a lot narrower (turn 2) and turn 4 entry and exit, plus corners approaching sector 2.. I find track inaccuracy's very irritating.. a lot of it is Codemasters just leaving it and the then the actual tracks there selves adding touches very close to actual event.. should be better communication between all parties.. Better Character models, ability to drive back to pits after race.. 3rd drivers in game..

    GRID stability patch for Xbox One and PS4 now rolling out

    Any plans for new tracks upcoming

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Would like to see kimi Raikkonen's 2003 and 2005 McLaren.
  7. Will there also be track visual updates. Some of the kerbs at Silverstone have that new rumble strip kind of kerb especially last sector of track

    F1 ® 2019 – Your Frequently Asked Questions

    Can tracks that dont have the correct kerbs be updated with patches?

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Think it's time that all the tracks were laser scanned. ( guessing it would be expensive) but it does let the f1 series down many corners haven't been updated since 2010.. the bus stop at spa, Turn 9 Canada should be no grass (just kerb and wall) inside of turn 9 Silverstone no kerb (should be) Just before old start finish straight.

    F1 Officail TV Hud while watching TV ( Replay )

    Something which would be good, while you are in the garage during qualifying, watching the cars an option of a full screen

    Cranes, Debris & Other details

    Would be good to see the medical car.

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Is their any gameplay of Silverstone, always feel like it's never accurate enough.

    F1 2015 Presentation

    From reading a little bit on the leaked document a few weeks ago it says about more of a broadcast feel to the game

    F1 2015 Fuel

    will the new game show fuel graph like real life.
  15. After watching the Aussie GP i think if possible it would be good for mistakes to happen in pitstops like what happened to Kimi.