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  1. Using Monza as a example the kerbs are so small, plus the white lines are thick, ascari turn 8, flat kerbing, should be jumpy.
  2. Seeing how accurate Portimao, Zandvoort, Paul Ricard and hopefully Imola it's about time the Classic tracks like Spa, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring and Monza are updated Codemasters finally added the green and white rumble kerbing to Suzuka, just need it at other venues, Budapest, Silverstone, Monza, Red Bull ring. I have noticed with all the tracks that the advertising boards have been updated, I get that sometimes track details change maybe very close to race weekends hence why aspects can be missing, Seeing how accurate Portimao is, its about time other tracks get upd
  3. Brakes smoking on the grid if gets too hot during formation lap.
  4. While its good the game is released mid July, maybe mid August would be better or September for this years due to track updates and the 3 new tracks, ever since the game has been released mid July their is more bugs then before.
  5. Probably October, Codemasters May have laser scans of tracks if not December.
  6. Seen as every year the majority of the tracks need bringing up to date can kerbing and other track details be included In patches to speed up the process. And also once the 3 new tracks have been added to the game, is there a chance that Australia and Spain track changes been added then in 2022 its just a case of one new track and then the new 2022 cars. To my knowledge Automobilista 2 update track details via patches.
  7. Judging by videos, Japan has been updated the best even has then green and white rumble strip like kerbs. Which Silverstone, Catalunya etc should have.
  8. When are the Reviews coming in for the game.
  9. I'm sure I was reading a while back that Spa are bringing back gravel traps for Eau Rouge for the 2022 season,
  10. How high or low the drivers are in the car ie Alonso low Occon high. Driver Characteristics ie Le Clerc very aggressive Bottas less so. Allow lapped cars to unlap under safety car conditions. Update the tracks from gameplay videos can see China has been improved, just Silverstone, Interlagos, Monza, Budapest, Montreal, Mexico and Spa plus Barcelona, Australia and Abu Dhabi track corner changes. Add pre season testing. Add corner names on track maps.
  11. The tracks including kerbs etc that were not raced last year, will not have changed, this year's game would be perfect to catch up.
  12. I know what you mean in a ideal world especially with EA on board now laser scanned tracks would be amazing but EA are not known for realism, why can't Codemasters look at how project cars 3 have done Silverstone, Interlagos, Monza etc, and replicate it.
  13. Will the new Safety and Medical cars be included in the game, shared Mercedes and Aston Martin partnership, plus new liveries.
  14. Something I would like to see similar to the Schumacher edition, but with Kimi Raikkonen and the return of Fernando Alonso either a joint collection of their cars in the past or one in 2021 and then in 2022.
  15. I would like to see commentary after the race also replay the race with commentary
  16. From 2021 onwards according to Autosport turn 10 will return to how it was before. Just need rid of the chicanes at last sector now.
  17. Very Similar in terms of the FIFA series, there should be improvements each year, Moto GP video games recreate the tracks 100%, so should codemasters, for a product that costs £40 each year, more time should be invested in recreating accurate tracks, look how long it took sector 3 of Barcelona, Catalunya to be improved. Bugs and track details are what need overhauls, think the obsession with the career modes make other parts of the game been neglected.
  18. The F1 tracks that are in project Cars 3 are the most up-to-date and accurate representation of the tracks I have seen i hope Codemasters are looking at that game, to get the changes done for F1 2021.
  19. Another track that F1 Codemasters need to work on, PC3 video, this is how the track should be, 3 years since the newer kerbing.
  20. All the correct kerbing etc. Need the fly Emirates logo on Turn 1 entry, just noticed while watching FP2. At the 1.14 mark there is kerbing on the inside, at the 1.27 mark there is the white rumble strip kerbing on the exit of copse and also at the 2.06 mark and 2.18 and 2.24 mark.
  21. Can track accuracies be added in patches with real world kerbs, run off, sponsored boards no alcohol, sausage kerbs Barcelona and turn 5 exit Budapest, big big work on chicanes. Project Cars 3 has the best representation of Silverstone the rumble strip sound effect kerbs
  22. Monza needs a upgrade to Ascari kerb is too flat, not high
  23. If F1 was more stricter in real life instead of differing from one track to another track limits in F1 2020 wouldn't be as a issue.
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