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  1. If F1 was more stricter in real life instead of differing from one track to another track limits in F1 2020 wouldn't be as a issue.
  2. Implement actual drivers during how they are in real life races, Hamilton and Perez kind on the tyres etc Bottas tends to be harder on tyres. Verstappen and Riccardo make overtakes from very far back. If there is a big crash see the medical car, marshalls clearing debris during safety car, track wear as race goes on kerbs and white lines, The way the drivers sit in the car some sit really low, and some sit high, since halo its more or less the same, but the tall drivers like Oocon sit.
  3. Something i would like to see is more accurate steering hand moments when entering and exiting pit box, F1 2010 was good.
  4. Seen as this year we have the Michael Schumacher pack, was thinking for next year about a Mika Hakkinen pack, then have other world champions in the other f1 titles.
  5. From reading a little bit on the leaked document a few weeks ago it says about more of a broadcast feel to the game
  6. will the new game show fuel graph like real life.
  7. After watching the Aussie GP i think if possible it would be good for mistakes to happen in pitstops like what happened to Kimi.
  8. improvements for f1 2015 AUSTRALIA - Turn 9 higher kerb,  Exit of Turn 10 just wall (in game always has grass before wall) ,  Before turn 11 just wall (in game always has grass before wall) . CHINA - All the kerbs are narrow apart from hairpin MONACO - Inside of Mirabeau has kerb, Turn 10 into 11 has no yellow kerb, inside Turn 13 the wall is too close to the kerb and you can never hit it. 
  9. hi just got new game when you put the ai to legend the difficulty goes to custom is that right
  10. Also something that i think would be a good idea is how drivers sit in the cars so Massa and Alonso are low in height hence they look lower in the car than say Button and Hulkenberg who are taller hence sit much higher.
  11. Hi just been looking at project CARS from the helmet cam position does anybody think that would be good for f1 game
  12. thanks for the reply i like codemasters but there not great at adding updates that are to true to real life.
  13. here we go - Silverstone turn 1 exit just grass kerb not until the curve, and just before old pit straight bollards but why no kerbs ( last 3 years)  image woodcote
  14. Hi I am new to the forum and here are a few things that would make next years game more realistic- - When a car enters pit lane the mobile phone effect alarm ( could be irritating but as an on/off option would work) - Formation lap (something that should have been added a long time ago) - More of the safety car - Override button added boost to overtake ERS - F1 drivers personal numbers ( Alonso 14) - Steering lock more to real life ex Monaco full lock hairpin
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