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  1. So I found out that I can't change the resolution on GRID1 at all, literally. It is always locked on my native. I even dug about on the config files and still no success, I did also change the aspect ration and the resolution still wont change, and I even removed the restriction line in the config and it still wont change. My native is 1920 1200 and it is the resolution it is always locked.
  2. Okay, I have a small problem. So in the middle of the game I was trying to tune my car and then realized after setting some number in let's say suspension, after I press enter, nothing happens. It doesn't seem to apply anything and then I exited out of tuning and decided to go into Load/Save setup thingie before trying to go and race and nothing, it was COMPLETELY blank and totally game braking, because it wasn't just blank, the buttons were grey too and when I tried to press ESC it wouldn't exit out of damn thing, so I just killed the game using task manager. So then I was mad thinking was it like that and decided to check patch 1.1 notes and I saw this one line saying: "Cheat that allows a client to have different upgrades available to other network players has been disabled (car upgrades file is now checksummed locally and checksums must match the server)." Could that be somehow related to what my issue is. Because the problem I have with this game, is that I was doing world tour mode and 14% was turning too hard and I couldn't move on into the game, because I can't any of the 3 race in one tier, it was TOO hard for me, and the difficulty was set on normal. 
  3. I am on my laptop (Windows 10) and the Main Menu is all out of shape, lags, everything doubles and the gameplay is fine, 60 fps at least, but the menu is the only issue and I have turned off the smoothing thing option.
  4. Hey, I know it's an old topic, but I still need help, my game still looks corrupted af and everything lags and doubles up and it's hard to navigate. :( I did everything like you said in the post and it's still messed..