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  1. LordMarbles

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I still find it hard to believe. The times some are making there is no possible way that I can see for someone to "take it easy" and find the grip and have the reaction time to make it through the stages the way they supposedly do. As much as I've played this and watched replay after replay of myself and other drivers you can almost see a cap to each stage when using the same basic tune. Yet somehow a just a handful of people exceed those times by massive amounts of time. I still want to see videos of these people making these miraculous stage times. Probably never will though.
  2. LordMarbles

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I'm wondering if anyone has noticed that in the last day or so of each qualifying race in the world championship that there are certain drivers that somehow blow every top time out one after another with seemingly impossible times.? It's almost like they wait until the last minute to use some kind of cheat or hack to ensure their place in top position. Am I crazy or does anyonelse feel that individuals doing so should be investigated for cheating?