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  1. Oh okay awesome.. I thought my save was bugged. So the updated driver stats I guess only are right soon as you start a new save? and then they change over time in general? So there price.. makes sense..
  2. timbryce97


    Thankyou. Appreciate it. thought my game was stuffed so I started a new save. So I guess the driver stats are only right when you start a new save?..
  3. I’m getting so confused with this game at the moment haha. I honestly don’t know what mode.
  4. Hey guys, do drive stats change over seasons? And there price or is my game bugged.? I tried a New save the overall rating is different (updated) and everyone is cheaper etc?? different too my current one is this normal?
  5. timbryce97


    Could someone please confirm that driver ratings and there price etc change over seasons? Or is my career save bugged.?
  6. timbryce97


    Oh really? So the stats change over time in general??? And the buying price etc..?
  7. timbryce97


    New one I just made..
  8. timbryce97


    I’m up too season 2 of my team 100%ai up too monza.. I’ve just noticed the driver ratings... do I have too restart... I’ve accepted them from mail but none of them have changed?.. but started a new one just too see and there all updated 😞
  9. I’ve actually applied the update for the drivers stats but it didn’t even come through too my team. Bug? Anyone else? Xbox one x
  10. looking for Somone who's keen for some PS3 coop! Team and race distance will be decided later on!
  11. Sepang Was my only wet race so far it was actually the best fight I've ever had with AI it was with alonso for 1st place Got out of the pits he was 3 seconds in front I caught up to him around 3 tenths per lap I caught up to him last lap and passed I was cheering aha best fight I've ever had good job code masters! 
  12. Mercedes in career ✌️ I can keep up with wet pace (legend AI) mercedes in career compared to Grand Prix mode are shit but still getting better with r and ds 
  13. I'm also having the same problem in 1st sector im under 1 tenth 2nd sector I'm under 1 tenth but soon as I hit the finish line I look at my sector times and I drop 1 hole second down on the AI (legend) btw I'm in a Mercedes 
  14. It's so stupid Dosent matter what setup I got I can't get under 1.28s but there doing 1.26 highs and stuff 
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