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  1. timbryce97

    my team.

    Played the games all through since 2010, I will double check all my settings, but it feels something too do with the car honestly. The more it’s gotten upgraded the more weirder it gets. if there has been a post about this I would love too talk too people who have gotten this or have felt this.
  2. timbryce97

    my team.

    I’m season 3 race 5 fastest car overall but my car handles really bad for being upgraded, for some reason? Does anyone else experience this? I’ve never had a problem like this I play on 105AI always have. Season 3 it seems the car handles like **** doesn’t matter what setup. would it be the AI? since the cars are getting faster. They are getting way faster? I’m stuck if I should start a new one.
  3. looking for Somone who's keen for some PS3 coop! Team and race distance will be decided later on!
  4. Sepang Was my only wet race so far it was actually the best fight I've ever had with AI it was with alonso for 1st place Got out of the pits he was 3 seconds in front I caught up to him around 3 tenths per lap I caught up to him last lap and passed I was cheering aha best fight I've ever had good job code masters! 
  5. Mercedes in career ✌️ I can keep up with wet pace (legend AI) mercedes in career compared to Grand Prix mode are shit but still getting better with r and ds 
  6. I'm also having the same problem in 1st sector im under 1 tenth 2nd sector I'm under 1 tenth but soon as I hit the finish line I look at my sector times and I drop 1 hole second down on the AI (legend) btw I'm in a Mercedes 
  7. It's so stupid Dosent matter what setup I got I can't get under 1.28s but there doing 1.26 highs and stuff 
  8. So I suppose i test in practice I will just restart career 
  9. Loving the new legend AI though! 
  10. Yeah it is unfair! I thought I was me so I turned it down to expert then I flogged them then I turn it back and I'm all good to the last sector. 
  11. I might try doing that! Thanks man!  Its just so stupid how fast they are in the 3rd sector 
  12. Least I'm not the only one! Aha  first 2 sectors I'm under 2 tenths off then after that it's like 1 second or even 1 and a half! Haven't even finished melbourne yet cause it's pissing me off aha
  13. Yeah cause I lose about 1 second around the last few corners it's so Anoying!  Yes I know I have noticed this Aswell! Would it help using a setup? 
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