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  1. .....that the real F1 cars that the cars in the game are based on have much better grip this year due to technological advances since 2013 and that codemasters have got this exactly right on the pad, but not on the wheel. It may have nothing to do with traction and the settings for the wheel are completely wrong. Thoughts?
  2. http://sport.bt.com/moresporthub/moresport/marussia-placed-in-administration-S11363939656827?s_intcid=con_BTcomHP
  3. As per title. I use no assists and am really struggling on full wets. My wet races consist of doing as well as I can on the 1st corner and then holding up the AI's behind me for the duration of the entire race. Just can't pull away from them and certainly can't gain on those in front of me. All advice greatly appreciated.
  4.   I've just run 20 practice laps there and am trying to learn the best line around the circuit. I think it's a great addition and codemasters seem to have done a nice job with it. How you finding it?
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    Bernie should keep his stupid double points idea to him self and then be retired to an old peoples home. It's time for F1 to move on and remove senile dinosaurs.
  6. Craig1405

    Why does it always rain on me?

    In answer to your question: Codemasters have taken your money and they actually hate you! That's why it rains so much and you can't compete!
  7. Craig1405

    Changing Career Season Length

    Restart career is the only way.
  8. Craig1405

    Patch confirmation?

    I think that is about the size of it. We've had your money, so long suckers!
  9. Craig1405

    Difference between qualifying pace and race pace

    I get the impression that the AI's use the rich mix in the early part of the race and then have to conserve fuel towards the end. This may explain their early increased pace, just a thought,
  10. Craig1405

    Mechanical failures?

    That's right, my guess is that it will probably be released about half way through the season.
  11. Craig1405

    pit stop and re-fueling

    The cars no longer get re fuelled during pit stops in real F1 which is why they don't in the game. You start a race with a given fuel load which you have to manage throughout the race to be certain of not running out.
  12. Craig1405

    I OWN Spa!

    In truth in a way it does depend on what track you're racing on as some tracks are easy and some hard. For example I find Bahrain an easy place to get a win most times. Spain and Monaco tend to be pretty hard. He said he had the fastest lap time at spa which was just over 2 minutes, which was 5 seconds quicker than the AI. If the AI's fastest lap time at Spa was 2.05 I think it's probably safe to assume that he's playing on the easy setting.
  13. Craig1405

    I OWN Spa!

    If that lap time was 5 secs faster than anyone else I assume you're playing on the easy setting. Turn the difficulty up and see if you own Spa then!
  14. Craig1405

    Two questions on rule implementation

    Definitely double points for the last race. Not sure about the tyres from Q2, seems to vary from race to race.
  15. Craig1405

    AI need fixing in the wet big time!

    I drive with no assists but for full wet races or qualifying I put full traction control on and still struggle to make the top 10. The AI cars just seem like they're on rails and don't slip at all.
  16. Craig1405

    Corrupt Save .... AGAIN!!!

    Agreed, probably not the best approach to take.
  17. Craig1405

    Online Races

    Don't worry the OP will soon reach puberty and will have real life issues to worry about.
  18. Craig1405

    I cant block tires WITHOUT ABS

    If you use high pressure instead of standard pressure (in settings) and press hard on the brake's you can lock up the front brake's without ABS on ... Hi, i ever play with high preasure of break. What about brake?
  19. Maybe the other drivers are not on very easy with all assists on and actually driving.
  20. Craig1405

    F1 2014 Engine Sounds

    I think they sound the same as they do on TV.
  21. Craig1405

    Any tips on how to preserve tires?

    Think I'll try that for a couple of races at tighter circuits and see if there an improvement, cheers.
  22. Craig1405

    Marrusia placed in administration.

    No I wasn't, I'm fairly new here. But I know now for future reference.
  23. Craig1405

    Rain chance in F1 2014 Career Mode

    Agreed, there definitely seems to be too many wet races. 50% of races is way too high and unrealistic.
  24. Craig1405

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    I guess you could get the pad users to use tier 2 or 3 cars and the wheel users tier 1 to even things up a bit. Just a thought.