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  1. WakelessBeef

    Announcing F1 2015

    Has the pad handling been fixed? I.e. More responsive steering and no hidden traction control
  2. WakelessBeef

    Changing Career Season Length

    just finished a long season in career, and want to do a medium length season just for the achievements and 100% completion, but can't find an option in the menus to change it. Does anyone know if there is actually an option to change this after you first select the season length at the beginning or season 1? Or do we have to restart career every time we want to do that?
  3. WakelessBeef

    Patch confirmation?

    @Hatta‌ any news yet? Almost three weeks after launch and still no news on when we're going to get a fix...
  4. WakelessBeef

    The BUG Thread

    Just had a glitch where I was coming into the pits in Malaysia to change from wets to inters, got held for a lotus coming out the pits, but instead of releasing me out of my box, the game held me when there were no cars coming down the pit lane until the leader had passed me in the pits. Then I was released. No penalties given to me at all. Very weird.
  5. WakelessBeef

    The BUG Thread

    It's meant to be like that to help with fuel saving. In real life the drivers only rev to about 10k rpm when the limiter is at 15k
  6. WakelessBeef

    [BUG] Hidden Assists

    Re: previous post.. Doing eval test with wheel then switching to pad doesn't get rid of hidden assists. I deleted my save game in the dashboard before I tried too. Sorry for the double post
  7. There could be pit stops like in 2010 where it was manual with stopping in the right place etc. Or maybe once you're in the pit box you would have to hold the revs constant like you hear the drivers do in stops to get the perfect launch or something like that. Just a thought
  8. WakelessBeef

    [BUG] Hidden Assists

    Im gonna try it tonight as I'm not very far into career, I'll let you know
  9. WakelessBeef

    Realistic Patch requests

    Steve said they're looking into all the pad issues after I tweeted him about it. He said 'it's tricky to find a balance because some people want one approach, other another'. Not sure what that means exactly but I'm glad they're on the case
  10. WakelessBeef

    Another "Traction Control is ALWAYS enabled on PAD" Thread

    Top work! Looks like we all made enough noise to get their attention haha
  11. WakelessBeef

    Cocpit view

    Use rear view in the game and it'll give speed in the bottom right corner, I know it's not a great solution but it is something!
  12. WakelessBeef

    Understeer city on the pad...

    You can't adjust those settings on a pad on console
  13. WakelessBeef

    Understeer city on the pad...

    I've tried everything, I've run 11-1 wings just to experiment and I still can't get it to oversteer, or donut or anything. Heavy and unresponsive is the perfect explanation @Gav25182‌!
  14. WakelessBeef

    Understeer city on the pad...

    Tried that but still can't get the problem to go :/. Pretty sure it's a programming issue
  15. WakelessBeef

    Understeer city on the pad...

    Nope you cant change settings, the car just will not turn for an age, and then you're on the power later than you want to be because of the understeer