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  1. Hi, I am unsure why but I know everyone is having this issue as well but no TT leaderboard is loading on PS4 so we can’t see each other.
  2. Cherry2pie

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    Has this been fixed yet do people know?
  3. Cherry2pie

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    I have tried this many times and every time I have the same issue.
  4. 1. Spoke to a few fellow G29 users and the rotation seems a little off mainly at slow speed which is an issue. Car simply isn’t rotating. 2. 1.3 3. All game modes 5. Re-calibrated wheel and restarted game 6. Wheel I know the game has a good amount of low speed understeer but I think the G29 has a lot more and I am unsure if this is wheel or game issue but a lot of users having this issue.
  5. Cherry2pie

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    1. No error code, just can’t see other drivers on TT 2. 1.3 3. TT 4. Every ps4 user is having this issue 5. Restarted the game and ps4 6. Wheel
  6. Cherry2pie

    PS4 TT Leaderboards

    Hi, is anyone else’s PE4 TT leaderboards not loading or anything? Will this be fixed soon @BarryBL
  7. Looking the the preview that has been given to YouTubers over the last week I think that realistic car performances are slightly wrong. I understand this is a preview build and it may have already been changed but I am unsure. From what we know so far in my opinion the Racing Point is far too slow. Actually slower than the Alfa which is for some reason a lot quicker than I would imagine. Racing point should be increased to rival McLaren with Renault just behind. Alfa and Tauri looking the slower of the mid pack but only by a tenth or two to the likes of Renault while the gap looks a bit larger. Finally the gap between RedBull and Mclaren or Force India just looks too big, with it being nearly over a second gap which just isn’t true. Track dependant the car can be 4-8 tenths off but not over a second to 6th place. I understand them being a second off first but off sixth is not realistic imo. As I said before this is going off pre-season and I’m sure we will get updated car performances post Austria when we resume. @BarryBL
  8. Cherry2pie

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Good news, will you be underlying what stage of development the beta is? So we can see what’s changed from pre-build (on YT) to beta.
  9. Cherry2pie

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Hi @BarryBL A lot of news drops today about the game, do you have any information about when we could potentially hear about if we have been granted beta access and when it will go live?